Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beauteque BB Bag- Tra La La Travel Review and Exclusive Coupon Code!

Beauteque is a USA-based online Asian beauty shop.  They don't just sell products, they also sell Beauty Bags (BB bags) that can be purchased each month.  The bag will have a sneak peek and usually a choice so you can personalize your bag and get a hint of what will arrive.

Right now they have a larger selection of bags in preparation for the holidays.  You can choose a Spaliday, Head to Toe, Polished Holiday or Tra La La Travel bag.  Beauteque ships to Canada and Europe as well as the US for an added shipping fee.  It's nice for international customers to have some options!

The holiday bags won't be around much longer and Beauteque is branching out with a new website dedicated specifically to an Asian beauty subscription box.  This bag was sent to me for review purposes so you could get an idea of what to expect in the new subscription box model they are presenting.  The Beauteque BB bag subscriptions will start at $24/month.

This review is for the Tra La La Travel Bag.  It's not a subscription, just a one time purchase.

The Cost: $28 plus $4.95 shipping (US) one time charge.

What You Get: Seven full size items with It's Skin Mini Foam Cleanser, a Holika Holika Sheet Mask, and a My Beauty Diary Wash Off Mask.  You get to choose your "flavor" of sheet mask and wash off mask.

Holika Holika Juicy Sheet Mask in Honey- Hydrate and pamper your skin!  This cotton sheet mask and it really is juicy!  I used this earlier and my skin is nice and soft now.  It has honey extract in it and it smells exactly like honey, too.  I kind of wanted to taste it but I didn't.  I used it because I had done an experiment with my skin and an Instanatural hyaluronic acid serum.  I had left one side of my face without moisturizer for three days.  Right now, after using this mask, you can't tell!  I just wish I had another one.
Value: $2.50

Mizon Syn-Ake Original Skin Energy Ampoule Essential Sheet Mask- I love Mizon and I'm fascinated with Syn-ake.  Its sythetic snake venom!  Syn-Ake is a synthetic peptide with a similar molecule structure to snake venom. Its natural nourishing ingredients keep skin hydrated and soft while promoting elasticity in skin. It's interesting and fun!  And the oils and extracts in this will moisturize for soft, smooth skin.
Value: $3.50
It's Skin Mini Bebe Creamy Foam-30ml- I think (from the label) that this is banana.  Which apparently is one of the more popular of the flavors.  After reading some reviews I have to try it. Oh. Oh, this smells amazing.  Like banana popsicles. Yummmy.  It also makes a great lather and cleans very effectively.  Plus it's a super cute travel size.  I think I might just have to use it now because I don't want to wait until I travel. 
Value: $3

My Beauty Diary Pure Tea Tree Pore Purifying Mask-150g-Clean your pores with My Beauty Diary Pure Tea Tree Pore Purifying Cleansing Facial. This facial mask provides pore care, a whitening effect and helps control acne.  Tea tree is ideal for fighting acne and eliminating redness. Use 1-2 times a week. This is a wash off mask.  Slather it on for fifteen minutes, then rinse.  The main ingredients in this mask make me so happy.  It's got all kinds of clay, glycerin (a humectant moisturizer), tea tree leaf oil AND extract.  I totally will be using this!
Value: $20
Etude House Kissful Lip Care in Peach- This smells amazing.  Like peach Jolly Ranchers which were one of my favorites when I was a kid.  Haven't had them in a long time but the scent of this lip gloss brings back memories.  I love lip gloss.  Lip gloss is one of my favorite things.  If you want to make me happy? Lip gloss.  It can be Chapstick, SoftLips, EOS, Butter London, it doesn't matter.  I just cannot resist.  You will never see a lip gloss on my swap list.  Ever.  Haha!
This has my favorite kind of texture. Soft enough to smooth onto the lips easily but hard enough that it doesn't lose it's shape.  Mmm!
Value: $5.89
The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Tissue-20 sheets- Dejavu!  Yes, I just got these same wipes in this Asian beauty bag here! A soft cleansing tissue that contains rosemary extracts along with sage and soapwort.  Great for a travel bag!  I don't particularly care for these because I think the smell is too strong.
Value: $3
Etude House Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit: SO cute!  Again, this brand and line appeared in the 3b Bag I got a few days ago but they didn't have the whole kit!  This includes the facial freshener (toner), emulsion, essence and moisturizer.  It's almost your whole skincare routine in one line of cute bottles!  I'm actually excited to try all these and I'm glad to have extras, especially of the toner.  I go through that stuff pretty fast.
Plus, these smell SO good.  The whole line smells absolutely amazing!  So thrilled to see this set!
Value: $8.99

VERDICT:  Wow! What a selection and what great brands included.  I'm really so excited to try the My Beauty Diary mask.  I love the brand and their sheet masks so it'll be fun to try one of their wash off versions.  The It's Skin banana wash smells so delicous that I can't not use it. :) And of course, give me all the lip gloss, especially with it's as cute as Etude House is.  I would love it if they did a full on Mizon bag because... Mizon!  I've loved everything I've tried from that brand and want as much as I can get.
This box, shipped to the US, is around $34, depending on taxes.  It has a value of $47.  I absolutely love the fact that you are allowed to customize what you receive.  I am SO hoping that they'll continue that with their subscription bags when they get their new site up and running.  I think the curation is great on these bags and they've included good brands.  I do hope that some more unusual brands and products will come into play.  Im really happy to see syn-ake in here since it's so different from the usual.

If you'd like to see all the bags that Beauteque is currently offering, you can see them all right here.
They ship to Canada and Europe if you're willing to pay the shipping (I think it's $10 to Europe).  The ability to customize is pretty sweet.

EVEN SWEETER?!  If you buy  2 of the Holiday Bags, you will receive a $10 Beauteque gift card that can be used in a future purchase, and if you purchase 3 Holiday Bags, you will receive a $20 Beauteque gift card for a future purchase!
You can buy any combination of bags and the gift card will arrive with your purchase.  The gift card has no restrictions and expires next June!  Thats... pretty awesome.  Let's see... what do I need...

But if you enter the code BITSANDBOXES at check out you will get a free sheet mask added to your order of a BB bag.

I'm very pleased with what Beauteque is doing.  It seems like their bags and curation has improved since they've started this and I'm pretty excited to subscribe to their BB bags when they start that up in January.

*This bag was complimentary for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts


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    1. Haha!! And I was so proud for resisting... I should have done it, just for the sake of being able to say what it tasted like "for the blog." LOL!

  2. Great review! After reading I went to purchase a box, but when I tried using the coupon code it didn't work :(

    1. Ooo! Thanks for letting me know! I will contact them :*(