Thursday, December 11, 2014

Memebox Special #71 Wish Upon A Mask Review Plus Coupon Codes

 Memebox Review Wish Upon A Mask
This review is for Memebox' Wish Upon a Mask which I think is the sixth seventh in their Mask series.  It's not what I expected, I will say that.  However, it still has a lot of very fun items that I'm excited to try. I was expecting more sheet masks and this box only has two but with all the other interesting things included, I'm okay with that.

The  Wish Upon a Mask box has three full size items and four one time use items.  One of the full size items contains 15 single use packets!  Whee!  My face is going to be having fun tonight!
Purederm Kiwi Yogurt Pack- This is where things get fun!  Fifteen single use yogurt packs!  I got Kiwi but you can also get Strawberry.  I actually like the Purederm brand a lot.  I've had great experiences with other products I've used from them and while they may not be Shiseido, they are pretty great.  I actually really like the fact that these are individually packaged!  No messy tube, no drying out, just squeeze and toss.  Perfect.  Can't wait to get started on these.

Inoface Modeling Cup Pack- Are these the new "in" thing?  I feel like I had never heard of them until recently and now they're popping up everywhere.  I purchased the Ettang Modeling Pack Kit with 7 kinds inside.  I have one thing to say about these.  Do NOT get this on your clothing!  Or at least the Ettang ones.  I ruined one of my favorite zip up jackets using one of these with too much water and it dripped off my face onto it.  Looks like it got bleached.  /cry
I think you  could get two uses out of this but don't put in too much water and don't spread it too thin.
If you spread it too thin it won't peel off properly (like rubber) and will just crust and you'll have to scrub it off.  Learn from my mistakes!
AHC Real Aqua Velvet Sleeping Pack-80ml- Hm, its the Hologram brand again.  I do have to say that Shara Shara and AHC are owned by the same parent company.  Memebox must have made a deal with them or something because this is the fourth AHC product I've seen in the latest boxes.  There's one in a Thanksgiving box, too.  I think #4.
Anyway, this has better ingredients than the last one I mentioned.  There's still alcohol in it but at least Niacinamide comes first.  It's also got hyaluronic acid high up on the list and a bunch of peptides which are always nice to see.  I'll use this because of the niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and peptides and hope that the alcohol doesn't affect my skin negatively.  Maybe the good ingredients can counteract the bad? Haha, I'm so scientific!  This can be used last as your daily moisturizer or as a sleeping pack you wear to bed.  It's supposed to rejuvenate, brighten and balance out uneven skin tone.  Which given it's ingredients, it should actually do. Yay!

Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack-12g- Ah, I've been wanting to try this!  Too bad its a mini size and only one use but I'll happily try it out.  It's Dead Sea mud packed with salt and minerals.  It will brighten up your skin and get rid of excess oil.  I'm all over that.  I might have to have a mask party with  myself tonight and try all of these at once.
To The Natural Organic Black Colored Rice Hydrogel Eye Patch-5pack- Enriched with black rice, rice bran, gold extracts, adenosine, and collagen, these eye patches will soothe puffy eyes and help reduce dark circles.
Well, I need that.  I've been staying up way too late and I wish my dark circles would go away.
Hopefully these work.  I like hydrogel masks, I feel like they stick better.  Although sometimes it seems like they dry out faster than a sheet mask, too. Hm.

Shara Shara Real Sauce Mung Bean Mask x2- Aren't mung beans the same thing as bean sprouts?  I had to look it up.  They are but bean sprouts are the sprout before there is a bean and the bean is the finished bean sprout.  If that makes sense.  Beans sprouts come earlier in the mung bean life cycle. I love bean sprouts but I don't know if I've ever eaten a fully realized mung bean.
Either way, these masks use mung bean to give your sad, tired skin a brightening boost.

VERDICT: Fun!  Lots (seriously) of fun masks to try and while it's not sheet mask  heavy, I'm okay with that because everything seems useful and fun.  I can't wait to try the Claypatra and  the Kiwi Yogurt pack.  Okay, and the eye patches.  And the modelling pack.  Which I should mention that I got the Acerola flavor.  There's a couple other ones you may get- peppermint, propolis, black food or chlorella.  I think I wouldn't have minded getting the propolis one.
This box was $23 plus shipping but I got it for $6.50 which obviously makes this box totally worth it. I used Memepoints and coupons to get the price down.  If I had paid the full $29, I'd probably still be okay with it.  There aren't really any big ticket items in here but the spread of products is nice.

What do you think?  Did you get this box? Are you excited about it?

If you want to see what else Memebox has to offer, you can check them out here.  If you do decide to make a purchase, make sure you use a coupon!
Here are some to get you started:
ENFWEK- $5 off one order over $30 in December
S96QL3- $5 off one order over $30 in December
GD419- $3 off your next box. Exp March 31st. (Golden Ticket Code)

And don't forget to check my Memebox Deals page for all the latest coupons and box releases.


  1. It's not a great value but I love it! Good mix of products!

    1. I agree! It's funny because with Memebox it rarely comes down to retail price value for me. I know this box is technically low value pricewise but *use* wise, it's got great value. Why get a box worth $400 if you can only use two products, right? At least that's how I look at it. I only wish the Claypatra was full size. That's the only thing I would change. :D

  2. I like that the kiwi mask came in little individual packets. Stocking stuffers! Or travel-friendly. :)

    1. Me, too! And yes, after I used one (and nearly fainted in delight over the smell) I had to put a couple of these in stockings. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I drooled a little.