Sunday, December 28, 2014

Memebox I'm Lipstick and I'm Lip Crayon Swatches and Review

I haven't seen a whole lot of reviews out there on the new Memebox Beauty makeup.  Since I've managed to snag both an I'm Lipstick and an I'm Lip Crayon, I'll put this out there for those who are trying to figure out if they want to take the plunge.

First, I must admit to a hefty dose of skepticism.  Memebox has been a little off kilter these last couple months with so few box releases and wave after wave of Memebranded items.
Second, I have to also admit to having had a change of heart after trying these two lip products.  One of these, the I'm Lip Crayon in Chloe was sent to me as a "Thank You" gift for participating in the Haul of Fame back in October.

I was, of course, curious so I immediately tried it out.  And fell head over freaking heels in love.  Oh, the pigmentation!  The formula!  The moisturizing powers of this crayon!
This is Chloe.  It's a bright red with pinkish tones and has a shine to it.  And it is showstopping! Seriously gorgeous.  I wore it out today, actually and the friend I met was immediately asking about it.  Honestly, I don't know why Memebox isn't talking these up more!  This just glides on and is so moisturizing that even the place I swatched on my hand was extra soft after I scrubbed it off!
Here is the swatch for Memebox I'm Lip Crayon in Chloe.  This photo gives the most accurate representation of the color.  And you can see the slight but not overkill shine to it.  Love.

The second Memebox product I received is technically something I'm not supposed to tell you about yet so while I did not purchase this, it was sent to me with a super fun project in mind.  More on that next week.
This is Memebox I'm Lipstick in Spirited Red.  And again, I am so impressed!  The case is heavy and substantial.  This is not a flimsy container.  The  lipstick itself is generously pigmented, applies like a dream come true and has a pretty, velvet-matte finish.

The funniest thing about these two products that I received totally randomly from two different people is the similarity in their coloring.  Here are the swatches side by side.
The Memebox I'm Lipstick in Spirited Red is on the left.  It's more matte and a slightly darker red.
On the right side is the I'm Lip Crayon in Chloe.  A little more pink and definitely more glossy.  If you check out the Memebox website, there are several professional swatch photos for more examination.

Both are gorgeous.  Besides the glossiness factor I really can't tell the difference when they're on my lips.  They both have an issue with appearing on my coffee cup even after an hour or two but with a little powder and a kleenex, that was taken care of.  While the initial color-power may wear off after eating, both of them (especially the I'm Lipstick) leave a nice tint on the lips.

After I received these, I went and purchased three more colors and the I'm Tint Balm.  I also purchased an I'm Eyeliner in Jade and the I'm Blush in Sheer Pink (which they don't make anymore). I'm excited to try them all and see how it goes.  So far I'm actually a little in shock over how much I ended up loving these.

If you do plan to get yourself some of these Memegoodness, make sure you use a coupon!!  There are only three days left to use your December codes!  Here are two that you can use once each for $5 off $30: ENFWEK and S96QL3.

You'll also get free shipping within the USA if you spend $30 so keep that in mind.  I wanted to get free shipping on my order so I tossed in an I'm Eyeshadow Duo, too! I might be addicted...

Have you tried any of these yet?  Or any of the Memebox Beauty products?  What did you think?


  1. The products look really good! But I'm really gonna skip it. I've like a box full of lip products from memebox already and to buy more lip stuff or makeup. would bee too much to ever empty before they go bad.But I do love the swatches and the colors you got! I would always go for the product with more moist then a matt lip product. :) love that shiny look

    1. Don't buy any if you don't want to get hooked like me!! I got all my new stuff today and now I'm more in love! Haha!