Monday, November 3, 2014

Ipsy November Sneak Peek- The Bag!

Ipsy's first "official" sneak peek for November 2014 is the bag!  They're doing it backwards this time, I guess. :)  Ipsy been dribbling hits about glitter and sparkles for a few days now but now it's official, we will be receiving a sparkly glambag this month!

If you've been paying attention, you'll know that a pre-sneak peek spoiler has already been released.  

You can read the full post on that AWESOME spoiler right here.  It has got to be one of the best spoilers to date since I started subscribing.

Here is that sneak peek photo (but if you want the information for all the products, see the above post link).

Do you SEE all that wonderful name brand goodness?!  I mean, really!  Wow!  I want it all and we only get one.  I think there's only one thing I would be kinda meh on and that is the Temptu highlighter but even then, I'd try it.

I just hope the bag isn't made with the kind of glitter that gets everywhere.  Know what I mean?  

If you want to sign up for Ipsy, you can do that here.  You should do it as soon as you can.  It's only $10 and packs a lot of fun, in  my opinion.  They usually have a wait list but they don't charge until you get off of it.  They'll send you an email letting you know and then you can make your final decision to sign up or not then.

Sometimes, you can get right off the wait list by sharing on Facebook so keep a lookout for that option, too.

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  1. Sarah, you make me laugh. Yes! I know exactly what you mean about glitter everywhere. Especially because I have a small dog. If it falls here and there, she will instantly rush to sniff it and have sort of an asthma attack. Others will small pooches be aware of this when opening Christmas cards! It's popular now to have glitter all over them and it flies everywhere when you open the envelope. I open all my cards over the wastebasket and shake them off.

    1. Yes! I'm not the only one! My friend wore a sparkly Halloween costume and it got glitter ALL over the floor! It was everywhere! Luckily it wasn't my floor so my dogs didn't end up snorting any :D I'm pretty sure she had no idea she was leaving a trail but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw this bag spoiler.