Thursday, December 4, 2014

Memebox Apple Mojito Review Special #65 Plus December Coupon Code!

 Memebox Review Apple Mojito
This is the Memebox Apple Mojito box!  I'm happy to be able to write this review because I'm actually glad I got this box even though there is one repeat for me.  I bought this in a bundle with Memebox Blackout! just for the upgraded shipping.  I had really wanted the Blackout! box but now that I have them both I think I like this one better.

If you haven't hear of Memebox (pronounced me me box) it's a great way to get new and interesting Korean skincare and beauty products.  This is not a subscription box, you can buy as many as you choose and you will know the general theme surrounding the box.  You won't know what's in it until you get it, though!

Memebox sends you Korean beauty products in each of their boxes. Korean skincare products are renowned for their quality and innovative technologies.  So you are getting the cutting edge of skincare delivered to your door.  There's always that mystery element that makes this fun!

They also have a Global Memeshop which ships things around the world from Korea and they've recently stocked up a USA shop which ships only to the US from their warehouse in San Francisco.

Enesti Apple and Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream-  This is my duplicate.  I might even have three of these, I'm not sure.   This is a vitamin rich apple formula with shea butter to keep your hands hydrated.  I've got so much hand cream already but apple scents are something I love.  This has pretty packaging so I'll probably end up gifting it.

PureDerm Skin Turn-Over Lemon Peeling Toner- I love toners.  Especially Korean toners because they are moisturizing instead of being an astringent.  This has  lemon, orange and aloe vera extracts. According to the label it also has alpha-hydroxy acid to exfoliate and several other extracts like sugar maple and mushroom to provide anti-oxidant benefits.  I can't find the ingredients in English (or in Korean, except on the box) anywhere so I don't know what else is in it.
I used it already today on half my face.  The half I used it on is much smoother than the half I didn't! And I prepped my skin identically on my whole face.  So...  I need this and want this and probably will try to get more somehow.
This one product makes the box for me.
Value: $15
Tony Moly Appletox Honey Cream- Made from vitamin rich red apple and nourishing honey, this famous Honey Cream is a daily facial cream with a unique honeylike texture. It stretches when patted on giving a silky finish and massage effect.
I don't know what that means so I better try this. Ohhhh!  Now I know why people love this!  First, it smells like heaven.  It makes my mouth water, that's how good it smells.  And it does have the strangest consistency but only if you pat it on. It goes all stringy and stretchy.  If you don't pat it, it just goes on like normal which is less fun.  It also left my skin incredibly smooth.  And good smelling.  I used it on my hand and forearm (a little goes a long way!) and I can't stop sniffing  myself. :)
The packaging is also so adorable but it is kind of messy since it sort of leaks over the sides into the twist off grooves.  Oh well.  I still am loving it.  I guess I won't be sad if it shows up in my Garden of Eden box, too.
It can be used as a sleeping pack or as a moisturizer but it is suggested that you only use it three times a week.
Apple fruit extract is full of vitamin A and C, and provides antioxidant protection against free-radical damage and helps firm the skin.
Honey is a moisturizer and has antibacterial properties.
Propolis extract is an antioxidant, an emmollient and has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can be good for dealing with acne.
Royal Jelly helps increase the moisture content in your skin (smoothing out the fine lines) and also has been shown to boost collagen production.
In other words, it's not just cute, it can actually be useful to your skincare!
Value: $10

Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm in Lemon Cupcake-  Super Cute!  It has a flip top (the white frosting part) and the lemon lip balm is potted in the bottom half.  It smells like lemon and I like it a lot!  I don't really like pot lip balms but this is too cute not to use.
Value: $6
AHC Climax Foam Cleanser-180ml- Formulated from soda water, coconut and glucose components, this is a mild facial cleanser with abundant foams and rich in nutrients.  It's got a creamy texture and contains rich grain ingredients and is recommended for all skin types.
I can't find any info on this brand except that it's owned by the same umbrella company as Shara Shara and Dr. MJ.  I'm mainly wondering if there is lavender in this because of the color of the bottle.
Value: $15 (well, Meme says $24 but I doubt it)

VERDICT: Two products I love! One that is adorable, one that can be gifted and one I'm not sure about.  It's actually a good box!  With a nice variety, too.  At first I was thinking maybe it wasn't so thrilling but now it's growing on me and I'm pretty happy with it!  I also think it's kind of funny that the Appletox from the CPM2 box made it in here.  And that it's such a good product so I don't even mind.
And again, that toner! Eee!!  It almost makes me want to hurry up and finish my Ladykin Broccoli Toner.  Although, I might just tell myself that they have different purposes and use them both. Because why not?

What do you think of this box?  Did you get it? And did you open the cleanser?  I want to know if it smells like lavender... I hate allergies...

Also, the December $5 off code is here!!  I thought I had found two different ones but no such luck. So it's just one for now.  You can see all the latest Memedeals on my Memebox Deals Page.

ENFWEK- $5 off one order over $30 in December.

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  1. Do you have any idea what happened to the memeboxes? They haven't released any in weeks and their site is down to one for sale.

    1. Sadly, no. I have asked and the response was they were going to go down to releasing once a week but... That didnt happen last week. I believe they are opening a large warehouse in California and are moving a lot of stock but I don't see how that could stop them from releasing a box that gets shipped in say, February or something. No one has any idea. We do know that they want to expand their shop. I don't shop in their shop (more products can be found on other sites like koreadepart or testerkorea-among others), I only get Memeboxes. I certainly hope they are not ending their box program.
      If they did go to a once a month subscription (like their Korean site does), I would be okay with that. But really... They need to release a statement saying what is going on!