Friday, November 14, 2014

Julep Haul and Festive Surprise #1 Review + Get 40% off!!

I made a Julep purchase last week while the Secret Shop was open.  I got some of the polishes I've been wanting, a Plush Pout and a Festive Surprise #1.  The Festive Surprise was a $9.99 add on and I got it because it was basically free since I was using a coupon.
I'm actually really happy with this purchase since I now own two of the most gorgeous purples known to mankind me.
You are looking at Eva, Avni and Alex.  I've been wanting Avni since I saw them in August or September.  I kept trying to swap for one but it never worked out.  Luckily, getting a coupon made this worth it!  I think it was 10OFF20.  But it might have been PERK30.  I can't remember.

Julep Avni- African violet shimmer.  This gets 5 stars on and I can see why.  It applies beautifully in one coat, dries quickly and is absolutely stunning!  My new favorite purple for sure!
Julep Alex-Regal purple microglitter.  This is also gorgeous!! Opaque in one coat and so amazingly perfect!  I can't believe I picked two purple polishes that are this perfect.  Totally fabulous in every way!
Julep Eva- Raspberry Creme.  All three of my Julep polishes that I got today have great formulations. This is a pretty pink and one of my favorite colors to wear.  Magenta, maybe is a better description for the color.  
This is the Festive Surprise #1.  It's Faye, a Liquid bronze shimmer.  It gets four stars on and everyone says it looks better on than in the bottle.  It looks boring in the bottle but it's definitely a perfect fall/thanksgiving color.  I just can't decide if I would ever wear it when I have an Avni or Alex that would make me much happier to look at.Also included were two samples of Luxe Repair Skin Serum.
Julep Plush Pout Lip Crayon in Aurora Pink- Whoops! I forgot about this one and it's one of my favorites!  I originally discovered Plush Pout in one of my Maven Boxes.  I got the Magenta Plum Creme and it is to die for.  It is SO pigmented, glides on and is so moisturizing.  The plum color is intense, though, so I wanted something a little more subtle for everyday wear so I chose Aurora Pink.  I'm not really sure how I feel about this color.  It's kind of a bubblegum pink and reminds me of the eighties.  However, it is so super moisturizing and awesome that I will still wear it and maybe put a gloss over it to tone down the major pink of it.  There's one more color and I may have to try it. It's a nude of some kind, I think.  I'd have to check the website again.  Still.  I absolutely love the formulation and I hope they come out with a whole line of colors.  It's fantastic, especially in this cold weather.

VERDICT: I'm very happy with my Julep choices this time around. The polishes are all very different with a shimmer, microglitter and a creme but they each apply perfectly in one coat.  It kind of makes me want to toss some of my other polishes that are close to these colors (*cough* Nicole by Opi, I'm thinking of you *cough*) just because it's always so nice when only one coat is needed.  And you can see how amazing the colors are.  I love this purchase!  While the Festive Surprise wasn't really my style, I'm kind of used to being underwhelmed with the Mystery boxes, etc, so it's sort of expected that it won't be something I fall head over heels with.  And even though the color of the Plush Pout wasn't what I was expecting, I just can't get enough of the formulation.  It's heavenly.

If you've been thinking about making a Julep purchase without committing to being a Maven, now is the time to buy!  There's a coupon currently available: SHOPEARLY and it will give you 40% off everything except Maven boxes, gift cards and Savvy Deals.  That's a ridiculous deal.  This means you could get the exact same polishes I did and pay way less.  Ooo!  Maybe I should get second bottles...  Because I know I'll be wearing Avni and Alex a LOT!  Decisions, decisions.

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