Monday, December 22, 2014

A Kitchen Box December 2014 Review- The Celebration Box! Plus $10 Off Coupon!

I signed up for A Kitchen Box in the beginning of December after deciding I'd like a little practical function in my boxes for a bit.  I'm exploring boxes beyond beauty for the next two months and I'm really excited to share what I've found.
This is the December 2014 Celebration Box and I'm actually really excited about what was sent to me this month!
The Cost: $30/month

What You Get: A box curated with a specific theme in mind, introducing you to new artisans, products, concepts, and pairings. A featured recipe, artisan food product, something useful, free music for your kitchen playlist, art postcard, and kitchen wisdom.

The first thing in the box is the information card.  It carefully details everything you will receive in the box and on the back has a note from the curators.  Since December is full of parties, they've prepared a box to help you navigate hosting your own and celebrating in style.
First up is an item I believe is found in every A Kitchen Box box.  A flour sack towel!  Laugh all you want but I'm totally loving this.  Flour sack towels are my absolute favorite and they aren't exactly easy to find.  When I see them I buy several.  Getting one every month would be pretty sweet.  Plus then I can ditch all my ugly ones.
Vincent Family Dried Cranberries-  These are sweetened with apple juice and are cultivated in Oregon just off the Pacific Coast.  They say this makes for a sweeter cranberry with a richer flavor.  I think they're delicious!  I can't wait to use these.  I'll use the recipe included for Cranberry Champagne Jam with these dried cranberries.  I plan to use the jam as an accompaniment for our cheese platter on Christmas Day.
Whole Spice Star Anise- I don't have this spice so I'm happy to have it. Plus I adore anise. Mmm! This Star Anise is necessary to one of the included recipes which I've already made.  Yes! I made the Star Anise and Cranberry Simple Syrup already and love it!
Stemless Champagne Flutes-  These are nice glass champagne flutes.  They were packed perfectly in the box and arrived with no issues.  I don't have any glasses like these so they are a welcome addition to my collection.

33 Bottles of Champagne Notebook by 33 Books-  This is for noting down everything you think about the champagnes you've tasted so that you remember which ones you want to buy again.  Or for you to brag about your awesome palette and what you've tasted to others.  This is not for me since I don't particularly care for champagne but will make a great addition to a gift for a friend who does love it.
I actually did make the Star Anise Cranberry Spritzer!  We will be using it on Christmas Day for our Signature Drink.  The Star Anise *makes* this.  I love it!  Notice my flour sack towel!
My champagne flutes!  One Celebration Spritzer with Star Anise and Cranberry Simple Syrup and one with just a couple cranberries.
Since this box is all about the Celebration there are three recipes cards that all deal with cranberries. Star Anise and Cranberry Simple Syrup, Celebration Spritzer and Cranberry Champagne Jam.  All three of these recipes are timely and I've made two of them.  The Jam will be made tomorrow.  The recipes are printed on heavy cardstock with beautiful photos.
Also included in the box is a postcard commemorating the box.  That is what the bowl of cranberries is- a post card.
This box has SO much stuff in it!  It's not just products but other things as well.  My favorite thing is the Perfect Party Cheese Plate tutorial.  It gives nine tips on how to pick your cheeses, how many to have, what to compliment them with, and even how to arrange the on the platter.
Since cheese is kind of a big deal around here, this is a helpful guide!

It also includes some free music downloads to listen to while you are cooking for the maximum Kitchen Experience. Haha!  I don't listen to music so these aren't really my thing but my MIL always has her music on in the kitchen.  I might be the abnormal one here.

In case you are peering at the recipe cards because you want to see how to make these, I took pictures for you.
Cranberry Champagne Jam
Star Anise and Cranberry Simple Syrup and the Spritzer
VERDICT:  This A Kitchen Box is such a fun box!  I'll use everything included except the music downloads. Curation-wise this box is absolute perfection for me.  I got a lot of enjoyment out of this box and the recipes included worked out SO well.  I love this box.  I'm staying subscribed to see what next month hold.

It appears that the goal of A Kitchen Box is to give you a full sensory experience with each box containing elements designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen: featured recipe, artisan food product, something useful, free music for your kitchen playlist, art postcard, kitchen wisdom, donation on your behalf, creative packaging, and free shipping.

If you would like to subscribe to A Kitchen Box, you can do that on their website here.  Also, if you didn't notice the coupon code, I'm here for you!  Use WELCOME10 to get $10 off your first A Kitchen Box!


  1. Love this box idea. Will definitely be giving for Christmas. They have E Gift Certificates.

  2. Those drinks look so festive! I love cranberries too, so I'm sure I could be coaxed to have a couple. ;) This box seems really well-curated.