Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fabfitfun VIP Winter 2014 Review and Coupon Code!

The Winter 2014 Fabfitfun box is worth over $300 and it is, in my opinion, a legitimately good box!  I'm actually debating on whether I need another one or not (I don't) because with the $10 off coupon, it's ridiculously good deal. Must.Not.Succumb!

Fabfitfun is a quarterly box that sends out a little bit of everything.  It's not just beauty product or skincare, it has items for your home, some snacks and a little to keep you in shape.

The Cost: $49.95/quarterly

What You Get: Over $200 in full size, premium products in  Beauty, Wellness, Fitness and Fashion categories.  In the case of this Winter Box, its over $300!

I'm thinking this may be one of my favorite Fabfitfun boxes ever.  It's one of those things. Sometimes a box has everything you want and sometimes it doesn't.  You know... like Mounds and Almond Joy.
This Winter box has a whopping $330 value and some of it is in the form of gift cards.  Real gift cards.  No purchase necessary, covers shipping...  You know.  That kind of gift card.  The good kind.

Half United Fighting Hunger Necklace- This necklace is designed for three recycled bullet casings. It's super shiny and I'm wearing it right now. It's a little bit heavy and I got silver.  You can also get gold.  I'm very happy with the silver one.  Half United donates half of their profits to help feed children in need.  It's a great cause and a fun necklace!
Value: $34
Daniel Stone Coco Candle in White Tea Ginger Root-  The candle is made with coconut wax and smells SO good.  It's apparently also ecologically responsible and clean burning because it's made with coconuts.  I can't wait to get this burning.  Well, I can, I guess, because I'm loving my current Christmas Pine candle that makes my house smell  like a tree lot.  Mmm!
Value: $42

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive- A certified organic formula that exfoliates and refines to reduce lines and wrinkles while lightening hyperpigmentation.  I don't really like juice beauty that much.  Mainly because I don't find their ingredients to be all that beneficial.  It's fine that they're organic but I'd like them to actually work.  I think someone who is more fond of Juice Beauty and their products would like this better.
Value: $39
Passport to Beauty Tibetan Goji Berry Intense Anti-Aging Eye Serum with Retinol- Ooo! A rejuvenating, advanced age-defying formula for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating collagen and elastin, all while moisturizing your delicate eye area.  And it's got peptides!  This looks promising!
Value: $88 (whaaa?!)

Lather AHA Hand Creme with Evening Primrose- A rich formula with alpha hydroxy acids to encourage cell renewal and minimise the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.  Infused with chamomile, evening primrose and lemongrass makes this a soothing and scentlicious hand creme to use during the drying winter months.  This has some nice ingredients, I'm really tempted to use it because of that.  I'm afraid I'll waste it, though, because I don't use hand cream all that much. Although, I admit that has changed since I've been getting so much of it.  I think my mom would love this more.
Value: $30
Zumba 60 minute DVD "Max" and $25 Gift Card-  I used to do Zumba with my best friend, Rowena. Unfortunately both of us suffer from a disease called "lack of coordination" and neither of us has a very good sense of rhythm.  Hers is better than mine because I have none.  Needless to say, we always were at the back of the room to protect others from our flailing selves.  So while it was tons of fun, I spent so much time craning my neck trying to figure out what move I was actually supposed to be doing and if my body was actually performing it correctly (usually not) that it really wasn't the work out I was hoping for.
But now I can do it at home!  I'll have to lock the dogs away and put the breakables out of reach but I *could* do it. Haha!
And this is a great, no strings attached gift card that I will be spending immediately.  *goes to look at website*  Okay, I just got this top free with my gift card!
yourMinerals Eyeshadow Duo-  Everyone will receive Swedish Winter (which is appropriately sparkling white).  I received Brown Hypnotic which is the one I was secretly hoping for so I'm glad about that.  Mineral eyeshadow is my favorite and these are both very usable colors for me.  I might have to try them tomorrow but I think I'm going to practice with my DarkMatter Makeup first!
Value: $44
Two more gift cards!!  One is for three months free at  It's a cooking website.  I admit I probably won't use this.  I just look my recipes up online and wing it.  I love cooking but I've never been into watching cooking shows or anything.
The other gift card is for Fashion Project.  It's straight up $30, no strings are listed but I can't get it to work.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Anyway, Fashion Project is a website where people donate their old yet awesome items with proceeds from the sale going to the charity of their choice.  I'm not sure if it's a consignment type thing or not because I didn't look in to it hard enough.  It's fun looking at everything available.
Value of SaltedTV subscription: $30, Value of Fashion Project gift card: $30
Not done yet!!  Then Fabfitfun has some sponsored items.  These mean that these companies paid for shipping or something in order to get into the box and subsequently our homes aaand in this case, our bellies.  Special K Salted Pretzel Chocolate Bar???  Yes.  I'll try that!  Justin's Almond Butter? Delicious, of course (although I wish it was the chocolate version.. Yum!).  Last but not least, it's an Organic Valley Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake in Vanilla Bean.  I don't like protein shakes much but I'll try this because I like Vanilla Beans and I like Organic Valley.  We'll see if it's tasty after it's cold.  Warm? No.

