Friday, October 17, 2014

Wantable Accessories October 2014 Review- My First Accessories Box!

Wantable had an amazing deal for half off boxes the other day.  I just caught the tail end of it on Facebook or I promise I would have told you.  So for $20 (I got the one time box which is usually $40) I got this super amazing Wantable Accessories October 2014 box!  It's my first one and I'm pretty enthused about it.  I might have to subscribe.

The Cost: $36/monthly, $40 for a one time box.

What You Get: Subscribers will receive four boutique accessories, handpicked by a personal stylist.
I have to mention the super duper, really great thing about Wantable.  Customizable profiles!  This is not like Ipsy or Birchbox where you fill out your profile and maybe it applies and maybe it doesn't. 
No.  This is a real, full-on, hard core profile that is accounted for and depended upon to provide you with exactly the items you prefer that month.  Yes.  See how I said "that month"?  That's because you can change your profile every month so you can get different things!  Tired of bracelets and want a box of earrings?  Change your profile to reflect that!  Change it back whenever you feel like it!

Everything arrived perfectly packed.  The bracelet was in a heavy box which I'm totally keeping for some use that I haven't figured out yet.  The bracelet and earrings were in a velvety, Wantable logoed jewelry pouch.  Also, totally use it for travel from now on!
Emily Maynard Lane Bracelet in Silver- I currently prefer silver for all my jewelry.  I used to like only gold but somewhere in my twenties I completely shifted preferences.  Anyway, I absolutely adore this cuff.  It is the perfect width for my wrist!  I have pretty small hands and tiny wrists so my bracelets sometimes can slip down around my knuckles which isn't good.  Or they go riding up my forearm and stick, which just looks dumb.  This does neither of those things and I am in love.
Value: $65 (what the crap?! Really?! *gasp* It's true!)
Jolie Spike Earrings- This would be so perfect if they weren't ten feet too long.  Seriously, these suckers dangle for a good six inches.  Are they supposed to hang out on my shoulders?  I have a short neck which makes extra long earrings iffy to begin with but these are extra, extra, extra long!  Love the design, though.
Value: $17
Jessica Necklace-  I really like this necklace. I think it might be super tangled up but I can't tell because it still looks pretty good.  I love the links in the top and the dual colored chains.  It also is heavy and hangs very nicely.  Not too long and not too short either.  I like it a lot.  I might have to spend some time figuring out if its tangle or not (by trying to untangle it).  Either way, it's pretty great!
Value: $14
Lizzie Earrings-  I know you might think these are so tame compared to the other stuff and maybe they are.  But I love them anyway.  I've been wearing them all day without any issues so they're definitely a keeper!  I normally just wear diamond studs but I need a change and these are it!  They're perfect and dainty.
Value: $12

VERDICT:  Well, this is the easiest verdict ever.  What has taken me so long to subscribe to the Wantable Accessories box?!  This stuff is amazing and I basically get to pick what I want to get each month with my profile!  With a value of $108 this box is a deal and a half!  At the $20 I paid for it, I feel like its like a bandit, I made out so well!  At the regular $36 price this is STILL an unreal deal! Wow!

If you would like to sign up and get your own personalize Wantable box, head over to their website and sign up!  You can get this Accessories box (well, not *this* one since this one is mine) or there are Intimates, Make up and Fitness subscriptions to also choose from.
Fitness is a little different in that it has a styling fee you pay upfront, then pay for whichever outfits you want from what they send you.
But Accessories, Makeup and Intimates all follow the regular subscription model.  You'll get your first box right when you sign up and then at the first of the month thereafter.

I am still in love with this box.  I can hardly believe how much I love that cuff.

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  1. I love the cuff! I tried to take advantage of the sale but their website glitched on me, and by the time I tried again it was over. Boo-hoo for me, I guess!

    1. Oh, that stinks!! I was juuuust on the edge of the time limit so I was frantically putting in all my info hoping the time wouldn't run out while I was doing it. I probably would have been happy with just the cuff and that's it! It's a heavy duty cuff, too. The other stuff is all icing on my own silver cake!