Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bestowed November 2014 Review + 10% Off Coupon!

Bestowed is dedicated to helping you find healthy snacks and lifestyle items.  Every month you'll get a mix of products geared toward health and wellness.  I think they acquired Klutchclub not too long ago so if you were a Klutchclub subscriber, you'll now be getting Bestowed boxes.

The Cost: $20/month

What You Get: Receive 7-10 of the best healthy snacks, beverages, and lifestyle items straight to your door. Every product featured is carefully selected by a team of experts led by nutritionist Heather Bauer.

Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Crackers-  All natural, gluten free crackers made with lentils.  Serve with hummus or top with feta cheese and tomatoes for a tasty snack.
My personal opinion is that these taste awful.  I love lentils but apparently I don't like them in cracker form.  Or potato chip form either.  Lentils in soup is good.  Lentils dried up and ground into snacks?
Not so much, apparently.

Quest Nutrition Protein Chips-  These have 21 grams of protein per bag with only 5g of carbs.  Low carbers may rejoice!  Also, people allergic to soy can also be happy because these are made with whey.  That is my big thing.  I cannot digest soy so I always am looking for protein powders with only whey.  I like Optimum Nutrition Double Chocolate. :)
These are actually pretty good!  They are very airy and the BBQ flavor is nice.  I don't think I would go out of my way to buy them since I don't mind carbs (wait... make that I *love* carbs!) but it's a pretty nice protein snack and they don't taste like some of those awful bars out there.
The Healing Tree Bamboo Charcoal Soap- I really like charcoal soaps.  I don't know if I've had a bamboo charcoal one before though.  The description on the info card for this particular product is so ridiculous.  This is not going to "remove years of dead skin cells" unless you've maybe not showered in your lifetime.  Skin doesn't work quite like that.  However, it will clean your skin and is gentle enough for those with troubled skin to use.

Savory Choice Reduced Sodium Vegetable Broth Concentrate-  I do like these packets because they're so easy to use.  It's not being exposed to air like a jar and can be kept around without having to use 32oz all at once.  You can use these to make soup or as seasoning for your meats or for gravy.
I haven't used this brand before but something like this won't be around for long in my house. Especial with this cold weather.  I'm thinking Lentil Soup may be in order.
Barre3 30 Days Free Online Trial- It says this is valid for new subscribers.  You don't have to sign up for a subscription or put any credit card information in, so this is a really nice coupon!  Get 30 days of workouts that combine yoga, pilates and ballet for a low key workout right in your home.
I don't like yoga because I prefer to burn calories if I have to suffer through a workout. Haha!  I did do hot yoga twice.  The first time I didn't know you were supposed to drink a whole bunch of water beforehand and I nearly passed out/tossed my cookies all over the floor.  I had to lay down like a big idiot newbie.  The second time I was more prepared but all that contorting just was not for me.  I prefer to run or lift weights or watch NCIS while on the elliptical... :)

Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread-  This spread is organic, kosher, gluten-free, and contains no artificial flavoers.This is like a high brow Nutella and is...  well, I don't like hazelnuts or Nutella (don't hit me!) so it's not my style.  Which is good because I'd probably need that Barre3 workout after eating all this.
Nektar Naturals Honey Crystals- Yay! Honey without the sticky mess!  These packets are the equivalent to 1 tsp of honey and make it super easy to bring with you to places that won't have honey. I love the taste of pure honey.  This has sugar in it, too.  It actually looks like yellow granulated sugar.  Sort of.  I might have to see if I can find these at the store.

Kind Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond Bar- I love Kind bars!  I haven't had this one before either.  I think my favorite one is the cranberry one.  This is basically whole almonds connected together by coffee flavored dark chocolate.  SO tasty!  I don't know if I really care for the addition of the mocha part but it's still good!  Now if there were some cranberries in it... Mmmm!
Teeccino Sampler Pack-  So this is hands down the strangest thing in the box.  It's... herbal coffee. Except it's not actually coffee because its made from carob pods, chicory and dandelion root (among other things).  Of course I had to try it.
I tried the Dandelion Caramel Nut.  Oh, my.  The smell is absolutely to die for.  I just wanted to hold it up to my nose and leave it there.  I thought it would taste like coffee and it... kind of does?  I think the strangest thing is that it actually has NO acidity! I drank it straight and it was very enjoyable.
They suggest putting cream or sugar or whatever you normally put in your coffee in it but I wanted to see what it tasted like on it's own and ended up drinking the whole cup plain.  Caramel Nut is fantastic!
I haven't tried the other two, though they seem like they might be similar (Dark Roast and French Roast) with different brewing methods.

VERDICT:  I like the variety of Bestowed and the fact that it's not just a health food box but a healthy lifestyle box and they include things like soap and workout freebies.  This is the first box I've ever received and it was part of a promotion so I didn't pay for it.  It's not really my type of box because I'm not a health nut and I don't have any particular food difficulties (except soy-which usually means a large majority of health type snacks won't work for me) so the value isn't there for me personally.  I'm trying to decide if I think the $20 price point is worth it for someone.  There are other healthy snack boxes out there at a lower price point but they don't include lifestyle items like soap.  What do you think?
As far as a health box goes, its so much better than Klutchclub was! There are some fun and interesting things in this box.  And of course, how will you know what you like or don't like if you don't get to try it?

If you would like to try Bestowed, you can sign up right here.  They are currently running a special for 10% off your subscription if you use the code LOVEHEALTHY.

*affiliate links were used in this post.  This box was sent to me for promotional purposes.  The opinion expressed in this review are my own and unadulterated.


  1. I've seen that Teeccino stuff before and was kind of skeptical, but if you say it's OK maybe I'll give it a shot! I think I've tried those lentil crackers before but I liked them. I was going to suggest dipping lentil crackers in your lentil soup but I guess you already ate them. :P

    1. I honestly thought the Teeccino stuff would be awful. And taste like dirt. But it was totally tasty! I was shocked! Urgh... I didn't eat them, I threw them away >.< Actually, I tried to pawn them off on my husband but he was having none of that. Then I tossed them.