VERDICT:  Love it! There's so much in this box that I'm keeping for myself!  The eye serum, the necklace, the eyeshadow, the Zumba DVD, the candle...  I already used one of the gift cards to get myself a free shirt.  I'll consume all the sponsored product.  As soon as the Fashion Project gift card gets fixed, I'll be using that.  The Juice Beauty will be swapped/sold and the AHA hand cream will likely be snuck into my Mom's stocking.  She is so excited about her stocking.  I asked her if she really needed one and she said OF COURSE I DO! She loves getting my extra bits.
For Christmas, there's so many of us that we all bring one gift (based on our own gender) and then we have a game where everyone gets a number and you get to pick your present in order.  You can either pick a new present or steal someone elses.  It's a lot of fun.  And economical because you're not buying presents for 32 people!  Plus, present stealing is fun!  Unless someone steals what you want from your lap. Hah!
Anyway, you can guess what I'm giving.  Uh huh! A bag full of fantastic subscription box items.
With all the women in my family, it's going to be a hot commodity.

Oh, right.  The box.  Yes! This Fabfitfun is a winner for me.  If you would like to sign up for Fabfitfun, you can do that right here.  Make sure you use the code WINTER10 to get $10 off.  That makes this box of amazing goodies only $39.95!!  Worth it?  In my mind, absolutely!

Did you get this box?  How did you like it?  And did your Fashion Project gift card work?

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  1. Wow, I wish we had as much selection and choice of subscription boxes here in the UK. This is such good value and a lovely surprise to have from the postman.

    1. I feel like the UK is finally getting on the subscription box bandwagon because Ive seen a few new ones popping up over the last few months. There's a lot of sweets ones like Taffy Mail and Old British Sweets or a geek box like Thingamabox. Do you get BirchboxUK? I know there's a My Boutique Box and a You Beauty Discovery box... but my knowledge isn't extensive. I feel like there's one more box-- Oh, yes, the LookFantastic box. That one looks good and it ships from somewhere in Europe, I think... :D

  2. Got my Fashion Project code to work - had to enter it in the gift card code field. :)

    1. Okay, I'll try again... maybe they activated them?

    2. Yes! It does work now! Yay! Sadly the thing I wanted earlier is gone :P Hm...


  3. Well, just made my purchase. :D

    1. Me, too! I ended up with sunglasses but I started out with several clutches... but I have clutches and only one pair of sunglasses so.... :D That was a good gift certificate! I kinda want another box...

    2. Oooh, sunglasses! I briefly browsed through that section, but I'm happy with my current pair of Raybans. XD I ended up getting a KS shoulder bag! (though I was tempted by a Coach clutch... but then after all the clutches from subscription boxes... lol).

      I REALLY WANT ANOTHER BOX NOW. The value is just crazy.

    3. I am REALLY trying to resist another box. It's SO worth it... I'm secretly hoping they'll sell out so I literally cannot buy another one. This box is so great I'm surprised it hasn't already.

  4. never mind it just worked! :) love your blog btw!