Thursday, October 9, 2014

Memebox Global #15 Review and Coupon Codes

Memebox Global #15 has been trundling it's way here for a looong time!  I always feel like the Global Memeboxes have the best bang for your buck along with a variety that is almost second to none.  With the price being by far the most reasonable, getting a Global Memebox is sure to cure your Korean skincare cravings and if you do it right, you can get one of these every single month!
What's not to love!
This particular Memebox has seven items.  Six of them are full size!  And the one that isn't is a hefty deluxe sample size!  It's just one more reason to love the global Memeboxes, I'm not going to lie.  If you are ever considering a Memebox, go for a global.

If you're interested in seeing my personal picks from the current Memeboxes available, you can check out this post here.
The Cost: $23 plus shipping

What You Get: 5-7 full and deluxe size korean skincare and beauty products sourced directly from South Korea and sent to your door.
Memebox is not a subscription so you'll need to order each one you want separately or buy a bundle and just wait for them to show up.  In case you can't tell, I've been really enjoying what I've received.
It's usually always a mystery.  There may be a theme or a spoiler but for the most part you'll never know what you're getting until you open it.

Each Memebox also comes with an information card explaining how to use the products in the box.  This is necessary because a majority of the time, all instructions are written in Korean!
Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Foam-75ml-  I always like to see a cleanser in a box.  For awhile there they were few and far between but with the addition of some new brand partners, the cleanser lines have really opened up.
This cleanser is builds up a creamy foam to penetrate your pores and get rid of dead skin, clean out your pores and give you brighter skin.
Value: $8

Miss.Age Snail Anti-Wrinkle Serum-50ml-  I adore serums.  I will put on three serums at a time.  I like the consistency and the lightness of the application.  If my moisturizer came in a serum, I would be thrilled.  Enriched with over 5500mg of snail extracts, this anti-wrinkle serum helps nourish the skin from deep within, delivering nutrition and tightening care at the same time
Value: $26
Mise en Scene Perfect Serum-70ml-This is a highly concentrated serum containing seven different natural oils- argan, camellia, olive, jojoba, coconut, apricot and marula!  Put a dime size amount in towel dryed hair or apply throughout the day.
Value: $8

Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack-180ml- After shampooing, apply this treatment and conditioning pack twice a week.  This will provide nutrition and protect your hair ends.
Value: $14
TonyMoly BCDation all master SPF30-20g- This is a BB, CC and foundation cream all in one!  This means you get natural looking makeup with high coverage, light texture and moisturizing benefits!
Not only that but this promises anti-wrinkle care, a whitening effect and long lasting radiance.  JUST what I need!!
This is really interesting for me because I rarely use a liquid foundation, though I do use BB creams.  This definitely is pale.  Luckily, I am pale so this works for me.  It's very moisturizing and I don't get that flaky skin look that I hate so much.

Tosowoong Makeon Lip Manicure 30 Seconds in 04 Sweet Raspberry-  Thank goodness I got pink! I've been feeling cursed with oranges lately.
This is a very pretty pink actually.  It's totally matte because it's a tint.  Let me just say that a little goes a VERY long way.  Do not attempt to apply this with the applicator right onto your lips. Use a finger or something because applying with the applicator will cause your lips to blind all those around you.  When applied in a controlled and limited manner, this is a pretty pink.  Not too 80's either.

Shara Shara I Wanna Pencil Gel Liner in Brown-  There are two color choices: black or brown.
Since black is pretty much standard, I'm pretty glad I got brown.  I suppose I can use it for my brows if I don't like it as an eyeliner.  This applies beautifully, smoothly with no dragging.  However, you do need to let it set for a bit.  If you love smudging eyeliner, you'll like this because it smudges well if you catch it quick enough.  I don't that it has super longevity but it did take a couple scrubbings to get it off my hand.

VERDICT:  Excellent box!  Fantastic curation!  Love all the items even though I don't love hair care much.  My two favorite things are the Miss.Age Snail serum and the Tony Moly BCDation.  I like makeup the least always so I'm gonna have to try the hair serum.  I have dry ends.
So, we have 2 hair, a cleanser, serum, lip tint, eye liner and BB cream.  This is a pretty great selection and variety.  A little bit of everything!  I can't stop recommending the global boxes.

If you want to get a global Memebox, you can get the latest one right here!  Get one before they sell out.  The only problem is that it won't ship until Christmas.

Other boxes that I think have great potential are Super Luckybox #11 (which is perfect for a new-to-Memebox kbeauty enthusiast),  Memebox Special Green Food (because I was so impressed with the Superfood Memebox) and Memebox Skin Elixirs (because I love serums, moisturizers and skincare!).

If you plan to make a Memebox purchase, make sure you use a coupon!

NE7XV7- $5 off in October
RM2T-$5 off in October
MEMEBUNDLE3- $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4- $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes

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  1. I loved this box just as much as you did! Only the Tony Moly BB/cc/whateverelse cream seems too thick and glowy for my oily skin. I'm terribly excited every single other product in the box!

    1. It is thick, isn't it? I do like it but I don't have super oily skin. Mines a combo of dry cheeks and oily-ish T-zone. I thought this was a great, well-rounded box. It made me glad that I had went ahead earlier and got #18 while it was still available.