Monday, November 17, 2014

Tique Box November 2014 Keeping Warm in Portland Box Review

Tique Box is one of my favorite boxes.  This review is for the November 2014 box but there are several Holiday Boxes that you can order on their website right now.  And just like the monthly Tique Box, they are packed with authentic Portland awesomeness.
The theme for this November box is Keeping Warm!  And I'll just tell you right now, it's going to be a hot one!  Well, hot and delicious...  Last month the hints alluded to parties and drinks and both those things are present in this box.  Yay!

If you haven't heard of Tique Box, they are an up and coming business that sends monthly boxes of Portland crafts, products and handmade goodies right to your door. This is your chance to explore a little of our Pacific Northwest wholesome goodness. They generously sent the November 2014 Tique Box to me for review.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: A box full of curated local products and crafts- made exclusively by Portland artisans. Each Tique Box is filled with their products and delivered them from their city to yours.

Soul Hot Sauce- I'm starting with the anchor of the box.  This hot sauce packs quite a punch and is not for the faint of heart.  Trust me.  My husband took a swig right from the bottle because he loves hot sauce and admitted that the label didn't lie.  It is hot!  It's also vegan, gluten free and all natural.
This sauce is handcrafted in Portland and with each bottle sold, Soul gives back to the community by donating 10% of their proceeds to Feeding America and NoKidHungry.  I think that's pretty awesome.  Portland does have some pretty great artisans!
I have to update this and say that my husband thinks this might be the best hot sauce he's ever had.
It's not just hot, it's full of flavor.  He actually just (on his own!) found their website and bought six more bottles.  The bottle we have is already almost half gone and my BIL came over and drank it from a spoon and said it was amazing.  And he likes things REALLY spicy.  So...  get Soul Hot Sauce, basically.
Value: $4.50

Scout Books The Cocktail Hour with Tequila- A single-spirit drink recipe guide from some of today’s most exciting bartenders, chefs, and drink writers. Each delightfully illustrated, pocket-sized volume features over two dozen drink recipes.  While I don't drink tequila, I think this will be a fun gift and stocking stuffer for someone who is.  The recipes go from normal with things you can find in your kitchen, to exotics for the true connoisseur all wrapped up in a booklet you can fit in your back pocket!
Value: $3
Also included, courtesy of Tique Box, is a Bloody Mary recipe utilizing the Soul Hot Sauce!  All I know is I won't be drinking one but the recipe ingredients sure make a doozy of a drink!
B.G. Reynolds' Hand Crafted Exotic Syrups in Ginger-  Sourced from the highest quality exotic ginger, this syrup brings plenty of heat and spice to your tropical cocktails! Also great as a quick tea mix, or as a spicy sauce for your next stir-fry!
While the hot sauce is my husbands favorite thing in the box, this Ginger Syrup is my favorite thing! I absolutely love ginger syrup and it's ridiculously hard to find! It's really good with some club soda and bitters!  I also like to put ginger syrup in my teas.  This B.G. Reynolds Ginger syrup has a very strong and delicious ginger flavor.  One of the best I've ever had.
Value: $5.99

Music Millennium Shot Glass- Keep Portland Weird! Music Millennium is the oldest record store in existence in the Pacific Northwest.  The owner of Music Millennium was the creator of this unofficial slogan of Portland.  A landmark Portland business and a typical Portland slogan, make for a great collectible shot glass.
Value: $3
Jacobsen Salt Co. Travel Sea Salt- In case you can't get the good stuff when you are out, Jacobsen has the perfect pocket salt tin so you can apply as much salty goodness as you need.
Harvested from the cold waters of the Oregon Coast, Jacobsen Salt Co.’s pure sea salts have gained much critical acclaim for their beautiful taste, texture, and appearance. Used by chefs and home cooks around the world.
Value: $3

Alma Handmade Chocolates The Salty Nutty Toffee Mini Bar- I saved the best for last.  This is 74% Dominican chocolate.  The chocolate is dark and delectable, the toffee sweet and crunchy and the nuts add the perfect counterpoint.  This is pure heaven.  It's so rich that a little bite goes a long way.
Value: $4.50

VERDICT:  Tique Box is always fun for me because I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I sometimes have to giggle at certain inclusions because they resonate so well with our pretty chill attitudes.  This box was a lot of fun.  And useful, too!  The hot sauce was a hit with the husband.  He loves hot sauces, especially really hot, flavorful ones like this Soul.  I love the chocolate *swoon* and the ginger syrup and the shot glass makes me smile.  I had no idea salt was harvested off the coast of Oregon, so that's pretty fun.  I don't know if I'll actually take it anywhere with me but you never know.  The drink recipe book will make an excellent addition to a gift I've got for a family member so while I don't drink tequila, someone will still get the benefits of the booklet.

Tique Box is a hand curated box with artisan products which means the value is going to be close to what you paid.  You're supporting small businesses, women owned and operated companies and businesses that are staples to Portland itself.  The value of this box is exactly what is paid for it and I'm glad to see that.  Sometimes boxes like these can come in under value but I've never seen that with Tique Box.  The curation has been excellent, interesting and varied, just what I like to see in a subscription box.

If you would like to sign up to receive your own box of uniquely Portland goodies, you can do that right here.  If you would like a one time box, you can easily do that as well.
And don't forget to check out their Holiday Boxes.  One time boxes with no further commitment that may be the perfect gift for a family member or friend!

*This box was sent to me by the lovely ladies at Tique Box for review purposes.  All opinions are mine and I have no problem sharing them :D


  1. This box is like..MADE for my Dad! LOL He love hot sauce, chocolate and booze! hahah ;) This was a really fun box!

    1. Check out the Holiday Boxes! I think I should dip my chocolate into the ginger sauce. That sounds really good right now...

    2. I totally will! I know bespoke is having some mini black friday priced boxes too...I'm checking those out for my Dad and my fiance. Ahhh holiday sub boxes are always the best gifts ;)

    3. Oh, yeah! I'm totally going to be all over that!

  2. This box looks like so much fun! (And deliciousness.) I would probably try to take a swig right out of the hot sauce bottle too and end up regretting it, haha.

    1. I won't go near it! If hubby says it's hot, that means it's REALLY hot. For dinner yesterday he said I had to make him something he could use the hot sauce on. So tacos it was. Haha! A third of the bottle is already gone o.O