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Booskerdoo Coffee Company Coffee of the Month Subscription Review

Booskerdoo is a coffee company in New Jersey that sends coffee shipments to your door.  Each month, as part of their Coffee of the Month Club you will get two, three or four pounds of freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door.

Booskerdoo prides itself on it's organic and ethically farmed beans.  These are shade grown and are both USDA Organic certified or are naturally organic. The beans you receive have been farmed directly by the family that owns the coffee farm or that have been certified by the Rainforest Alliance.
Both Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance keep an eye on the farms to make sure the practices are ethical.

The Cost: $159 for 2lbs a month for 6 months, $229 for 3lbs a month for 6 months or $299 for 4lbs a month for 6 months.

What You Get: Your choice of  Fair Trade, Ethically Sourced coffee, made specially for you and mailed on the day it is roasted.
You'll be be kept in coffee at a cost of $13.25/lb or less.  You can change your preferences each month to get a taste of any limited editions that are created.

Once again, I have enlisted the help of my father in law, Charles, who was Chief Roaster and part owner at Austin Chase, an award winning micro-roast coffee company in Seattle. He has an extensive knowledge of coffee, beans and the roasting process that comes in good stead when I need some professional help with a coffee review!
Booskerdoo Coffee Co. Jersey Diner Style Blend-  This was my favorite by far.  It's a lighter roast (more caffeine!), is very smooth and totally drinkable.  I could happily drink cup after cup.  This is their classic "cup of coffee" rendition. It's nutty, sweet, and refreshingly mild. It's comprised of light roasted Colombia Excelso Santa Barbara Estate and a bit of medium roasted Brazil Cerrado.

Charles' Thoughts:
If you’re looking for an Arabica-based coffee that comes close to the traditional roasts of the old-style diners we grew up with, dating back to the 50s, look no further. They even went so far as to include some Brazilian beans, just to approximate the flavor of what once constituted almost all coffees in America.  When your mom brought home a can of Folgers or Yuban, it was made from Brazilian robusta – a nasty little bean that had twice the caffeine and tons of the trigonelline and chlorogenic acid to gnaw on your stomach on those long road trips. Booskerdoo replaced the robusta with the pleasant tasting and feeling Arabica that is the basis for modern gourmet coffee. But they kept the roast very light. By doing so, they approximated the taste strategy of the coffees that were purposely under-roasted by the big manufacturers to allow them to keep longer.

So, if you like classic diner coffee flavor without the nasty aftertaste (and after effects), this is the one for you. It has plenty of richness because of the generous proportion of Columbian. But it is not a coffee you can brew very strong before crossing the line.  If you are into modern, full-city roasts, you will think you fell asleep and woke up in 1959 – exactly what the roaster had planned.
Booskerdoo Coffee Co. After Dark French Roast- This is for hardcore coffee drinkers! It's strong, dark and smokey.  The beans are beautifully oily and the scent from the bag was glorious. This is Booskerdoo's darkest roast. They use Fair Trade Organic Honduras Marcala SHB beans and roast them until smoke is pouring into the street.  It's a smoky cup of coffee with a buttery body and lots of karate chop.

Charles' Thoughts:
This appears to be a mixture of Central and South American, high-grown beans, which is what you want when you go French. This is rich and sweet and mild. It is roasted to a light French and despite its darkness, it has no bitterness or even a hint of being overdone.

There is a myth associated with French and Italian roasts. Many people think because the coffee is darker and more intense, you should make it slightly weaker than normal. But just the opposite is true with a well-roasted black bean.  Make it about 15% stronger and enjoy every sip. You won’t regret it.

This is a mild, light-flavored French with medium body and a great aroma.
Booskerdoo Coffee Co. Single Origin Series Bali Blue Moon Organic- My second favorite of the bunch, I had to share around the family so they could all "taste test" it and I almost didn't want to let them. From Indonesia, this large bean is low in acidity, with a buttery body and rich flavors of sweet spices, sugar cane, and cocoa.  It is roast to a pretty-dark level they call "Vienna"... a bit shiny with oil and dark brown.

Charles' Thoughts:
Despite what Juan Valdez says on those old Yuban commercials, Columbian does not have the richest coffee in the world; Indonesia does. It also has the coffees with the most of what roasters and tasters call mouth feel, another name for complexity.

This pure, organic varietal (single bean type) is the lightest roasted Indonesian I have ever tasted. Normally, Indonesian beans like Sumatra are roasted to the point where they are motley. They are also a bit plumper.  Like the Jersey Diner blend, this is for the people who prefer the old-style flavors with modern Arabica richness and mildness. 

VERDICT:  If you are looking to stock your cupboards with a refreshing array of easy to drink coffees, Booskerdoo may be what you are looking for.  Before you take the plunge with a coffee subscription, you can test out their varieties by purchasing single bags.  The kinds we tried for this review were fairly mild and if the After Dark is their darkest roast, you aren't going to find that Starbucks bite anywhere.
You can access their Coffee of the Month Club right here.  Remember, this coffee has never been sitting on a shelf.  It is sent to you the day it is roasted.

Charles has a suggestion for anyone who may have already received the coffees in this post:
If you want to make your own blend, combine the Bali Blue Moon organic with the After Dark French roast in a 50/50 blend for a real treat.

*This product was sent to me for review purposes.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own (except for the opinions that belong to Charles). :)

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