Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Golden Tote Mystery Tote! A Once Yearly Opportunity!

If you are new to Golden Tote or want to get a great deal while getting a good idea of the kind of clothing they send each month, now is your chance!

For $60 you will get a Mystery Tote with four items in it.  They will each have ONE past item that could be "chosen" when you purchased a tote, ONE Puella item and TWO past "surprise" items.

Keep in mind that if you regularly purchase Golden Totes, you are likely to receive items that you have gotten before.

If you buy multiple totes, there is a high chance for repeats.

The Puella item is worth the cost of the tote and was designed specifically for the Mystery Tote.  I'm guessing this would mean that multiple totes would mean multiple of this item.

All totes have been PRE-CURATED.  This means that your style choices and profile will not be taken into account.

SALE BEGINS JAN. 5!!  On January 5th, Extra Small totes will go on sale.  January 6, Small totes will go on sale.  January 7th- Medium Totes and January 8th- the Large.

You can only purchase 2 Mystery Totes at a time.  They suggest going with your top size and if you are in between, size up.
That's good because I don't want jeans or anything like that.

I'm actually thinking I may do this.  Just for fun...  But I think they do charge shipping which will make the bag around $70.  And I really don't like much of their clothes so maybe I shouldn't... Hmm...

Check out Golden Tote to get an idea of their style.

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Boxycharm January 2015 Spoilers! Think Tarte!

It's not only a new year, it's a new month and that means it's time for new spoilers! Yay!  Here are two January 2015 Boxycharm spoilers for you.  Well, one spoiler and one spoiler hint.

Boxycharm is probably my most makeup-centric box so it's hard to give up.  I get more makeup in these boxes than any other one I get.  It's hard to give up because of that.  And with the hint of a spoiler that came out today...  I know I want this box!

The Cost: $21/month

What You Get: Full size and luxury size beauty samples of the best beauty products from popular and chic brands.  Anything from nail care and  hair products to the top skin care and cosmetics.

Spoiler Time!
First up is the Mirabella Prime Face and Eye Primer.  I have a primer I love but I'm not opposed to trying new ones. I like to try primers and BB creams all the time.  You never know when that perfect one will appear and become an HG.  I'm still looking for mine.
Foundation glides on and stays put! Infuse your skin with Vitamin E while minimizing the appearance of large pores and fine lines.  and fine lines.
Silky, smooth, clear formula primer slides on the skin creating the perfect base for any Mirabella foundation.
Avoid lash-line, use sparingly.

Now for the spoiler hint!
Everyone will be getting a Full Size Tarte product in their box!  I love Tarte and I love getting full sizes!  Can't wait to see what it is!

What do you think?  Wait until Jan 1st to subscribe if you want the January box.  Sign up here when you are ready!

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My Favorite Things from 2014!

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by!  I've been having so much fun experimenting with new things, buying new subscription boxes, and getting out of my makeup comfort zone.  With all the stuff I've received I decided to narrow down to my top ten favorite items from this year.

Since I get a lot of boxes, that's a lot of things to wade through but I took on the challenge and dug through my stashes.

The main thing is "Am I Using It?"  I can't love something I never use can I?  So it must have longevity.  After looking at everything it seems that I really like simple, easy to use, non-fussy items. I don't have to be a genius to use any of these. I don't have to have loads of money (with one exception) and I can easily find or get more of any of these if I need to.  Hooray for low maintenance!

In no particular order, let's begin!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Beauty Test Tube January 2015 Review plus Get 30% Off!

Super happy to see my New Beauty Test Tube in it's bright pink box on my porch today!  It's early, I guess, since it's the January 2015 tube but I'm totally okay with that!  This month was guaranteed six brand new items plus extras.  These boxes usually take awhile to get to me because they ship from Florida and I'm in Seattle.
New Beauty Test Tube is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends a variety of beauty and skincare products in both full and luxury sample sizes.  This month has eight items and they barely fit into the tube!
Yes, it really does come in a tube!  It's a nice fat sturdy tube and I actually cut mine down (it's a big tube) and keep my pens and pencils in one.  I'm debating using this one for my brushes.  It's nice because I can just toss it when it gets dirty.

