Thursday, December 18, 2014

Barkbox December 2014 Happy Pawlidays Review + Get 10% Off!

Barkbox has it all figured out.  The December 2014 box has everything you need to make your dog happy.  My dogs didn't want me to take pictures for this review so that they could make off with their new treats and toys.
They don't have to wait for Christmas for their goodies.  There's too many dogs around on Christmas Day and we don't need them fighting over who gets the bully stick or who is going to be the one to rip the eyes out of whichever toy first.
The Cost: $29.99/month, less with a longer subscription. Get 10% off with this link!

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

This box is the Small Dog box.

Simply Fido Penguin-  This penguin has a crinkly body and no stuffing! Yay! No mess!  Bugsy loves crinkly toys and he's been playing with this one.  Actually, he's playing with the squeaker he found inside of it.  My dog is so weird.
Value: $12

Safemade Holiday Tartan Bandana-  This is actually too small for my dogs but that's okay because I'm giving it to our chihuahua friend.  She'll probably hate wearing it but that doesn't mean she won't look cute!
Value: $5

Quaker Elf- This is hilarious.  So, Bugsy grabbed this one first and ran off with it.  When he brought it back for me to throw for him, it was missing an arm and a leg.  Well, I found the arm and leg. Unharmed and attached as one piece.  It looks like I could put him back together again if I could shove the foot back through the armhole and pull it out the leg hole.  Right now the toy is much too slobbery.  Later, maybe.
Value: $7
Butcher's Block Bones 6" Trachea- A huge beef trachea.  Dexter started crying when I wouldn't give it to him.  He has to wait.  This is made from Nebraska beef and slow roasted for ultimate dog enjoyment.
Value: $2

Polka Dog Sfizis: Lucky Duck Recipe-  I love it when we get duck treats.  Both dogs can eat them without issues.  These are little hard training treats.  I like it that they don't crumble in your pocket. They're also in a nice portable container, too. 
Value: $6

Here are the boys being ChristmasRats.  Bugsy with Acrobat elf and Dexter reluctantly wearing the bandana (which is hanging on for dear life).

VERDICT: A perfectly pawsome holiday Barkbox!  One more great box in a long string of them. Seriously, Barkbox is famous for a reason.  They know what they're doing and they do it well.  They remain my favorite dog box still.  Great toys, fantastic variety both in toys types and treats and wonderful customer service.  If you get a toy inappropriate for your dog (too big, too small) you can contact them and they will make it right!  What's not to love?!

I love Barkbox because they give my dogs things I would never think of.  Like that cornucopia from last months box?  I need more of those.  My dogs LOVE those little fruits.  I've been getting these boxes since May and there's only been one box that has been a little boring.  One.  That's it.  Those are some ridiculously good boxes, I'm telling you.

At first, I didn't get Barkbox because I thought it was too expensive and, hey, I can just buy my own dog stuff.  But Barkbox is a good deal for what you pay and it's one less trip to the pet store.  Not only that but they get unique toys that you can't get anywhere else.  Plus, Barkbox has supplied us with some of the most favorite toys my dogs have ever had.  Bugsy still plays with a little rubber raspberry that I never would have even looked at twice if it was hanging on the pet store shelf.  So, it's pretty awesome and I'll probably get a Barkbox for a long, long time.

If you'd like to try out Barkbox, you can get 10% off with my referral link.  You can also find Barkbox deals on Groupon! If you use Ebates, you'll get $4 back on your subscription purchase at, too!

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  1. I had to cancel my sub because I have a teacup/toy size dog and it seems the box is the same for all sizes, even though you're asked your pet's size when signing up. The bone is this month's box is probably larger than my dog :o(

    1. Even the Tiny box for under ten pounds had stuff all too big?! They should eliminate that category if they can't fulfill it. Did you contact them about it? They have a new program in place called Scouts Honor where if something doesn't work for you, they'll find something that will and you don't even have to send the original stuff back!
      Still, it's a legit reason to cancel, I hope you left feedback. I'm not sure of I know of another dogbox that has a Tiny category either :(. What kind of dog do you have?

