Friday, November 21, 2014

Memebox Superbox Korea's Most Wanted 2 Review

 Memebox Review Korea's Most Wanted #2
Memebox surprised me with a Korea's Most Wanted 2 Memebox! I was not expecting it and it showed up UPS, which hasn't happened before. I think this box has been out for awhile but I apparently didn't pay much attention to it because I didn't recognize any of the contents.

If you haven't heard of Memebox, I am here to tell you that it is one of the most fun and interesting beauty boxes that you can get.

Memebox sends you the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products in each of their boxes. Korean skincare products are renowned for their quality and innovative technologies. So you are getting the cutting edge of skincare delivered to your door. I've been really happy with what I've received so far.

This box has six full size items.  It has a nice array of products from makeup to skincare to bodycare. 
I'm excited to see this, not every box has such a good spread of items.  I really had no idea what the expect to see in this Korea's Most Wanted box because I did not get the first one.  

Here is what is in my box.  Sometimes there are restocks and you may want to know what is in the box while hoping it doesn't sell out while it's in your cart!
elRoel by Yoo Yang Hee Tone Up Sungel SPF 50++-50ml-  This is the Green version.  Since I can have trouble with red skin, I'm glad to see that!  This is a light cream sunscreen that uses titanium dioxide as the SPF agent.  It also has niacinamide to help even out skintone and has quite a few plant extracts to add antioxidant power.
This has a typical sunscreen smell with a very slight citrus undertone.  It's not thick, and actually seems kind of runny once you start spreading it.  A little went a very long way for me.  There is some residual stickiness and also seems to give my face a bit of a "dewy" shine.  I'm not sure I like that but more testing is in order.
Value: $13

The Face Shop Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Essence-35ml- A highly concentrated facial serum that contains calendula and hyaluronic acid for easy and effective moisturization.  It also has rosemary for astringent and anti-bacterial benefits.  
This is a white gel, kind of like a really light lotion, and it smells faintly floral.  The scent reminds me of bar soap a little bit.  It's not unpleasant.  It really sinks into your skin and leaves no stickiness behind.  It leaves my skin very soft and smooth.
I also really like the jar.  It's a frosted glass and is pretty heavy duty.  Don't drop it on your foot, in other words.
Value: $9
Hiello Blooming Multi-Firming Cream-50ml- This is a richly concentrated anti-wrinkle facial cream made with rose water, coconut oil, niacinamide, shea butter and sodium hyaluronate.  It's also got a crapton of peptides in it!  Wow!  The ingredient list on this cream is pretty great! I don't really like the smell of rose but the ingredients on this are so good, I think I can handle it.  Never mind, I just opened it to smell it and it smells more like green tea (which is also in it) than it does roses.  I'm currently using the Acaci Pomegranate cream from the Pomegranate Memebox but this might have to be next.
Value: $40 (but you can find it for $15)

Ladykin One Touch Bling Glow Lipstick in Fall Rose- Ah, now I *love* this!  See, Memebox, this is the kind of color you need to be sending out!  More people can love a nice rose color than can love an electric orange!  This goes on smooth and feel like a moisturizing lipgloss.  There is the merest hint of sticky and its got great pigmentation.  I adore the color.  I'm testing longevity right now.
Value: $9
Kskin Emu Leg R-Free Massage Cream-100g- This uses emu oil for cooling and slimming.  It also has snail extracts.  It is a moisturizing gel that sinks in quickly.  I'm not sure what it uses for a cooling effect, though. I'm a little leery of using this and I don't believe any slimming properties work effectively.  Maybe there's caffeine in it?  I wish a cream would make me skinnier! Buuut probably never gonna happen.
Value: $46

The Tang Tang Kissy Skin Therapy Peeling Wash-100ml- This is a hefty sized peeling gel.  I'd never heard of peeling gels until I got the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial.  Now I've received several in my Memeboxes.  I love the Sonya Dakar one (it uses lactic acid) but most of the Korean ones are much gentler than that.
Basically, you apply a thin layer to a DRY face.  Wait a minute or so until it starts to harden, then rub the drying gel off.  It pills up into little balls.  Now, don't get too excited and think that all that pilling is the top layer of your skin disappearing.  It's not.  It's just the dried product!
However, I tried this on a dirty face (no make up, though, just my skin in the morning) and it will actually clean your face and you can see that the color turns gray.  Ew.  If you do it on a clean dry face, you won't really get that effect but it *does* give your face an extra cleansing.
If you don't have a peeling gel, you should try one just because they're so fascinating and satisfying. 
Value: $23

VERDICT:  This Memebox is billed as being some of the hottest items in Korea and some of the most popular on the Meme-K website.  I can't seem to find these on there...  The lipstick is my favorite. Slimming creams seem to be popular but not super realistic.  I will enjoy trying the Tone Up Sungel, Blooming Cream and the Calendula Essence.  Actually, the peeling gel is probably good, too. So this box definitely has quite the range of product.  A unique cleanser, an essence, moisturizer and sunscreen for skincare.  Slimming cream for body care and a great lipstick for a little makeup.

So there!  While these might not actually be the most popular thing in Asia, they are a good mix of interesting products.  The only one I'm kinda meh on is the slimming cream but I'm pretty impressed with the ingredients on the others so other than not really being the newest "in" thing, there really is not complaint with the box.  Granted the fact that the theme is not adhered to can be a major gripe.
I've sort of come to the point where as long as the products are good then the theme isn't as important. I'm not making excuses or anything, that's just my personal opinion.

If you would like to see what is currently available at Memebox, you can see their boxes right here.
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*affiliate links were used in this post.  This box was sent to me by Memebox for review purposes.  This has no bearing in my opinions  (which you can probably tell, haha!)


  1. Oh my gosh! I got this box too! So far I'm liking everything in the box. And of course I love the lipstick the most too! Omg I also got it in the color fall rose. I wanted the burgundy one though, but it's still a very nice color. >.<

    Are you in memebox's ambassador program?

    1. Yes, I am! And I really love the lipstick color. One of my favorites. I was testing longevity and while it doesn't last through dinner and drinks it does last through a normal day without eating.

    2. Omo, me too! >o<)/ Yeah, the lipstick didn't stain my lips either.

  2. Wow I don't even remember people talking about this box that much! I don't think I even saw a review until now! This is a diamond in the rough, I think! haha :) That lipstick...ughhhh so much envy from me! That's like, the main shade of lipstick I wear. Memebox needs to do an "all about lips- The Purple Edition" and just do rose and berry shades!

    1. Yes, it is a pretty good box! And I also never heard much about it. Maybe because it wasn't bad? :D And um, yes, the lipstick is my faaave color! It's really pretty and moisturizing as well.