The Cost: $29.95/bi-monthly plus $8.95 shipping.

What You Get: You will receive a TestTube filled with deluxe and full-size products from the hottest beauty brands. Members will also receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine, delivered quarterly.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ipsy January 2015 Sneak Peek #1

Ipsy's January 2015 Sneak Peek #1 is out!  Every Ipsy subscriber will receive a Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow! Highly pigmented natural mineral eye shadows infused with coconut for a velvety-rich, nearly cream-like creaseless finish.

I cant find specific information on these eyeshadows, maybe they are new?!  I see MYSTICAL SUPERNATURAL EYE SHADOW PALETTE and maybe that's the same thing?

The two colors I think are shown are:

Opal- Opalescent pinkish-white perfect for highlighting and creating a natural look.  Use on brow bones, inner eye and even as a liner.

Celestial- Creamy dreamy beige with a little bright pearl ideal for lids and highlights.

What do you think?  Same shadows?

If you want to sign up for Ipsy, do so as soon as possible.  The waitlist can be killer so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you get off the list.

See the official spoiler HERE!

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New England Sack December 2014 Review and Coupon Code!

The New England Sack December 2014 arrived today and I had to get into it immediately.  This is a new subscription box and this is the first month I've subscribed so I was really excited to see what kinds of things would be sent for the holiday month.
There is a special place in my heart of boxes of handmade, regional items.  I absolutely love the unique variety of items that you won't find anywhere else.  It makes for a truly special surprise each month.  New England Sack comes in a box but actually does have a sack of goodies inside!

The Cost: $35/month

What You Get: Five to six thoughtfully curated, handmade and artisan items from the New England area.  Expect anything from food products to home goods.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Memebox I'm Lipstick and I'm Lip Crayon Swatches and Review

I haven't seen a whole lot of reviews out there on the new Memebox Beauty makeup.  Since I've managed to snag both an I'm Lipstick and an I'm Lip Crayon, I'll put this out there for those who are trying to figure out if they want to take the plunge.

First, I must admit to a hefty dose of skepticism.  Memebox has been a little off kilter these last couple months with so few box releases and wave after wave of Memebranded items.
Second, I have to also admit to having had a change of heart after trying these two lip products.  One of these, the I'm Lip Crayon in Chloe was sent to me as a "Thank You" gift for participating in the Haul of Fame back in October.

I was, of course, curious so I immediately tried it out.  And fell head over freaking heels in love.  Oh, the pigmentation!  The formula!  The moisturizing powers of this crayon!

Loot Crate January 2014 Theme Reveal and Coupon Code!

The January 2015 Loot Crate theme has been announced!!  The theme is REWIND and it's taking you back in time!  I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about it!!  Since Star Wars was in theatres when I was seven years old.  And because I love Star Wars.  The old, GOOD Star Wars!  Who else wishes that rumor of the original being re-released was true?  /sigh

The Cost: $13.37/month + shipping (Loot Crate ships to a LOT of countries)

What You Get:  Awesome gamer/geek loot! Sometimes T-shirts (like this month!) Plenty of comment inducing collectibles to surround your computer desk with, all delivered right to your door. You don't even have to go out to get it! Well, except to the mailbox.

Anyway! Loot Crate!  Here's what they have to say:

With the start of 2015 upon us we wanted the first crate of the new year to celebrate the geek and gaming icons of the past. 
Join us as we REWIND and give you EXCLUSIVE items from Star Wars & Voltron

That's not all, we are also bringing you some epic geek apparel, including an exclusive & licensed shirt, so you can kick off the new year in style! 

Finally get ready to decorate your desk with an awesome retro gaming-inspired mashup figure!

I'll say one thing right off the bat, I'm happy that we will get a licensed T-shirt instead of a mashup!
Not that I didn't love the Zelda one (srsly, loved it!) buuuut I'd like something licensed every once in awhile, too.

If you'd like to sign up for Loot Crate, you still have time to get this box!  Sign up here and make sure to  use code NEWS3 to save $3 on any new subscription!

