Monday, December 29, 2014

Ipsy January 2015 Sneak Peek #1

Ipsy's January 2015 Sneak Peek #1 is out!  Every Ipsy subscriber will receive a Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow! Highly pigmented natural mineral eye shadows infused with coconut for a velvety-rich, nearly cream-like creaseless finish.

I cant find specific information on these eyeshadows, maybe they are new?!  I see MYSTICAL SUPERNATURAL EYE SHADOW PALETTE and maybe that's the same thing?

The two colors I think are shown are:

Opal- Opalescent pinkish-white perfect for highlighting and creating a natural look.  Use on brow bones, inner eye and even as a liner.

Celestial- Creamy dreamy beige with a little bright pearl ideal for lids and highlights.

What do you think?  Same shadows?

If you want to sign up for Ipsy, do so as soon as possible.  The waitlist can be killer so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you get off the list.

See the official spoiler HERE!

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  1. Ugh not excited about this spoiler. If I hadn't redeemed ipsy points, I would probably cancel ipsy this month. XD

    1. I also redeemed Ipsy points!! I like eyeshadows, though :D

  2. Hopefully these are better than the pacifica eyeshadows that we got this summer!

    1. I agree. I didn't think about it but you are right... It's a little strange to get Pacifica again. And I just went and got the duo we already got and the colors look like they might be the same ones, too!