Friday, November 28, 2014

Memebox Super Luckybox #11 Review!

 memebox review super luckybox #11 spoilers
I admit it, I got expedited shipping on my Memebox Super Luckybox #11 just so I could post some spoilers for everyone.  Since it's a Luckybox, it never gets bundled which means no free value set shipping.  Sadness, right?  But I am here for you!!

Memebox (pronounced me me box) is a great way to get new and interesting Korean skincare and beauty products.  This is not a subscription box, you can buy as many as you choose and you will know the general theme surrounding the box.  You won't know what's in it until you get it, though!

Memebox sends you the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products in each of their boxes. Korean skincare products are renowned for their quality and innovative technologies.  So you are getting the cutting edge of skincare delivered to your door.  I've been really happy with most of what I've received so far.  There's always that mystery element that makes this fun!
They also have a Global Memeshop which ships things around the world from Korea and they've recently stocked up a USA shop which ships only to the US from their warehouse in San Francisco.

So for everyone who is like me and can't resist spoilers, here is what you will find in your Super Luckybox.
Luckyboxes have items from past Memeboxes.  And that apparently means anything from Global #1 to the infamous CutiePieMarzia 2 box.  They're not always full size but are a lot of the time and usually contain 5-8 products.  I don't always get Luckyboxes because I don't need a lot of repeat items but this particular box intrigued me because it was Super.  They've never done a Super one before.  I was guessing that it meant all full size products and it turned out that I was sort of right.
SoyBio+ Fermented Lumpoule-  I'm starting with my favorite product in this box.  I *love* this ampoule.  It's made from fermented soy bean lump, hence the awful "lumpoule" name.  It says its for preventing the formulation of fine lines and wrinkles but I use it because it is extremely gentle and soothing on my face.  I have issues with redness and for me, this fermented soy stuff works wonders on calming my skin down and getting rid of the redness.  I'm so so so happy to see this in here!
Value: priceless! No, just kidding, it's $12
Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack-180ml- This is a twice a week nourishing treatment for your hair.  Use in place of a conditioner to help repair and protect damaged hair.
This is why I normally don't get luckyboxes.  I don't really like repeats (unless its soy lumpoules!) and hair stuff isn't my favorite.  In any case, this is a fine conditioner and many people really like it.
Value: $16

Too Cool For School McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash Set-10 packets, 2g each-  This is the spoiler they released to little enthusiasm for this box.  It's a good, well respected brand but a pretty boring product.
This is formulated with fermented rice bran, oatmeal, black tree fungus and mushroom extracts.  It's got plenty of amino acids to help nourish your skin and maintain moisture.
This is the last step in your cleansing routine (haha, mine is only one step!), dissolve this packet in water and wash your face with it.
That sounds like way too much work for me, plus I hate how water runs down my elbows and gets my sleeves and the floor wet.  I may try this in the shower as an experiment to see if my skin likes all that fermented stuff, though.  Hm.
Value: $6
TheYeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-One Serum-100ml- I love serums! This is an organic formula made from Hallabong, which is a type of orange cultivated only on Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea.  It is bursting with Vitamin C and antioxidants.  This serum also has kiwi, broccoli and aloe vera to replenish, soften and protect the skin.
I wish I could find the ingredients somewhere.
Value: $5
Dr. G. Bling Bling Cream SPF35 PA++-45ml- I think I have this already. This has a blend of hyaluronic acid, rose, and sage extracts to help maintain moisture and control excess oiliness.  It's a BB cream that coats thinly and leavs a silky soft texture with a radiant glow.
And it's the radiant glow part that scares me.  I don't really like that dewy look.  I tried something recently and did not like how shiny it made my skin.  The bad part is I can't remember which one that was off the top of my head since I have so many now. Hah! Oh, wait, yes, it was the green tinted one from the Korea's Most Wanted 2 box.
Value: $24

Revecen Face Control Foundation- Well, this was in the CutiePieMarzia box.  So was the Hallabong serum.  I'm totally weirded out by the purple color but lots of people have said it actually worked really well for them so I'll try it.  Since this is basically an unboxing post, I'll have to come back and update with what I think about it.
Or not actually.  The info card says this should be a Cheek Room Lip Balm (also from CutiePie) so I had to look up the information for it.  It's a foundation that works to cover up skin imperfections and even out yellow skin tones.  Im more pinky so I think this won't work?  I have a green tinted one that worked really well for taming out the redness.  This also contains natural preservatives such as green tea extracts so you'll get some antioxidant benefits while using it.
Value: $5

VERDICT:  I do have to say the variety is good.  There's a hair product, a serum, an ampoule, a cleanser, a BB cream and then the Revecen.  I'll definitely use the SoyBio, I'll consider using the Hallabong serum if I could just find the ingredients somewhere.  I already have the Bling Bling cream and the Mise en Scene (which, this is a luckybox so repeats should be expected, I actually got off pretty well here since there were only two repeats for me).  The Revecen is just weird.  I got this box free with points, otherwise it was $23 plus shipping.
This box was actually worth it to me for the SoyBio.  It's ridiculously expensive.  Not worth as much as this box, of course.
And I should mention the possibility of a variation with the Revecen.  You may get the Cheek Room Lip Balm.  I'm only guessing because it's what's on the card, though.

If you'd like to see the Memeboxes currently available, there have been some restocks and you can see whats still around right here.

Don't forget to use coupons!!  These are the last days to use the November coupons so check out my Memebox Deals page and take advantage of the ones you see there!