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ipsy December 2014 Review ~ Brave Soul

Ipsy December 2014 initial spoilers were very good so I wasn't surprised that I ended up liking my bag so much when my Glam Room opened up.  The bag is also super cute.  A shiny black with a pink zipper and heart shaped tag.  I always prefer the bags that have a formed bottom and will actually sit up like this one does.
If you've been looking for a fun, cheap way to get a little makeup and maybe a little skincare sent to you each month, Ipsy is a great way to get it.  You're not going to get luxury materials but you will get fun, usable make up to try every month along with a cute makeup bag.
Ipsy is a fun, affordable way to get a box of (random) beauty supplies delivered to your door. There's a pretty great range of cosmetics you'll get in the course of a subscription. I kind of can't believe all the stuff I've gotten.

The Cost: $10/month.

What You Get: Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.

Boxycharm December 2014 Jingle Belles Review

My December 2014 Boxycharm arrived the day after Christmas.  It was like an extension of gifting!
I can't lie, I've been anxious to get this box because of the Coastal Scents Revealed palette that was one of the spoilers.  I actually have very little makeup mostly due to a massive purge I just did.  I got rid of my anciently old stuff, stuff I don't use, stuff that looked dirty, etc.  I made a lot of space for NEW stuff!  Boxycharm is here to fill my makeup void!  I think that Boxycharm is my most makeup heavy subscription and I like that.
This Jingle Belles box is a lot of fun!  There's a pretty great variety this month.  I didn't know what all the products were going to be but I'm happy with what was included.

The Cost: $21/month

What You Get: Full size and luxury size beauty samples of the best beauty products from popular and chic brands. Anything from nail care and hair products to the top skin care and cosmetics.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Glossybox 20% Off Coupon Code!

Get 20% off at
Get 20% off your Glossybox subscription with code GLOSSY2014!  Expires 12/31

The Cost: $21/month.

What You Get: 5 Luxury deluxe size samples from well-known and emerging beauty brands.

I believe you will get the December box if you sign up now.  Here is what it contains:
Tony & Guy Prep Leave In Conditioner
Nuxe Mask Crème Fraiche
Ciate Mini Nail Polish
Bella Pierre Lipstick
Rituals Hand Therapy Scrub

All are very nice sizes, too!  Now, I'm not positive about the December box.  You may start with January.  It depends on if December is sold out yet or not.

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ScentBird Perfume Subscription Review Plus 50% Off Coupon!

Scentbird is a subscription box for fragrance lovers!  With Scentbird, you can choose your perfume from a catalog of over 350 authentic luxury perfume.  This is a great way to get your favorite scents for a reasonable price and in a completely portable size!  This box was sent to me for review purposes.  I've never considered a fragrance subscription before but this has actually intrigued me!

The Cost: $14.95/month.

What You Get: Each month you will receive an 8 ml purse spray in a luxury perfume of your choice.

Fabfitfun 50% off Coupon Code for Winter 2014 Box!

50% Your First FabFitFun VIP Box

Fabfitfun has the best coupon I've ever seen running for their VIP Winter 2014 box!!  Get 50% off your first box (that makes your box only $25!!).

Use code OMG to get 50% off!

The Cost: $49.95/quarterly

What You Get: Over $200 in full size, premium products in  Beauty, Wellness, Fitness and Fashion categories.  In the case of this Winter Box, its over $300!

If you want to see what you will get, you can read my review right here.  It's insanely worth it!

And heres a picture:

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Popsugar $30 off Coupon on 3 Month Sub or Special Edition!

Save $30 on the gift you really wanted!
Popsugar has had some great coupon codes this December!

Now you can get a 3 month subscription for only $79.85 instead of $109.85!!  


You can get a Special Edition for Her for $70!!!  That is enough to make me want to buy another one just because I love the blanket so much!!  Personally I can't even believe they have any of these left because the contents are so good!

Just use code NEWYEAR when you check out!

Here's a photo:
The only thing that really makes me hesitate on getting another one is that the other items aren't something I really need as duplicates.  BUT I could use them as gifts throughout the year or save them for next Christmas.  Haha!  I do start collecting new stocking stuffer items pretty much immediately.  It's way better to take a year to get them than to scramble at the last minute!

So if you want to sign up for Popsugar or if you waited this long for a good coupon, here you are!

