Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love With Food November 2014 Review- Baby it's Cold Outside Plus Get Your First Box Free!

I'm always happy to see my Love with Food box.  For November 2014, the theme is "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and their first spoiler was a sweet and spicy item guaranteed to warm you up.  I managed to stay away from other spoilers until yesterday so it's almost like it was a surprise? Haha!  Still, this box is always fun.
The Cost: $10/month plus $2 shipping

What You Get: 8+ new snacks each month. Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk.
You can also feel like you're doing a good deed when you buy a Love With Food box!  For every box sold, Love With Food donates at least one meal to help end childhood hunger in America!  They work with food banks and organizations in all 50 states!  So far they've donated 250,000 meals to hungry kids in the United States.

Fruit Bliss Dried Mini Figs- Two ingredients- figs and water!  Now that's a healthy snack.  My mother in law LOVES figs and she used to have her own fig tree until she moved so I'm going to give these to her.

Jer's Groupies Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cluster- Ooo! These are tasty.  There's even a little sprinkling of salt on the top. Mmm!
Laiki Red Rice Crackers- Oh. My.  These have three ingredients and they are ridiculously good.  Amazingly good.  So so so good!  I have to find these somewhere.  Theyre crunchy purple puff squares and I'm in love.

Whole Spice All Purpose Salt Seasoning- This seasoning smells amazing.  I can't wait to figure out what to use it with.  It's in a resealable pouch which is nice and there's a LOT of seasoning!  I think I'm going to use it with chicken.  It's great!
Chipz Happen Cinnful Sweet Heat-  These are white corn tortilla chips with cinnamon, sugar and cayenne pepper.  They're okay.  Definitely edible.  I don't think white corn tortilla chips are my favorite.  Actually this tastes kinda like those fried tortillas covered with cinnamon and sugar at Mexican restaurants.  Only not as good.  Hah!

Dick and Jane Baking Company States and Capitals Educational Snacks-  Okay, I seriously love the states and capitals printed on these round cookies.  They even have starts to show you where in the state the capital is.  The cookie itself isn't very good though.
Marlos Bake Shop Midnight Soft Baked Biscotti in Double Chocolate Espresso-  Biscotti has never been my favorite thing because who wants to eat a rock hard cookie?  Not me.  These may not be hard as a rock but they're pretty close.  The chocolate aftertaste is delicious but the actual act of biting and chewing them isn't bliss inducing.

Guylian Truffles in Milk and Dark Praline-  Seahorse shaped (Im really sad I didn't take a photo of that!) chocolates with hazelnut innards.  My problem is that I don't like truffles!  I know!  My mom can't believe it either! I don't like the squish of the insides which really makes no sense at all.  I love dark chocolate, though, so I ate the outside at least.
Wow!  We already got a total of ten treats but there's more!!  A recipe booklet by Rachel Ray with thirty 30-minute meal recipes!  I love this!  Also included is a $25 gift card to Le Tote which is apparently like Netflix for clothing.  Only you don't stream it live, I bet.  Haha!  It's a clothing rental type subscription.  Not really my thing and kind of a funny inclusion in a food box.  But if you're eating healthy and losing weight, between sizes and don't want to have to buy new ones every ten pounds. then this could be for you!

VERDICT: One of the more fun Love With Food boxes for me.  I hope they continue to add little goodies like the recipe book!  My favorite snack was the Laiki Rice Chips and the Whole Spice Seasoning.  I did like trying the others, too, though.  I don't mind if I don't like everything, it's part of the experience of Love With Food!  You can also review your snacks on their website and get points for each review.  You can use your points to buy more snacks from their shop which is what I just did.  I got some of the rice chips...  Hey, I told you they were good!

If you would like to sign up for Love With Food and get your own box, you can do that right here!  If you use this link, you can get your first box for only $2 shipping!  Or use the code YUMMY at check out!
This also makes a great gift!!  I got a gift subscription for my mom for her birthday and she loved it. I'm considering getting her another one for Christmas, she really liked getting a box in the mail every month.

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  1. YESSSSS THE LAIKI RED RICE CRACKERS. SO GLAD YOU LOVED THEM TOO. :DDD I've already ordered them off the LWF website lol.

    1. I totally bought some!!! I bought them before I even finished my review! LOL!

    2. Hahaha, A+. I can't wait to get my hands on more of them!!! I seriously wish they were sold at a local grocery store.