Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wantable Accessories November 2014 Review

This is my second Wantable Accessories review although it's the first for November.  How have I managed to resist this subscription for so long?  I thought I wouldn't love it but I was totally wrong.  I *do* love it!  Normally, I get the Wantable Intimates box, which I love.  But I got a coupon for 25% off and decided to use it toward an Accessories box.

The Cost: $36/month.

What You Get: Subscribers will receive four boutique accessories, handpicked by a personal stylist.

One of the best things about Wantable is that they, hands down, have the best preference system ever. When you sign up, you fill out a profile detailing your Loves, Likes and Dislikes.  You can change your mind as often as you want.  I tend to change mine every month so that I get different kinds of things in each box.  You can see what I got in last month's Accessory box right here.
Shirly Sunglasses-  These are on my Likes list and I put them on the Like list because even though its winter, I don't actually have many pairs of sunglasses.  Make that two.  That's because I wore glasses my whole life up until last year when I had Lasik surgery.  Best thing I ever did and not just because now I can wear any pair of sunglasses I want to! Yay!
These are tortiseshell cateye sunglasses and I actually love them.  They're a little big but I don't mind, they'll work and they're fun!
Value: $16
Margo Watch- Wow!  This is a pretty blingy watch.  It's silver tone which is my favorite.  My wrists are pretty tiny and the watch face takes up the whole of my arm.  It needs about 8 links taken out of it but I like it! I need a new watch and I'm happy to have received this one even if I have no idea what those three dials in the middle mean or why I have two extra pushy tabs on the side. Obviously, I don't get out much (or I use my cell phone like a watch instead!). :)  It says stainless steel on it but the watch part itself seems plasticy.
Value: $36
Lainey Scarf- A gloriously colored infinity scarf.  This is so beautiful, I just love it.  It's maybe a little bulky but it works and I can't wait to wear it out.  It's got orange, yellow, purple, brown, blue and white.  It's a real kaleidoscope of color, I must say.
Value: $21
Cate and Chloe Audrey "Princess" Necklace -  While I was surprised to see Cate and Chloe in a Wantable box, I wasn't disappointed.  I love this pendant!  My main gripe with Cate and Chloe is the poor quality of their chains and this one is no exception.  Luckily, I have ordered a silver chain online (which I got to use with another Cate and Chloe item whose chain broke) so I can use it to wear with this, too.
The circle is actually quite large being even bigger than a silver dollar.  I really do like this and wish that chain would hurry up and get here so I can wear it!
The other thing is that my insert says that this should have been a bracelet.  I wouldn't have minded either one.
Value: $99

VERDICT:  I might have to keep getting this box.  Wantable Accessories has sent me some pretty great stuff!  I will use everything in this box.  Now, I'm not sure why I got a Cate and Chloe necklace when the invoice says I should have received a Jessica pave pearl bracelet (worth $12).  And while Cate and Chloe might wish their necklace was worth $99 and that is the retail value they place on it, I wouldn't pay that much for it in a million years.  However, I would pay $30 for it and feel like I got a deal.  So, I'll say this box was worth almost $100!! And I paid $26 for it because I had a coupon from an email they sent me!  Even the regular $36 would be totally worth it for me.

If you would like to sign up for a Wantable box, you can do that right here.  You have three types of box to choose from.  Accessories and Intimates, both of which I've gotten and love, or Makeup, which I've never chosen because I have enough makeup subscriptions.  All three of these are $36/month or $40 for a one time box.
There is also a new Fitness subscription but it's a different kind.  You pay a styling fee, they send you outfits, you pick the ones you want and pay for them.  I don't like that kind of subscription so I probably will never try it.

And I almost forgot to mention that you can return your box for free if you hate everything! If you're in Canada, there's a shipping fee but in the US it's free to return your box or if you only want to return one thing, you can get a credit for that item.  I've never done that because it's usually not worth it but I have returned a whole box and it's super easy!

Have you tried any of these boxes?  What did you think?

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  1. The price on this one is always what throws me. I know it's worth it, but I feel like PopSugar is the only box that can get away with charging over $30 in my mind, and even then, I usually use a coupon and get my PS Box for $30. That being said, I LOVE how customizable their system is, which is what I think makes this so dang tempting. Also the fact that you can return it if you want to. I think it's hilarious that everything on your dislike list would be on my love list, though! haha ;) I'm VERY into Boho style...which is why I was crying hysterically over missing out on that box you reviewed not too long about with the pretty shoes (I think it was a gift card for a pair of shoes, anyway) and jewelry etc...forgot the name of it but it was like a dream box of stuff for me!

    1. oh wait, it found it! It was this box: http://www.bitsandboxes.com/2014/09/ecosalon-fair-trade-and-fabulous-fall.html

      I would sell my soul for those beautiful boho goodies! LOL

    2. Now this is a review! Witty, upbeat, honest and detailed, and helpful advice.

      The doughnut necklace is indeed not worth $99, but anyone can write anything on a price tag. If they could actually retail it for that, it would not be in a sub-box. It is chic and classy. If you must wear it immediately, you might use black macrame cord or thin leather shoelaces to make a "chain".

      Scarf: winner! Looks like a very soft sheen to the fabric. Different.

      Wantable, I just can't decide. I went to enroll, completed the profile (which almost requires a PhD in Fashionista Studies), but then my computer froze so I considered it a sign. But if W really doesn't get angry about returns and make your life a living hell with delays and mess up your charge card, like some lesser companies out there, then really there's nothing to lose...?

    3. The returns are processed right away and refunded to whatever card you used. When I returned a box, I was waiting for some kind of issue but there never was one! You can cancel any time you want right from your account. And they send great coupons! That's the only reason I got this second one, I couldn't resist a box for only $26!
      The profile is intense, isn't it!? They thought of way more qualifications than I would have.
      So basically, if you signed up but didn't order a box yet, I bet you'll get a coupon email soon! Then you can decide what you really want to do :D

    4. I did sign up. I cannot explain my actions, officer, something just compelled me. As Flip Wilson used to say, "The Devil made me do it." My crime is particularly heinous because after I went thru all the details for Accessories, I was curious about the profile for Makeup. Next thing you know... 36 X 2 = do the math! This is a tribute to their professional website, that one can get hooked just from that (and your intriguing review. I'd say you are an accomplice to the crime of fashion over-indulgence). Well, I am curious what "loot" this crime of passion will bring me, just in time for Christmas!

    5. Oh, my! I just laughed so hard!! I feel so much better because I got TWO this month, too!! And then... They sent me a coupon and I got a THIRD! Normally I wouldn't but... a coupon?! I'm still waiting for the third one to arrive. I think I won't review it because it gives too much credence to the fact that I get too many boxes. :D And their website is pretty stellar. Those profiles really suck you in because by the time you've spent half an hour filling them out, you're already invested so you might as well just get one... Or, as you discovered, get two. LOL!