Friday, October 10, 2014

Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2014 Review

This is the Walmart Beauty Box for Fall 2014!  I didn't even know Walmart had a beauty box until a reader made a comment about it!  When I heard it was only $5, of course a box addict like me had to sign up.

The Fall box is sold out but you can go HERE and get your name on the list for the Winter box which will be shipped at the end of November.

The Cost: $5 in shipping.  The box is free!

What You Get:  Whatever is new in the land of beauty!  Walmart favorites and trusted beauty brands.
Here's what I got!  And it's a lot of stuff!  DEFINITELY worth the $5 I paid for it, for sure!  Two full size items, 2 deluxe samples and two regular samples.  Whee!!

It even came nicely packed with tissue paper and a little card!  I wasn't expecting much because I don't have the highest opinion of Walmart but my expectations were definitely exceeded.
L'Oreal Continuous Color Lipstick in Vintage Wine-  I lucked out because I love this color!  I love rosy wine colors.  I haven't used a L'Oreal lipstick in awhile but that doesn't mean I didn't already put it on. :D
Value: $5

Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Anti-Antiperspirant in Completely Clean- Everyone (okay, maybe not everyone but me, at least) needs deodorant at least once in awhile.  This is a very practical and handy addition to the box.  It smells really good and I haven't used a gel in forever so I'll have to see if I like it.
Value: $3
L'Oreal Revitalift Triple Power-  Ah, the jackpot!  One of L'Oreals moisturizers!  Party!  I'm happy to try this even though it seems awfully slim in the good ingredients department.
Value: $6

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturizer-  Oooh! The duel of the two famous brands!  I actually already have the micro-sculpting cream but it's nice to have a travel size.  I like it well enough, too.  I just have so much now that some things get short shrift.  In the ingredient department the Olay wins hands down.
Value: $7

Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner- Foil packets of shampoo and conditioner are my least favorite thing in the world (after spiders and cooked carrots, I guess). However, despite my dislike of getting hair things in my boxes, I think maybe I need to start using some so my hair won't looks so frizzy.

Juicy Couture Go Couture Yourself?-  Is that really the name?  Anyway, I don't like perfume much and this didn't really knock my socks off so...

VERDICT:  Wow!  I'm pretty impressed.  I wasn't expecting anything nearly this fun so I'm happy with this.  I'm definitely subscribed for the Winter one.  For $5 why on earth not?!  Know what I mean?  I'll use the Olay for sure, the deodorant and the lipstick.  I'll probably even use the foil packets of shampoo and conditioner.
I did notice that there were box variations but I'm glad I got the one I did.  So if you haven't received your box yet, there is still an element of surprise for you. :)

If you want to sign up for the Winter box, you can sign up on this page right here.


  1. *sigh* I am still waiting for mine. I ordered on September 12th and called customer service this week to ask where it was. After they failed to get back to me in the promised time frame, I called again this Friday. That was when they told me that every person who ordered the week I did had their order skipped. Every person for an entire week did not get their box shipped...and they only reason they realized this was when people started to call and ask where their box was. Not great quality control. I am hoping I get mine soon and really hoping they don't have the same issues with the winter box.

    1. Oh, no! That is a really strange thing to have happen! I hope you get your box soon, too! Mine shipped maybe three days after I ordered it. I hope the fact that it's now sold out won't affect whether you get it or not.

    2. I did receive the box this week and am hopeful that future box shipments will go more smoothly. :)

    3. Oh, good! I'm glad to hear that! I'm already looking forward to the Winter one, that's how bad I am :D

  2. I ordered mine October 10th and it is now November 4th, No box! :( but my order online says processed?????? Not sure what that means

    1. I'm guessing you signed up after the Fall box was sold out. I think at the time I wrote this post they were sold out and so you signed up for the Winter box which hasn't shipped yet. So the good news is, it's not late! And you should be all set up for the Winter box! Yay!