Monday, November 3, 2014

Memebox x Pony Palette Released Today!!!

The Memebox x Pony Palette has been released early this morning for purchase!!  It's an amazing $18 plus shipping!!  The best price I think anyone has ever seen for this product.

Make sure you use a coupon to purchase and you'll get an even better deal.  They've issued a NEW coupon just for this palette.

Spend $50 in the Global Memeshop and get Free Shipping with code FREESHIPPONY50!  If you've been eyeing anything in the Memeshop now is the time to get it, I think this is one of the best free global shipping coupons they've released yet.

I know there's a BUNCH of things I've been wanting from the shop so I think this is the time for me to do it.

Also, if you're just going for the palette and you're in the US, you can use my $5 off code: ZVKG6D

Plan your coupons carefully, you can only use one!  If you are in the US and want something (and this palette) from the shop, you get free shipping automatically if you spend at least $30!

Get your Memebox x Pony Palette right here!  Don't forget, using any of my links will give you an automatic EXTRA $5 off if you spend $100 and $10 off if you spend $150.

You all can prepare for a giveaway because I just bought a Pony palette to share with my readers!  I'll let you know as soon as it arrives!

Here is a look at the colors:

I love neutrals so this is for me!  And its cheaper than a Naked palette... :D

If you want a few more details, you can see my previous teaser post here.

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  1. Oh my gosh! YES! Waiting for school to end! I don't want to risk buying something online at school on their computer... >_< PLEASE don't get sold out in the next 4 hours! Haha. >__<

    1. I was terrified it would sell out! I woke up at 6AM and bought it right away! My fingers are crossed that it will be there for you when you get out of school :D

    2. Me too! I'm soo scared of it getting sold out, since almost everything on their site gets sold out crazy fast. >.< I'm also hoping and praying that it'll still be there when I get home.

    3. YES! Made it on time! I bought the sale deal which was the palette and meme's brushes. Mind as well spend another $7 for the brush set. >_< I seriously can't wait for it to ship.

    4. It looks like global orders ship sooner than US orders! I just noticed the US version says it ships Nov.10th! Aahhh!! I have to wait so long!! Haha!

    5. Oh my gosh! I know! I noticed that too! Now we have to wait another week... :(