    2. I have a chi, not a teacup, but 10 pounds. Still that is small. I had a fabulous time with "Dr. D's Pet Box". This lady is a veterinarian and seems to do these pet packages as a side hobby rather than a big business. I actually wrote her all about my dog and her likes and dislikes and everything was always suitable, particularly chew and fluffy toys on the small side, mini-balls, and very dainty treats. I am now trying Barkbox because I just thought I should give my dog some variety for the new year. However, any dog owner with specialized needs, especially those fragile teacups, might like Dr. D as she probably is the only truly "personalized" dog box service around.

    3. Good to know! I should look into Dr. D's just to see what the boxes are like! Tonya, you should check it out!

  2. That's hilarious that the arm and leg are all one piece. How weird. I can't justify getting my dog (40 lb boarder collie/black lab) one of these sub boxes because she destroys all toys in under an hour - got to get to the speaker heart, right? I get her toys at the dollar store so I don't have to bear the sight of her throwing my money down the toilet.

    1. Yeah, I do admit that my dogs destroy toys. I've come to the same conclusion as you, it's inevitable. Unless it's a Kong or something rubbery like that. But my dogs are only 15lbs so maybe a bigger dog can destroy those, too.
      I've discovered only one cloth kind of toy that takes a long time (months) to be destroyed and its a Tuffy brand. Has to be level 9 or 10, though. The problem is that they are ridiculously expensive. I use to get toys fairly cheap. It's never even occurred to me to check a dollar store!

  3. Smart of them to make removable arms/legs on the elf. At least that way it's harder to dismember him unless the furries pull at the arm and leg at the same time! I love all the boxes we've gotten too, but ever since I began paying $5 shipping per box it's getting kinda expensive. I think I'll have to RELUCTANTLY take a break after this cycle and put the money toward the wedding budget instead. *sad face* Then I'll enjoy Barkbox vicariously through you until I can afford to start up my sub again :)

    1. Boy, Hawaii has the worst luck, doesn't it?! I totally agree with wedding budget being more important :D

  4. I'm signed up for the big dog box, my Mollie is right at 50lbs. We got the bandana and if I roll it once it's the perfect size. Our toy was a Yule log! I cracked up when i saw it! Molls spent ten minutes licking it because for some reason it smelled strongly of peppermint? We also got one of those rubbery balls you put treats in to fall out when they play except it's shaped like a red christmas light bulb! And like last month, we got a duck bully stick. :) I loved this months, I'm sad that I can't afford to keep going in the new year. How on earth did you get sponsored? I'd totally blog about mine if I could!

    1. Haha, I wish I was sponsored! I bought a year with an awesome coupon that was available for one day during some kind of basketball playoffs. Pure luck that even saw it, randomly, on Twitter.
      I love those toys where the treats fall out!! They keep my dogs busy for ages, especially if I stuff them with really weird shaped treats that make them hard to get out. Barkbox really knows how to do the fun toys! I saw the Yule log on someone elses blog and was a teeeensy bit jealous but it must not have been a good size for a 15 pounder or something. We get the small dog box and so far everything has been the right size. It's been really fun seeing my dogs get all excited about their boxes. (omg, I'm a crazy dog mom!)
      Keep an eye out on Groupon for their deals. It makes it much more affordable. I just get on Groupon and do a search. If they have a deal running it will show up. If not, well, nothing. Sometimes the deals are better than others. Like right now I feel like the one on Groupon now isn't as good as I've seen previously.

    2. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep an eye out for a coupon!

      The Yule log if def big, maybe even too big, but it's got a branch on it and Molls loves to nibble at nubbins and things :)

      Mollie had a rough time with a cardboard box as a pup and is deathly afraid of them now, except this one! It's like she *knows* or something!

