Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wet Shave Club October 2014 Intro Box Review

Wet Shave Club is here to help men shave.  This is the manly October 2014 Intro Box.  The one you get when you first sign up and need the super heavy duty new safety razor.  All I can say is that I'm a girl and I'm a little jealous.

The Cost: $29/month or less, depending on the length of your subscription

What You Get: Each monthly box contains razors, wet shave soaps, aftershaves, styptic matches, and mystery items that you will be pleasantly surprised with. Your first month’s box also includes a premium double edge razor and brush so you have everything you need if you’re new to wet shaving.
Wet Shave Club is all about getting you excited about wet shaving.  I found this really great guide to wet shaving HERE if you've never done it before.  Your first box will include a heavy duty safety razor and will be replaced with other awesome products like aftershave in your subsequent boxes.
I was VERY impressed by the quality of the items included in this box.

Wet Shave Club Safely Razor- This is a heavy duty piece of equipment.  This is not a Tonka truck, this is a Caterpiller.  It's heavy, solid, and feels good in hand.  It's got a grippy texture to the handle so you don't drop it and slice your face to ribbons, too.
Unscrew the handle to get the blade in place.  It's also got a snug, thick leather head cover so you're not leaving it lying around with the blades waiting to draw blood.
Value: At least $20

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades- These double edge blades are Platinum plated and fit all double edge razors. Made in Russia. 5 blades per pack.
Value: $2

Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades-Gillette Silver Blue Blades are a limited run product Made in Russia. These stainless steel blades have a superior cutting edge which gives a smooth and comfortable shave.
Value: $3
Wet Shave Club Boar Bristle Brush-  Boar bristle is considered the go-to for wet shave brushes.  If you're a little fancier (or really lucky at Christmas time) your wife will get you a Badger Bristle shaving brush.  I say that because I got DH one for Christmas last year.  What I did not get him was a super awesome safety razor.  But that's remedied now.
This seems so rough but I'm used to make up brushes.  I'm pretty sure this will get right down to the skin between your beard hairs when you're ready to shave.  Hubby is currently growing out some facial hair for Movember.  The sides of his face are now smooth and perfect thanks to Wet Shave Club, though!
I just wish the handle wasn't plastic but it's easier for clean up, I suppose.
Value: $10

The Legends London Alum Matchsticks-This is a matchbook of alum sticks.  These are used for those inevitable knicks you get when your wife asks you a question or a child comes up and grabs you around the leg.
These are a portable men’s skincare treatment for razor burn and skin irritation.
Using the ancient 100% natural Alum Stone formula, disposable Alum Matches prevent infection while soothing irritated skin, making them the perfect on the go solution for your shaving woes.
Value: $2
Forge and Foundry Extra Slip Shaving Soap in Peppermint and Classic Bay Rum-All Forge & Foundry soaps are made with pure vegetable oils so there are no animal fats involved. Use a shave brush and any razor you prefer to experience a close natural shave. One bar will last longer than 3 or 4 cans of shave cream if used properly. This shave soap also works great as a face and body wash.
Ingredients: saponified oils of avocado, almond, castor, coconut, cocoa butter, palm(responsibly cultivated), shea butter, stearic acid, bentonite clay, and essential oils.
These are both 1oz slabs and smell amazing!  I love both these scents.  DH started with the peppermint and I was quite happy with that.
Value: $5

VERDICT: Not only is this box awesome in it's own right, Wet Shave Club would make a fantastic gift for any guy.  It's everything you need to get you away from shelling out the big bucks for cartridges and into the smoothest shave ever.  This first box has a value of at least $40 (probably more, that razor is nice!) which is $10 more than you'll pay at the monthly rate.  Subsequent boxes will make up for the lack of razor by including aftershaves and other essentials.  I haven't gotten a second box yet so I don't know what will be in it!

What I do know is that Wet Shave Club has gift subscriptions!  If there's a man in your life who is over the age of 16, this is going to bring some grins and thanks if you hand this over!  That is for sure!  This isn't flimsy stuff, this is quality, well-curated shaving gear that will last you a long time.
Or at least until the next month.  Plus there's that innate satisfaction of a shave well done.

If you'd like to sign up for Wet Shave Club, head to their website and check out their subscription offers.  You can also take advantage of their gift subscriptions.  Customer service is great so if you have any questions or issues, just send them and email and they'll be glad to answer any of your questions.

*This box was sent to me for review purposes.  All opinions are mine and unadulterated. Referral links were used in this post.


  1. I've been jealous of guys' razors for years. They have all these fancy-shmancy razors with flexible blades that don't nick while womens' razors pretty much remained the same except for maybe an extra hydration strip. But this safety razor looks legit! I'd like to get this for my bf, but over the years he's adopted the Why? No Need To Impress Girls Anymore school of thought and only shaves when his beard makes his face itchy. *sad face*

    1. So far my husband has made me feel his face every day that he has shaved using this new razor. He loves it! His face is exceptionally soft :D I thought about trying it on my legs but... eehhhh... seems dangerous. :D

  2. It's crazy seeing as I actually run a shaving blog, but the absolute best thing I have found is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! It opens up your pores and allows an easy cut from the root of the hair, its the best safety shave and makes life loads easier :)