Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wantable Accessories November 2014 Review

Yes, this is my second Wantable November 2014 Accessories Box.  I know what you're thinking.  But these are great boxes and I don't buy this stuff for myself at any other time.  Yes, I'm making excuses.  I also got a discount! Haha!  Still, I'll show you what I got in the box today.  You can see what I got last time in this post.

Wantable is one of my favorite subscriptions.  I also get their Intimates subscription which I looove!
December will have those leather bottomed Mukluks in the boxes!!  Eeee!!

The Cost: $36/month (or a one time box for $40)

What You Get:  Every box will have four boutique accessories completely tailored to your tastes.  A stylist will choose items for your box based on your answers.
In this box I got a gorgeous necklace, two pairs of earrings and a bracelet.  They are all silver because that is what I want.  If you don't have pierced ears, don't worry!  When you fill out your profile you just mark that.  The other awesome thing is that if you've seen something you want, you can request to get it in the Comments section when you place your order.  If they have it, they will put it in the box for you!  Isn't that great?!
Here is my list of Loves, Likes and Dislikes according to my profile.  The actual profile is a lot more indepth than this shows but this is the basic idea.  So you can see why I got the items I did.  The awesome thing about this is that you can change your Love, Likes and Dislikes as often as you want!
So for my next Accessories box, I think I will put earrings on the dislike list (so I don't get any) and move Hair Accessories to Likes and Rings to Loves, just to see what I get!
Georgina Earrings- Fun drop earrings with a geometric spike design.  I'm always a little surprised at how eclectic my tastes can be.  Normally, I wouldn't even consider earrings like this but they are actually really interesting and tasteful.  I like how they look on, too.  Not too ostentatious, so still slightly in keeping with my usual.
Value: $17

Angela Earrings- Thin, drop earrings with geometric cutouts.  These are a little larger than I'm used to.  And a little more edgy than usual for me.  But I put them on and my husband immediately noticed and said I should wear earrings like this more often.  So I guess I'll have to put them into rotation.
Value: $14
Savannah Necklace- This is my favorite thing, of course.  I'm wearing it right now for no reason.
Well, except for the reason that I love it. Haha!  It's so pretty! It's got silver and pearl beads all wrapped around a metal silver rope.  This will go perfectly with one of my party outfits and probably would make jeans and a T shirt look good :D.
Value: $32
Claire Bracelet- This is a multi-strand bracelet with square beads on two of the strands.  This is very dainty and delicate and I'm wearing this, too.  The best part about it is that it can be adjusted small enough for my wrists!  I'm going to remove the extra chain links since I don't need them.

VERDICT: I really liked this box and was glad that it was jewelry heavy.  You can see my last Accessories box review here.  You'll see how different you can make your boxes just by adjusting your profile.  I love it this way.  You can also suspend or cancel your subscription right from your account profile which is heaven when you don't want to have to fuss with emailing and hoping they get it in time.

You also will get free returns (in the US, they also ship to Canada but returns aren't free). You can either return the whole box or get a credit for sending back the items that you don't want.  I think it's easier just to return the whole box if you only like one thing, then rearrange your profile and mention in the comments that one item that you liked.  They won't guarantee you'll get it because it's based on stock on hand but you can always try.

If you'd like to sign up for a Wantable subscription, you can do that here.  They have Intimates, Makeup and Accessories.  Each one has it's own profile.  There is also a Fitness subscription but it is not like the other three.  The Fitness one makes you pay a styling fee, sends you clothes, and then you pick and pay for the ones you like.  Meh.  I don't like that kind of subscription so I probably would never do it.

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  1. I LOVE the bracelet and the geometric earrings! I normally prefer a brass/gold tone, but I do have some silver jewelry that I absolutely love. They have some nice stuff here! I'm not huge on their makeup subscription, but this one always calls to me because of the customization. I might jump on this at some point, but it's so painful when I see $36 a month when I pay $40 for popsugar (usually much less with a coupon!) so it's tough to compare them and see a value. Even so, I don't buy a TON of jewelry, so having something like this would be nice!

    1. If you haven't signed up on their website, you need to. They *regularly* send out coupons. You can sign up without getting a subscription.
      Also, they do giveaways a lot. Last time I entered one of their giveaways, they gave me a 50% off coupon just for entering (not for winning or anything but just for clicking like and posting on Twitter). I got this box for $17!

      So make an account. I should mention that in the post. I just sub and unsub because you can do it right from your account. Wait for a coupon, sign back up. It shows you the exact date you will be charged again, too, so you know just when to unsub. It's pretty genius and I love them even more for letting us do it that way.

      But yeah, $36 is a lot compared to Popsugar but then think about how you actually will get to use these items. And that you can return them if you hate them. :D