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Blind Surprise Half Off Subscription Coupon!

Blind Surprise is offering a great coupon if you've been eyeing them for awhile but haven't taken the plunge!

The Cost: $25/monthly.

What You Get: Get a unique gift shipped right to your doorstep that fits your interests.

Get 50% off your subscription with code 2015!!  Don't forget to fill out your interests profile!

Your first box will come in January.

Check out Blind Surprise or sign up for a monthly subscription right here!

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, Dear Readers!

May your days be merry and bright and your holidays packed with fun and family!

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve spent with my family.  If you've ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that will give you an idea of what these gatherings are like.  All those Greeks in one room really raise the decibel level.  My husband can never believe the insanity of our family get-togethers.

I, on the other hand, had no idea that there were families who didn't shout at the top of their lungs and hold five different conversations with 8 different people at the same time.  That isn't normal??  And of course, there's so much food there isn't enough table, counter and coffee table space to hold it all and you pretty much have to roll yourself out like Veruca Salt the Blueberry in the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory tale.

My poor husband.  His family is not huge, crazy and loud.  They are more into genteel conversations and cheese platters with wine.  It's much easier for me to adapt to his family than for him to adapt to mine.  I think he gets lost in all the loud conversation!  Haha!

This morning we will be with his parents, opening stockings.  All the stuff I've hoarded for so long will be put to good use.  My MIL will be so thrilled with her goodies.  We will have cinnamon rolls and orange juice with our presents and then a prime rib dinner.  I can't wait!

After that, we will make our way to the home of DH's best friend from childhood and celebrate there with more food and gifts.  I may even get up the nerve to karaoke with their family (and with a Las Vegas showgirl and a Hollywood singer and actress- there is PLENTY of personality and talent).

It's truly a long, festive, exhausting day but is always so full of fun and memories.

I wish you the same happiness and exhaustion!  Have a beautiful (white or green) Christmas Day and remember the special times that these holidays commemorate and continue to bring.

Hugs to all!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Popsugar December 2014 Coupon Code

 Popsugar New Coupon Code December 2014
There's a new code out for the monthly Popsugar subscription!  Use code FASHION15 to get $15 off your first box!

If you are more interested in the Holiday Special Editions, use SPECIAL15 to get $15 off a Special Edition Holiday for Her or Holiday for Him box.
The Holiday for Her box is amazing and I was soooo close to buying another one until I just splurged on a Lela Rose dress...

Here's a photo of my box and you can read the full review right here.
I've been SO happy with the codes Popsugar has been releasing!  It makes these boxes even more affordable.

I don't know if you will get the December Box or the January Box if you sign up now.  It's possible December is sold out?  You can see the review of the December box here.

Either way, $15 off is the way to go!

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Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014

My Winter 2014 Walmart Beauty Box finally got here!  I've been anxious for it ever since my mom called and said she'd already received hers.  I got charged a few days later and voila! Here is my box!
This box comes out four times a year and is full of beauty and skincare samples.

The Cost: $5 in shipping.  The box is free!

What You Get: Whatever is new in the land of beauty!  Walmart favorites and trusted beauty brands.
Pretty thrilled with my box!  For $5 this is a fun and affordable way to try new things and dip your toes into some products from reliable brands.  My box turned out to be different than my moms and different from the boxes I've seen so far.

Memebox Update: New Boxes and New Pony Palette Now Available (Plus Coupons)

 Memebox x Pony Palette 2

Memebox has released their second Shine Easy Glam Palette with Pony from Pony's Beauty Diary.
The first palette was beautiful (I own it!) and I love the colors.  Now that I see this second one, I really want this, too!  Pinky neutrals? Yes!

It's $20 and ships Internationally from Korea or to the USA from the USA hub in San Francisco.

Here are the awesome colors and their names;
You can pick this up HERE at  Make sure you use a coupon! If you spend $30 you can get $5 off with codes: ENFWEK or S96QL3.  These codes are only good for December so use them while you can!


Memebox also has two new Memeboxes available!!  The Winter Essentials Mask box and the Boxing Day Special #1!
 Memebox Winter Essentials Masks
Of the two new boxes, this Winter Essentials box is my favorite.  I've really enjoyed the Memebox Masks boxes and they usually have great products in them.

