Thursday, November 20, 2014

Popsugar Holiday for Her 2014 Spoiler!! I think I need this!

 Popsugar Holiday spoiler

Popsugar has released a spoiler for their Holiday for Her 2014 Box!!  It's a luxurious Herringbone Turkish-T Diamond Throw!!  I think it's gorgeous!

The Diamond Herringbone Blanket is made of 100% turkish cotton. It is the perfect blanket to throw on your furniture or snuggle in bed with. The herringone diamond pattern is woven into beautiful, majestic colors making it the perfect accent for any room.

A beautiful 100% cotton herringbone diamond Blanket. It's high cotton count and thick weave is ideal for someone who wants a substantial blanket they can use everyday.The herringbone diamond pattern is woven here in wonderful majestic colors making it a perfect blanket to wrap up in style on a cold rainy day.  You will be sure to be on trend.

Dimensions: 82 inches x 98 inches

RTV: $79

If you'd like to sign up for this box or check out their other subscriptions, you can do that right here!
The Holiday boxes are a one time $100 and the monthly boxes are $39.99.

*Alright.  I caved.  I just love that throw so much. It's totally my style.  Hopefully the rest of the box is just as awesome!*

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  1. Ahhh, damn it Popsugar, now I'm tempted to drop MSA for this...

    1. Ugh. I know. This is gorgeous and just my style.


    3. Now I'm thinking of dropping BOTH Rosario Dawson and MSA for this box...

    4. Yeah, I'm getting rid of MSA and getting this one. Rosario Dawson's might be too awesome for me to skip. But MSA, I'm just not into organic beauty enough to appreciate it. And this blanket is prettier than her spoiler one. :D

    5. Yeah I don't like the MSA throw as much as this one. :3 But freaking Popsugar, man... still haven't gotten tracking or anything about my November box. >:(

  2. OH NO! I promised myself no, but I WANT THIS