Friday, November 7, 2014

Who Loves Christmas?! Me, me, me!! And Other Thoughts!

I seriously love Christmas time.  Not only do Peppermint Mochas come out *sip* but there are pumpkin muffins, sparkles, shiny lights and lots of smiles everywhere!

I just dragged out my boxes of Christmas decorations.  Not the tree or the ornaments, though.  I have my limits. The tree doesn't get put up till the day after Thanksgiving and this year it might be the day after the day after Thanksgiving because I have some serious internet subscription box deals to be stalking.

The best part every year is putting up the new Christmas decorations.  You know, the ones I get after Christmas for 50% off and such.  Most of the time I don't even remember what I got at that point so it's like getting Christmas presents early when I unwrap the paper (seriously, Pier 1 Imports is hardcore about their wrapping jobs).


I did want to toss in a congratulatory note to the winners of my last two giveaways!

Congratulations, Ellie M. on winning the Andrea Schroder Specialty Gift Box!!  She chose Coconut Sunshine and Vanilla Teak for her candle scents.

The winner of Memebox' Haul of Fame giveaway was Fellica H. and Memebox sent her my stash picks with her choice of the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream shade!  Hooray!

Keep your eye out for more giveaways!  I will be giving away a Memebox x Pony Palette very soon.
I've also got something VERY special planned with Kawaii Box!  If you love adorable things, you're gonna love this giveaway!

Life in General
I'm going to be upgrading my computer very soon.  That usually means something will break and I'll need even more new parts but here's hoping this is the one time I don't have to cry under my desk when I can't get everything to work properly.  If anyone has had to build their own computer, you know what I'm talking about.  I've built all of mine since the late 90's but something always seems to go wrong each time and I have to make ten thousand more trips and buy more parts than I was expecting.  I'm going to be upgrading to Windows 8, too.  Yay!

First World Problems?
I've been really grumpy with Petbox lately.  My last three boxes have been late and now the last two have had the same items in them.  I contacted them and they are sending me replacements (again) but I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with nearly 300 poop bags!  I haven't even done reviews on the boxes because I get annoyed just looking at them!  Plus, they've been the same so it would be basically repeating reviews.  I'm hoping this time everything gets figured out and next months box is on time and full of new stuff.

Thank you!
I just wanted to thank you all for reading my posts!  It has now been nine months since I started doing this and I'm super excited about hitting over 500 Twitter and Instagram followers!  These stats make it so I'm able to provide better and more awesome giveaways for you, my wonderful readers!  Keep your eyes open because there are two coming up and they aren't the only ones!


  1. Congrats on the follower stats!!! :D

    (also I laughed really hard at the 300 poop bags hahahahahha)

    1. Seriously. Poop bags and fish skins. Yuck. Although I'm sure one will lead to needing the other...
      And thank you! I still can't believe it :)

  2. Yay! Great job and congrats on hitting half a thousand followers! I'm totally looking forward to hot chocolate and pine needles too :) And sorry to hear about your Petbox woes, my 3-month sub was up so I ended up cancelling because I kept getting treats from the same companies. But 300 extra poop bags! Haha. It's like how mommies always say you can't have enough diapers; I think the same goes for dog mommies and poop bags!

    1. Thanks, lady! Petbox does have some nice things and I think I judged a little harshly on my first two snack boxes because they contained the same products as the free box. Which means the free box was really good, right? :D I do wish they had a better brand variety, as it seems like Aussie Naturals pops up in every box. Then again, I guess I don't really know because my last two boxes were the same. And so were the two before that. I think I know how it happened, though, and I think it's fixed so we'll see how this month turns out.
      Hah!! My problem is where to store all these poop bags! Especially since I already had several rolls. Now, I have 14 rolls in the house! Gah!

  3. Hooray for upgrading your computer! I used to build my own, but the last couple times I've just bought a laptop and used it as-is - gasp. If the Windows 8 interface confuses the crap out of you (as it did me when I first got it), I recommend installing Classic Shell to make it feel more Windows-like. :P

    1. *gasp* indeed! I just can't make that switch. I do have a tablet, though, which I take with me on trips. I can't give up my desktop because I like to play games :D. And yes, I think I'll need the Classic Shell, just to make me feel better about all the changes. Urgh. Not looking forward to that installation, though...