Here's what Memebox says about it:

This box, full of winter’s essential masks, caters to all winter skincare needs. Each mask is formulated with unique potent ingredients designed to nourish the skin cells and instantly restore lost radiance. Hydrate, renew, and revitalize the skin for noticeably smoother, velvety, younger-looking skin! 

I think that sounds good to me!  It's $23 plus shipping and you can snag it right here!  Because it ships immediately, you do not have an opportunity to cancel.  Usually you have up until 5 days before the box ships but that doesn't apply because this ships right away.  It's the same with restocks.

Actually,  here's what's in the box!

 Memebox wintwinter mask essentials unboxing
Pretty good box, if I do say so myself!

 Memebox Boxing Day #1 Box
Also up for grabs is the NEW Boxing Day Special #1!  The blurb indicates that there will be a few more in this series.  Be aware that there may be repeats in this box from other boxes (but NOT CutiePieMarzia 2, thankfully.  We've seen enough of those).  So in that respect, it *may* be like a Luckybox but we won't know until it arrives!


And on another note, I wanted to share with you an awesome Memebox product that I got!  Now, I was skeptical when it came to the Memebox brand.  It's possible you were, too.  

I am here to tell you that every lip product I have tried has absolutely ROCKED!  Gorgeous, pigmented, smooth, hydrating perfection!  Shocked?  So was I!  Now I'm hooked!
This is the Memebox I'm Lipstick in Spirited Red.  It is drop dead gorgeous.  Seriously.  I've now purchased two more colors and the blush to try out.

So if you are trying to get to $30 to get free USA shipping or to be able to use your $5 coupon, pop one of these babies in the cart.  Absolutely worth it, for sure!

I also got the I'm LipCrayon in Chloe as a "thank you" gift for participating in the Haul of Fame.  It is also spectacularly pigmented and pure perfection.  HOWEVER!! I will warn you that the I'm LipCrayon in Chloe and the I'm Lipstick in Spirited Red are for all intents the identical color.  I have both.  It's possible that the I'm LipCrayon *might* be the tiniest bit darker but it's so close that I'm going to have to say it's the same.  The main difference now that I've swatched them on my hand next to eachother, is that the LipCrayon is more glossy/shiny.  The lipstick is more matte.

That makes your decision easier, get one or the other :)

So there you have it!  New boxes, actually fantastic Memebox lip products and the new Pony Palette!!

Check out my Memebox Deals and Coupons Page for all the coupon details!

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Nerd Block Classic December 2014 Review

Nerd Block is a Canadian company that ships boxes full of nerdy toys and gear to your door.  This review is for the December 2014 Classic box but they have several available to choose from including ones for kids.
I had cancelled my Nerd Block subscription but when I saw there would be a Willow signed print, I had to sign back up again because a)I love Willow b)DH loves Willow and c)anything Willow related is subsequently awesome.  So, sign up I did!

The Cost: $19.99/month plus shipping ($9.50 to the US)

What You Get: A monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectibles! Every Nerd Block comes with a custom t-shirt (in your size) and 4-6 epic items for you to tear into!

One thing I wish that Nerd Block did was provide an info card.  At least explaining why they chose some of the things but they don't.

Quarterly Rosario Dawson #18902 Review!

My Quarterly Rosario Dawson #18902 arrived today.  Since it was scheduled to arrive Friday I was pretty surprised.  Also, thrilled!  This was THE BIGGEST box ever.  Seriously huge.  There was no hiding this box on my porch.  It would have needed the entire block of mailboxes.  Giant.  There's also 31 items in this box so this post is going to be pretty photo heavy.
This box was originally designed to have an Advent Calendar feel.  It was supposed to ship at the end of November and then you would "open" one item from the box each day.  Obviously, even if it had shipped in November, I wouldn't have been able to wait and would have dug in immediately.
However, I totally appreciate that concept and it gives clarity to many of the items included in this box.  This box was absolutely planned with a stocking stuffer/advent calender vibe and is so perfect for the holidays.
I had the hardest time getting everything in the photo.  There is SO much!  And I kept accidentally leaving things out and having to add them and retake the picture.