      High five to a fellow crazy dog mom!

  5. We subscribed to Bark Box on your recommendation and just received our first box. The December box for a small dog. Which is nothing remotely like your December box for a small dog (pictured and described above).

    The funny soft toys, which small dogs adore, you got 2 of, I suppose because you are in essence an advertiser for Barkbox. My box did not have a single toy! Nor other cute items you have, such as the bandana. The disgusting trachea we did get, thrill thrill.

    I realize you are not part of the company and do not control how they assemble their boxes. But since you promoted them with such enthusiasm, I felt you should know everyone does not have your experience with this company.

    I have emailed Barkbox with greater detail on the problems with many of the items they sent, and did not send. I cannot go thru this agony every month, nor should I when it is not what was promised. I hope this can be resolved, as otherwise I am stuck for 3 months with a Dog box I consider very unimpressive and unsatisfying for my pet.

    1. Oh, no! I do know that there are variations and not everyone receives the same things. While I love my Barkboxes and have since I started subscribing (Barkbox has no idea who I am, I do pay for my boxes. I'm just a little nuts when it comes to my dogs *grin*), I am so disappointed that your first box was such a disaster, especially if it was my raving that talked you into it!

      I do know that they have a "Scout's Honor" program and I'm very glad you emailed them about your box contents! They should make it right and send appropriate items for you. I haven't had to take advantage of that yet but I hope (if you remember) that you might come back and comment on how this turns out for you. Not getting ANY toys is really strange!
      I know it's the holidays and all but hopefully they get back to you soon.

    2. Sarah, thanks for your concern and caring. I am impressed with your helpful attitude.

      I did hear back from them and I regret to tell you they did not say a thing about "Scout's Honor" nor did they offer to replace my box or even send me one single toy for the Christmas gift my dog missed.

      They did extend my subscription by one month, so they are giving me a free box, but what good does that do me in March? I have paid in full and my dog deserves quality items now. Keep in mind I get many boxes, I am lenient and understand there's variety and occasional mix-ups. But when a box is totally useless and not as described, then I must speak up.

      Barkbox, if they were smart, would not worry about giving me a free box, as this is NOT a money issue. I don't care about a free box, I care about my dog. In five minutes they could have grabbed a couple of size-appropriate toys (my dog got NO toys, as I mentioned), toss them in a UPS bag, and I would be thrilled, my dog would go nuts, and I would think they have the best Customer Service. If they handled this properly, they could now have a satisfied customer maybe for life.

      As it is, I remain disappointed, unimpressed, and plan to cancel as soon as possible unless this was just a fluke. They have a few more months to prove themselves, I hope it works out. Your articles do indicate generally good products and I'm putting my hope in your interesting past reviews.

      Otherwise they will spend alot of time with me, because no merchant rips me off. I will go to court for less, although usually I manage to just get the credit card company to see that they have performed fraud and negotiate a full refund. BUT I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT. I WANT TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY PROMISED. I WANT TO GET ALONG. But they must carry their side of the deal - and so far they seem to really not care. Very strange way to treat a new customer who pays for 3 months in advance!

    3. Thank you for letting me know! I'm glad they are sending you a free box. Which they should! That at least should make up the value for you. I don't know why they wouldn't just send you some toys now, though. You could write them again and hope you get a different rep and request a specific replacement for a specific item (or two or three) and mention Scout's Honor. If your dog has allergies and cant eat certain treats, you can also request an allergy-friendly box.
      I signed up for a second subscription to test their allergy boxes and they're basically the same as the regular boxes toys-wise but have more unusual protein sources for the treats (like rabbit or kangaroo).

      I don't mind getting lots of treats in my boxes but the fact that you didn't even get one toy is just so strange to me! Ive gotten some dog accessories a couple times but there's always been a toy.

      Hopefully, next month's box will give you a better taste of Barkbox and both you and your dog will be happy!