Monday, October 20, 2014

MissionCute October 2014 Review- A Subscription with a Cause

My MissionCute box for October 2014 showed up on Saturday and I was so excited to see what was in it.  This particular box was sweetly sent to me by MissionCute to review. MissionCute is not just a subscription box.  There is so much more to this box that first meets your eye.

Not only does MissionCute support small businesses and offer handmade, artisan products by subscription, but they also donate 50% of their net proceeds to non-profit organizations nominated by subscribers!  If you have a non profit close to your heart, you can suggest that it be the Mission of the Month here.
The mission this month is Rahab's Rope.  This is a non profit organization that provides after-care support, escape and intervention for women and girls subjected to human trafficking in Mumbai, India.  Their goal is to extend a lifeline to endangered women whenever they can.  You can read more about the project here.
The Cost: $39/monthly, less with a longer subscription.

What You Get: At least 2-5 carefully chosen items each month for your home & wardrobe ranging from locally crafted candles to trendy necklaces.

MissionCute aims to provide super cute items by local artists and small businesses.  Handmade goodies will fill each box every month.
Lil Shoppe of Sunshine Lavender Eye Pillow- I had to show a photo of the packaging of this eye pillow because it is SO cute!  It was so carefully wrapped that I almost didn't want to open it!
This soothing eye pillow is filled with flax seed, organic lavender buds, and lavender essential oil. Lavender has a calming effect which may aid in relaxation and the reduction of anxiety & stress. Use warm or cool to relax and ease headaches caused by tension, migraines, or seasonal issues. The eye pillow is double lined for durability.
Value: $7
Kitsch Hair Ties- Kitsch started out in the apartment of a Wisconsin college student but has now grown so much that the jewelry and hair accessories have been featured at Nordstrom and Anthropologie.
I love hair ties like these and the bows are adorable.  I don't care if I'm over 30, I'll wear these anyway.  Plus I like the colors so why not!?
Value: $15
Adam Rabbit Gold Splatter and Raw Rose Quartz Earrings-  These are... unusual to say the least.  I'm not sure what to think of them.  Although I suppose lots of people wear rocks in their ears!  Just not raw and uncut ;).  These are made by a young business woman in Arizona who loves cats and also smashing rocks.
Value: $15

Rock Candy on a Stick!  I have no information on this so I'm assuming it was put in the box in honor of Halloween.  And because candy is tasty.

JoJoLaRue Donut Cards by Johanna- Notecards and envelopes to help you get back in the swing of sending snail mail.  I really want to do it.  I always love it when I get cards in the mail.  I should just write them and send them for no particular reason.  With doughnuts on the front, anything could be written inside, right?! :D  Johanna is a watercolor artist from Boston and has many prints available in her Etsy Shop.
Value: $8
MissionCute Print- An Anne of Green Gables quote and I really, really like this!  I want to frame it and put it up.  It's printed on nice heavy cardstock, too.  Fall is my favorite season and this quote suits me to perfection.
Value: $5

VERDICT:  This is my first MissionCute box and I had no idea what to expect.  I received over $50 in super cute, handmade items and I'm very pleased with the selection of items included.  Not only that but when you consider that part of the profits are going to help at risk women, it's worth even more.
As with all boxes with handmade, artisan crafts, the value is more in the curation than the actual product themselves.  However, MissionCute has done a great job and this box has a value well over it's initial cost.  And with a well-rounded product presentation, this box has a little of everything and all of it is cute!
If you are looking to support a range of non-profits while receiving adorable, hand-crafted items, you will love this box.  If you are looking for super value and high end items, there are other boxes that would suit your tastes and budget better.  I absolutely admire what MissionCute is doing and appreciate the hard work that goes into this enterprise!

If you would like to sign up for this box, head to the MissionCute website and join up!  If you want to suggest a nonprofit, make sure you do that, too!

*This box was provided to me for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are solely mine.  Supporting women owned and operated businesses is a cause close to my heart and I admire the tenacity and will that it takes to succeed in a difficult marketplace. Referral links were used in this post.


  1. I dig the earrings. They're a bit weird but I like that! And the bow hair ties are definitely super cute.

    1. I haven't seen an earring of the day post in awhile! :D

  2. I agree with Rebecca, I LOVE the earrings! I have quite a few necklaces that are raw stones dipped in gold and thrown on a chain LOL. I kind of love the boho/rustic vibe to my clothes and jewelry, so those earrings definitely work for me. Love the eye pillow too! This box would be such a cute gift!

    1. It would make a fantastic gift! The earrings definitely are sure to be a conversation starter :) The eye pillow is really well made, too.