Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tique Box October 2014 Spooky and Sweet Review + November 2014 Spoilers and Coupon!

If you haven't heard of Tique Box, I'm here for you.  Tique Box is a box packed with products from talented Portland-area artisans, along with local goodies and crafts.  Each month new artisans are featured.  Let me say one thing right now: Tique Box knows the way right to your October Halloween Candy heart.  Or at least mine.
Tique Box is run by two gorgeous women who hand-pick every single item that will appear in your box each month.  Tique Box officially launched in July 2014 and ships all over the US.  They've received awards and accolades from the city of Portland for promoting arts and crafts and spreading the PDX love.

What Tique Box has done is curated a box that will give you the best of the best. Hometown goodies, made right in their area and shipped to you.  This is your chance to explore a little of our Pacific Northwest wholesome goodness. They generously sent the October 2014 Tique Box to me for review.
The Cost: $25/month or $30 singly (includes shipping)- Use code B&B3OFFNOV to save $3 on your November box!

What You Get:A box full of curated local products and crafts- made exclusively by Portland artisans. Each Tique Box is filled with their products and delivered them from their city to yours.

Smitten Kitten Artisan Truffles- Rich Belgian chocolate and coconut cream make for a light, decadent treat.  These are dark chocolate and vanilla bean. Mmm!
Value: $5

The Brittle Kittle Almond UnBrittle Soft Krunch- This stuff is unreal. It is SO good.  It's like the inside of a butterfinger bar, only better.  It's softer.  But doesn't get so stuck in your teeth either.  I can't believe a box is only $5.  It's peanut buttery and almondy and so good. Can you tell I like it?
Value: $5
McTavish Shortbread Company Handmade Shortbread- Two handmade Pumpkin Ginger shortbread cookies.  These are so fresh and delicious.  I wasn't expecting the cinnamony goodness and had to reread the label.
Value: $4
Sasquatch Trading Post Sticker- I laughed when I saw this.  I think there is a special place in an Oregonians heart for the "ape-man," a hairy hominid called the Sasquatch. There's always a certain kind of person who keeps watch for the Sasquatch in the forests surrounding the mountains around here.  We even have a Sasquatch festival here in Washington although it's just about music.  So, when in the woods make sure you squatch out for the Sasquatch!  There's all sorts of silly Sasquatch stuff at the Sasquatch Trading Post website.
Value: $2.75

Goldfinch Caramel in Rosemary- These are made from an old family recipe developed in 1870. The recipe is the same but now Goldfinch Caramel adds spices and herbs to the mix to enhance the caramel enjoyment experience.
These are rosemary and I have to say it's... an unusual combination.  It's definitely not bad! It's just whoa.  The caramel itself is the perfect texture.  Soft and chewy perfection.  I just don't know about the rosemary and salt.
Value: $2

Pitch Dark Modern American Chocolate-Pitch Dark.  And when they say its like pitch, they aren't kidding.  This is extra dark, extra rich, extra delicious chocolate.  My heart belongs to dark chocolate and these truffles hit the spot.
Value: $4

Quin Candy Coffee Marshmallow-  This is one foot of marshmallow!  And it's got coffee in it!  So weird but I'm gonna cut them up and put them in hot chocolate.  It'll be like a mocha only no caffeine so I can drink it at night.  These are super light and fluffy and basically melt in your mouth.
Quin makes all their candy right in Portland, Oregon and uses Portland ingredients to make all their stuff!  I think that's pretty cool.  So here's an authentically PDX craft candy, right in my box!
Value: $4

VERDICT:  Tique Box nailed it in this October box.  No, seriously!  October is when it starts to cool down around here.  Time for some marshmallows in my hot chocolate or coffee (hey, I'm from Seattle!).  October is, of course, notorious for Halloween, candies and treats and this box packed all that in here.  Love!  Two kinds of chocolate, huge and amazing marshmallows, handmade caramels, dipped pumpkin shortbread.  Love it!  You never know what you will find in a Tique Box and that's part of the fun!
As usual, with artisan craft boxes, the box value is just a little over the cost of the box.  In this case the value is $27 (the box costs $25).  I am always willing to accept that when it comes to handmade, specialty, niche goods.
Now I have to find more of the UnBrittle because there are several members of my family who will be really happy if I stuff that under the tree for them!

If you want to sign up, head to the Tique Box website.  The October box is sold out but you can get November!  Either as a subscription or as a one time purchase.  They've left some hints about it and it sounds REALLY wonderful!  Don't forget to use code B&B3OFFNOV to save $3!!

Here are some hints:

*Something that makes cocktails delicious.

*Something that looks like mini snowflakes.

*Something that improves your mixology skills.

I'm hoping for some kinds of hot chocolate or apple cidery deliciousness, too.  Tique Box does it right and definitely works with the seasons.  It's one of the great things about gifting this box.  You know if you send a box as a gift to a friend for the holidays, it's going to arrive with the appropriate products in it.

Sign up now if you want the November box!

*This box was provided to me for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are solely mine.  Supporting women owned and operated businesses is a cause close to my heart and I admire the tenacity and will that it takes to succeed in a difficult marketplace.


  1. So was this box food-themed or was it totally by accident? If I remember correctly, last month's box wasn't all food items, right? Either way, all of this stuff looks SOOOO good my mouth is watering for those truffles! LOL

    1. It's not normally a food themed box but I think they did it for Halloween! OMG, everything is AMAZING! Seriously droolworthy :)