Thursday, November 20, 2014

French Box November 2014- Paris, I Love You Review + Get $10 Off with Coupon!

French Box is all about France.  It's not just a beauty box or an accessories box.  It has some food related items, some kitschy things, and other mysteries.  I'm not a huge Francophile but I can appreciate a good box when I see one and French Box is a treat just to open.
Each box comes with a heavy duty, colorful postcard.  I'm collecting these and would really love to frame them and put them up.  They are beautiful.  Also, included in the box is a recipe card and this month's recipe is Croque-Monsieur which is a very fancy version of a ham and cheese sandwich.
I might actually have to try it.
The Cost: $24/month

What You Get: Five (or more!) products from France! Fashion, cosmetics, gourmet, goodies, etc.

LIDO Hardback Journal-  I think there were variations to this. LIDO is an extravagant burlesque cabaret that has been around since 1946.  This journal seems to have been dragged in gravel or something. The back is all scratched up.  And dirty. Hm.  Not loving that lack of quality control.  I may email them about it to see how their customer service is.
Value: $4

Pier Auge Radiant Treatment Mask-50ml-  A gentle treatment mask suitable for all skin types. Luxuriously soft, it combines stimulating restructuring hp DNA and purifying enzymes that moisturise as well as having a targeted action to clarify your skin. This treatment helps your skin resist the aggressions of ageing, stress and pollution.
This is the best thing in the box both in terms of monetary value and of value to me.  I'm interested in seeing how this treats my skin.  I love this kind of product.
Value: $43.50
Segafredo Cafe de Paris in The Original-250g- Ground Arabica coffee from France.  An interesting, if low quality, addition to the box.  I loved how when I looked it up it said that the best use for this is for your employees. Haha!  Give cheap coffee to your workers since they can't complain.
Although, now I think I should try it just because.  I'm sure its exactly like Folgers, though.
Value: $6

Leonard Eau de Parfum- Released in 2012, this fragrance combines smooth fruit scents for a modern and refined fragrance. Top notes await you with a blend of pink pepper, apricot blossom and ylang-ylang, leading to the exciting heart created of white flowers: orange blossom absolute, syringe and frangipani. The base encompasses sandalwood, musk and vanilla making a creamy and soft base for the flowers.
I kinda like this, actually.
Paris Pocket Mirror- This is super cute and I really like it!  While I'm sure it's typical tourist trap stuff, I don't mind.
Value: $12

Guerlain Foil-  I can't count this toward the box because it's basically a freebie even if it is listed on the card.  It's a foundation and I received Beige Clear.  I'm sure it's awesome but skin tone dependent products aren't great to find in a subscription box.

VERDICT: I was underwhelmed by this French Box.  By a lot.  The last two have been so much fun but this one just doesn't hit that mark.  In reality, it's worth far more than the $24 I paid for it, just because of the Pier Auge mask product but I'm not feeling it.  I don't like seeing foil packets and perfume samples counted as part of the box.  If it was a Birchbox, okay, but in a box over $20? No.

But besides all that, the presentation is wonderful, the attention to detail is fantastic, I love the addition of recipes each month along with a cute post card.  It's obvious they mean business with this box and it's a definite labor of love for someone.  And yes, every subscription box has it's off months.

If you'd like to sign up for French Box and get their December box, you can do that right here!  You must subscribe by Nov. 23rd to get the December box. After that and you'll get the January one.

You can get $10 off your first box by using code: NZB0IM3HSU  That makes your first box only $14 which I think is totally worth it.


  1. A lot of people got the notebook from Lido, but I got a magnet and a gold-toned cell phone charm instead. This box was kinda bleh for me. The coffee seems rather lackluster, the samples (even though I love Guerlain and will happily try this sample) just don't feel like much, the mirror (I didn't like the design on mine) is something you'll find all over generic I <3 Paris tourist gift shops (I know, I've seen them there). However, I can say that I will happily use the mask, especially since it's not one that requires me to rinse off. Overall, I just felt underwhelmed, especially with the first two boxes. Still, this is only their third box, they should be able to learn what people like and don't like.

    I was thinking about going to a Lido dinner/show next spring when I visit Paris again, but it's so expensive... I don't know if it will be worth more than just going for the experience.

    1. Yes, it was definitely underwhelming. I should say, though, that I'm glad to see that they've got new brands. And when I saw Guerlain listed on their website, I have to admit that foil samples was not what I was expecting.

      But yes, it's only the third box and no company has brilliant boxes every month. :)

      I think experiences are what make adventures. When we were in Japan, we went and saw a Sumo tournament. Expensive, yeah, but probably one of the best memories I have. And it was SUMO! Haha! Not something I had ever ever ever been interested in. Just set aside ten bucks a week or something until you go :)

  2. I promptly unsubscribed after seeing this review. I didn't care for last month's box and I think the $24 cost is a little too much for the types of product. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

    1. I think the $24/mo price is pushing it. I think they'll need some hefty discounts (maybe Black Friday deals?) to keep people subscribing. I'm giving it one more month.

  3. They drag the journals through gravel to give them that "vintage" look. (Or not.) Agreed that this isn't their best effort ... though the mirror is really cute!

  4. This box was terrible. Not worth $24 at all. I cancelled my subscription after receiving all this garbage.

    1. Compared to what you find in a Glossybox for $3 less... Yeah. Not worth it. I'm giving them one more month (taking one for the team for reviews) but I'm not a masochist so that'll be it.