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  1. Thanks for getting express so we could see this faster!!! Sigh--this is just, wow, unexpected. Yikes. I used to be surprised in a good way by Memebox! Here's the ingredient list translation btw:

    1. Yeah, I thought I'd put those points to good use. Instead I just broke everyone's heart ahead of time... :*( And I knew I could count on you to have these ingredients somewhere! Thanks a million!

  2. Ooh you got a lumpoule! This is a very lucky box indeed! I like a *slightly* dewy look at times, but sometimes if a BB cream is too "blingy" I'll mix it into a bit of regular foundation. That makes you look luminescent, not like a disco ball.

    1. Yessss, I love the lumpoule but I'm not about to spend $65 or whatever to get more so this is nice. The BB cream actually isn't TOO bad (but definitely dewy-blech) so I'll have to try your suggestion just to see what happens. :D

  3. Am absolutely disappointed with this box. was really looking forward to getting it but now.... seems memebox has lost one customer because there's no point in wasting my money on tart.

    1. The box could have been worse. My biggest disappointment is the fact that they included CPM2 items in this box. And that definitely keeps it from being "super." Memebox needs to stop punishing us for their HUGE CutiePie mistake. They're going to lose customers because of it.

    2. Exactly people didn't buy the cpm box for a reason. It's on discount on their website and yet its not sold.
      Maybe am more disappointed because am new to memebox, haven't rcvd any of my ordered boxes yet and going by their description of super I had too high an expectation.

    3. Is this the first one you will receive? I love the SoyBio+ and I'm reading now that many people with dry hair LOVE the Mise en Scene hair treatment. It's by Amore Pacific so the branding is good. My friend Tracy figured out the ingredients for the Hallabong serum and they are actually nice. I've actually had a lot of fun trying out all the BB creams I've gotten so you'll have to try the Bling Bling cream as an experiment at least. :D Now the Revecen? Ugh. But if I had yellow undertones, I'd be a little more happy with it.
      CPM2 was a disaster. And continues to be. I wonder if enough of us wrote emails to keep CPM products out of other boxes it would make them see what a bad idea that is.

      What other boxes did you get? I have way too many coming but I'm excited about a lot of them. They've got potential! Although if they put either the Hallabong Serum or the Revecen in the Brighten and Correct box, I might have a fit. haha!

    4. I know a lot of people like the soy bio. Am too dark skinned to try the bling bling cream and have checked out fanserviced ingredients on tha hallabong serum. Still not entirely convinced.

      CPM I curse you for bringing such disastrous items into my highly expected box(laughs).
      I really expected a lot from this box by watching previous luckyboxes and especially luckybox 9 I would have loved to get my hands on those products.

      Yes am new to memebox haven't even rcvd any of my boxes yet but have watched loads en loads of unboxings and read a ton of blogs but you I bookmarked.

      Boxes I bought so far are
      as u know Luckybox 11
      2. Soothingsista
      3. Blackout which I have real hopes for. Hope it doesn't disappoint
      4. Empress
      5. Anniversary
      6. Global 18
      7.Black Friday no4.
      I seriously hope I don't regret these boxes.

      If the global 18 isn't good enough am putting the blame right on your step bcos I got it on ur recommendation. *Winks*

    5. Haha!! I'm getting Global #18, too, so it better be good! I'm also getting Blackout, which I'm excited for, there are SO many good things that can be in there. I'm hoping for ALL the charcoal! :) I'm jealous of your Empress and Anniversary boxes, too. I wanted Anniversary after I found out it was going to have ONLY new items in it! And Empress sounds like it could be another Oriental Medicine box which was goood!
      I didn't get any Black Friday boxes because of my CPM terror. The Thanksgiving boxes turned out really well, though, so it could be the same with the Black Friday ones.

    6. Before we go further Happy Thanksgiving hope it was good.
      we don't celebrate it here.
      Back to my complaints*smiling*
      I have seriously high hopes for blackout box like you am hoping for all things charcoal mud and skincare not makeup related.
      I just read someone's global 17 unboxing en am quaking in my boots already bcos I wasn't impressed.
      Am hoping against hope that the empress is atleast on the same lines if not better than the oriental. I can only hope.
      and thanks for making my day a bit with the fact the anniversary is going to be ALL new products even though the description was best level 1&2 of their products.

      I think I need to stop taking their descriptions at face value.
      Black friday please be on the same lines as the pleading please:'(

    7. I got my first ever box today sooooo excited.
      It's the Soothingsista box.

  4. Sorry I forgot to compliment u on your new logo. Really stylish.

    1. Do you like it?! I couldn't decide if it was too... foofy or not :D Thank you!

    2. Definitely not foofy. I really like it. Really like it.

  5. Thanks for sharing, though my excitement is over :( I hoped for much more. It is a pity that I wasn't bold enough to cancel the box right after that poor spoiler. But I did want a Luckybox so much.

    1. Yes, the spoiler was boring but it's a good brand. I normally don't get Luckyboxes. They are definitely better for those who are newer to Memebox because they have less of a chance of getting repeats.

    2. Honestly I am quite new to Memebox as this will be my fourth box, still I managed to get a duplicate as I had Global #15 too and the hair pack is common. Anyway I am looking forward receiving the SoyBio+ and the Hallabong serum :)

  6. :( I'm a little bit disappointed because of I have CPM box and I bought this Luckybox too. I hope, that the blacks friday 04 box would be better.

  7. Does anybody know what was in Black Friday Boxes 1-3?