Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just Add Honey Tea and Honey Box September 2014 Review

 Just Add Honey October 2014 Review
This review is for the September 2014 Just Add Honey Tea and Honey Box!  I'm so excited to share this fantastic subscription with you!  This box was sent to me for review purposes from Just Add Honey but all the opinions are mine.  You know by now that I have a lot of them.

If you know me, you know that I love tea.  If you could see my cupboards you would probably laugh. I actually have an entire (overflowing) shelf dedicated to my teas.  I have bagged and loose, black and herbal, local and exotic plus everything in between.  If I was going to say I'm addicted to anything (besides subscription boxes) I would have to say "TEA!".
I'm not picky or snooty in regards to tea.  I like it bagged because it's easy to take with me.  I like it loose because you get a really vibrant and flavorful cup.  I like it black for a pick me up, green for a little smoothness and herbal right before I go to bed.  See the sneak peek coupon code in the above photo?

Just Add Honey is a tea subscription but it's not just that.  It's about tea AND honey.  Hence the name.  I don't think there could be a more perfect tea subscription.  Not only do you get specially blended teas but you get a small batch jar of honey that supports US beekeepers!

My go-to sweetener?  Honey.  Honey, honey, honey!  I love the flavor, the delicate sweetness and the shelf life.  That's why this Just Add Honey Tea and Honey box is the pinnacle of perfection for me.
I've been looking for a tea subscription and tried a few but I think I've found what I've been wanting with this box.
The Cost and What You Get:

Just Add Honey has three subscriptions you can choose from.  Shipping is extra.

Tea Box-$14.50/monthly and includes three exclusive teas + a treat.

Honey Box-$7.50/monthly and includes American made, small batched honey in a 5oz mason jar from beekeepers around the US + a treat!

Tea and Honey Box-$22/monthly-Tea and Honey Box includes 3 exclusive teas from tea fields around the world, American made, small batched honey in a 5oz mason jar from beekeepers around the US + a treat.

Toucha Pu'erh Green Tea-  From Yunnan Province, China.  This came in wrapped and rock hard.
This is how Pu'erh tea normally comes and you have to pry the little bits off to make your tea.  I'm not a professional so I just hacked some off, gave up and ended up putting the whole clump in a tea bag and did it that way.  Pu'erh is a fermented tea and I have to say I love it.
The flavor is light and refreshing.  I, of course, put honey in my second cup of it although it didn't need it just so I could use the honey.  This type of tea is meant to be steeped over and over again so I don't mind that I used the whole chunk to make this.  It's delicious and I'll happily float away with however many cups I can get out of it.
Sinatra Herbal Tea- This has rosehips, apple, cornflower petals, orange pieces and hibiscus in it.  I tend to love herbal teas with hibiscus and I really like the color of the tea as well.  I usually drink herbal tea at night so I don't keep myself up.  This is called Sinatra because of the blue petals, in deference to Franks blue eyes.
This has the requisite pink color and plenty of flavor.  It does have a hint of bite to it which might be the orange pieces.  It's definitely tasty and I know I'll end up using the whole bag.  It also would make a fantastic iced tea, too.
Copper Cup Black Tea Blend-  This is highly aromatic and I just can't get enough of the scent of this black tea.  It's incredibly smooth, too.  Sometimes black tea can have an aftertaste but this doesn't.  I drank one cup just as it is and then another with the delicious Eucalyptus Honey that was included in this box.
And just in case you're curious about my teacup (or if you're not, I'm showing you anyway), my MIL gave me this and it has a secret!!  You can only see the face when you're lifting the teacup! You can't see anything if you turn it over, and you can barely see it if you hold it to the light.  But with tea in it... Well, you see.  Isn't that cool?!
Bennett's Honey Farm Eucalyptus Honey-  This is 5oz of raw honey and it is luscious! I wouldn't mind just eating it plain off the spoon.  This is actually a lot of honey and I love the mason jar it arrived in.  Not only do I love honey and tea but I like collecting mason jars for other projects.  I do wish the brand name was included on the label. Bennett's is certified organic and kosher, too.

VERDICT: This box has the perfect variety of teas and I think the inclusion of the Honey makes this absolutely stellar.  I'm so glad the bags are resealable!  Another popular tea company does not have resealable bags and that's a dealbreaker for me.  This box also included a "treat" which was a handmade felted fortune cookie.  I don't have a photo of it because Bugsy ran off with it while I was unpacking the box.  I haven't found it yet.  There also is a shipping charge that puts the box price over $25.  I think I would like to see one more tea included for that.  I definitely understand a shipping charge because the Honey is heavy but one more tea included would make me feel the value is better.

If there's one thing I love more than tea and honey, it's supporting small businesses.  Even better? A small business owned and operated by a woman!  Hooray for strong, motivated women!

Brandi Shelton started the Just Add Honey tea company in 2006 when loose leaf tea was not as popular as it is now.  She would give her blended teas as gifts but after getting positive reactions to her teas she decided to make her hobby a reality and attended culinary and tea blending classes to perfect her craft.

Since beginning Just Add Honey as a hobby in 2009, Brandi has since made it her full time job.  Her teas were being featured in DottieBox, Bonjour Jolie and Georgia Crafted when she decided to make a subscription box of her own.

The teas you find in a Just Add Honey box have been hand-blended by Brandi or by smaller boutique brands, giving everyone a chance to weigh in on the deliciousness of each blend.  All blends go through a rigorous taste testing before they make it into any box.

If you would like to sign up for any of Just Add Honey's subscriptions, you can do that on their website here.

They also have some fantastic gift sets that would make great presents for the upcoming holiday.  If you have a tea lover on your list, I highly suggest looking at what Just Add Honey has to offer.

*This box was sent to me for review purposes.  No compensation was given and all opinions are mine.


  1. I love your teacup! I need to look into this subscription.

    1. Thanks! There are a couple other tea subs out there (I've tried them) but this is my fave!

  2. I was going to ask about your teacup ... and then I saw the face! So cool. I've tried a couple of tea subs that I thought were nice too, but this does seem a cut above. Even without the honey I feel like the varieties you got are a bit more interesting than your usual tea box fare?

    1. I don't even know how they got the face on there! It's so delicate and thin, too. I think it might be the beginning of a teacup obsession for me :D

  3. I am big fan of tea so I might have to try this sub out! Even though I have tons I need to drink already.

    Also I love your teacup! Very unique.. :)

    1. Thank you! I love tea, too, and this was a really fun way to try things I can't get around here :)

  4. Thank you for your lovely review!
    And... we love your teacup!!!!