The Cost: $50/quarterly

What You Get: A box of items hand-chosen by Rosario Dawson in Stories, Fashion and Culture categories.  All designed to inspire thought and creativity.

Get ready for a photo onslaught, here they come!

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Kitchen Box December 2014 Review- The Celebration Box! Plus $10 Off Coupon!

I signed up for A Kitchen Box in the beginning of December after deciding I'd like a little practical function in my boxes for a bit.  I'm exploring boxes beyond beauty for the next two months and I'm really excited to share what I've found.
This is the December 2014 Celebration Box and I'm actually really excited about what was sent to me this month!
The Cost: $30/month

What You Get: A box curated with a specific theme in mind, introducing you to new artisans, products, concepts, and pairings. A featured recipe, artisan food product, something useful, free music for your kitchen playlist, art postcard, and kitchen wisdom.

Tique Box December 2014 Winter Party Gift Box

Tique Box is the perfect box if you want to discover unique, handcrafted goods.  Tique Box finds the hidden gems, packages the up and presents them to you each month.  This box was complimentary, sent to me for review purposes.  It is no longer available but will give you an idea of what you can expect to find in your monthly Tique Box.

I have been very impressed with the curation of these boxes over the last few months.  Supporting small businesses and hometown artisans is a wonderful endeavor and I love to see so many women owned companies represented.  This box is a true labor of love for the co-founders and they take great pride in finding the best and most authentically Portland items to send to you.
As a Pacific Northwesterner, I can really relate to the items that make it into these Tique Boxes.  It's funny because I know we have a reputation for being very free spirited, independent and quirky. With an understandable amount of granola thrown in.  I don't deny it, I embrace it!  Plus as a Seattleite, I'm bound to say that most of the granola bits come from that Portland area anyway.  Nothing wrong with granola, it makes for some creative minds and gifts!

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: A box full of carefully curated local products and crafts- made exclusively by Portland artisans.  Experience the fun and quirkiness that is Portland and get to know some of the creative minds behind the products included.

Loot Crate December 2014 Anniversary Review and Coupon Code!

At first I thought it was called Anniversary because it was Loot Crates anniversary but no, it's because the contents are celebrating anniversaries.  The December 2014 Loot Crate celebrates Tetris' turns 30 and so does Ghostbusters.  The Simpsons are 25 and Marvel has now been around for 75 years!  I'm getting old because I remember when Tetris, Ghostbusters and the Simpsons came out. Luckily, I can't say the same for Marvel.

The Cost: $13.37/month + shipping (Loot Crate ships to a LOT of countries)

What You Get:  Awesome gamer/geek loot! Sometimes T-shirts (like this month!) Plenty of comment inducing collectibles to surround your computer desk with, all delivered right to your door. You don't even have to go out to get it! Well, except to the mailbox.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Allure Sample Society January 2015 Spoiler #1

It's a new box year and Allure Sample Society has released their first spoiler for the January 2015 box! Sample Society gets great brands, good sized samples and is a reasonable price.  I really like it and though there has been a dud box or two, last months (December) was spectacular!  You can see the review here.

The Cost: $15/month

What You Get: Five deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products, as well as fragrance. You'll also receive $10 gift card to redeem on any $50 Beauty Bar purchase every month.

Here's your spoiler!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Stick in a Box December 2014 Review- That's a Whole Lotta Meat! Plus Coupon Code.

Stick in a Box is a beef jerky subscription with a fun sense of humor and a crapton of delicious awesomeness.  It seems like each box is better than the last!

I have been introduced to some pretty awesome jerkies through this subscription and it's been a blast getting a box each month.  Sure, there's a little battle of wills at times, fighting over who gets the last piece of a jerky or two but it's worth it!
This is, I think, my fifth Stick in a Box of jerky and so far every box has contained new brands. Apparently there's a lot of jerkies out there, hidden in out of the way places, just waiting to be found by my (and your) tastebuds.  So far, my favorite beef jerky has been a Crazy Horse that I received in my October box.

The Cost: $35/month or less with a longer subscription

What You Get: At least 3 bags of jerky plus sticks and slabs from both name brands, and small batch companies, in traditional and out of this world flavors.