Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nina Garcia #NGQ04 Spoiler Updates!

As you may know, I'm completely in love with Nina Garcia and her boxes.  She has no idea that I think she's perfect and I'm okay with that.
Why do I think she's so amazing?  Because her boxes are PACKED with so much wonderful stuff! Both useful and insane, intriguing and unnecessary, her boxes are a seriously eclectic and fabulous surprise.

We do have a few spoilers and hints for this #NGQ04 box.  The first one was released awhile ago and it is that this box will focus on Winter Essentials.

So far none of her boxes have been season focused even though they do tend to come out with the change of seasons.

I think this box was supposed to come out earlier but if you follow Nina at all, you will see that she has been swamped with Fashion Week work.

Luckily, one photo hint has come out.  Here it is!

Now Nina Garcia has had at least one piece of jewelry in all her boxes.  Hmm... Actually, that's not true.  There wasn't one in the last box.  Unless you count gold earphones.  She did have two clutches, though.
She also has had a nail polish in all her boxes (and this time it's true :P).  As much as I love nail polish, I hope that isn't what it is.

I'm REALLY hoping for a sparkly jewelry piece.  Because I like sparkles.  Or what if its a sparkly evening bag?  Anything is possible with Nina Garcia and that is what makes these boxes so fun!

The Cost: $100

What You Get: Handpicked goodies in Home, Fashion and Beauty

Her boxes have been worth so much more than the $100 price, it's kind of ridiculous.  WAY over.  I think they've all been over $400.

Here is my review of NGQ03.

Here is my review for NGQ02

Here is what was in the NGQ01

With you aren't charged until the box starts to ship.  This month #NGQ04 should be shipping on Oct. 24, so expect charges around the 20th.

Order your Nina Garcia box right here!  It hasn't sold out yet!


  1. I'm hoping she does a combination of NGQ01 and NGQ02. I loved the jewelry and fur scarf in NGQ01 and the philosophy serum was perfect in NGQ02 box. The NGQ03 box was just well practical....

    1. I'm hoping the same thing! I want something more fashion oriented and since it has been a Fashion Week whirlwind my fingers are crossed that something exotic and fashionable will make it into the box.

  2. New Spoiler up!!!