Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Memebox Special Green Food Cosmetics Review

 memebox review green food
One more Memebox review! This time it's Green Food Cosmetics.  This is Memebox Special #64 and I got it because I fell in so much love with the Superfood Memebox.  I use things from that box every day so I figured this box would be just as good.  Or I hoped so, at least!  Now the truth is out and I'm here to tell you what it is.
Memebox Green Food Cosmetics has five products and cost $29 plus shipping.  I bought it in a set and used a 20% off coupon so I didn't pay quite that much, thankfully.  I will tell you right now that I think this box should have had one more product in it.  I know what I wish that product was, too.

Here is the Memeblurb about this box:

"Did you know that green fruits and veggies are packed with excellent sources of vitamins, sulfur, and chlorophyll - all potent skin and body detoxifiers – to give your most gorgeous and healthiest looking skin? The beauty benefits that we get from green foods is unimaginable. It adds luminosity to the skin, revives damaged skin tissues, and supports the skin’s healing process for faster cell turnover."

I'm starting with the only two green related things in the box.  Or rather the ones that also have green on the label.

WillSpa Chill Out Roll-On-  This is a roll-on aromatherapy oil.  It smells great! Like pepperminty goodness.  It will clear your nasal passages, no problem. However, I will warn you that it leaks.  Or at least mine does.  It has to be standing up or else it leaves a puddle.
The card indicates that it also has lavender in it, but the concentration must be low since I have no reaction at all to this.  There is also a Breathe Easy version with peppermint and eucalyptus.
So I guess peppermint is green so it fits.

Tosowoong Aloe Whitening Treatment Essence-  I've noticed that aloe pops up a lot in Korean cosmetics.
That's not a bad thing at all since aloe is great for soothing and healing.  I just don't like straight up aloe plain.  This is not plain aloe.  This is an essence with 75% pure aloe vera leaf water, niacinamide, Rh-Oligopeptide-1 (this can repair epidermis, delay aging, fade dark spots, inhibit wrinkles, and hydrate the skin- it's a good thing!), Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, not to mention antioxidants in the forms of plant extracts.  This is a great product and you should see results.  It has a very faint scent that is not unpleasant and leaves my skin very soft and hydrated.  I might have to rotate this in immediately.
This product is going to brighten (not whiten!) your skin, soothe irritation and redness and hydrate, all at the same time.
Solucion 9 Aztec Theraphy [sic] Shampoo in Natural Herb 50%- Even the Memecard corrected the spelling for 'therapy', haha!  That was actually hard to type to be wrong on purpose.  I like spelling things correctly.  If I don't, it is probably a typo.  Of course, being good at spelling has it's downsides. If you ask me to add 8 + 7 I have to use my fingers.
Anyway, this is the second shampoo I've ever received in a Memebox, so it is immediately intriguing. It also smells... strange.  It smells like... dill.  Or something lemony and green.  The shampoo itself is green so it fits the box! Yay!  But...
It says it has Espinosilla, which is a Central American plant traditionally used to prevent dandruff (among other various ills), Aloe, Nettle, Jojoba, Verbena (oh, that would be the lemony bit), Chamomile (that is definitely part of the "planty green" smell), Rosemary (don't really smell that), citrus and Ortiguilla (stinging nettle!).
Well, it's weird and I'll try it.  It also came with a pump which I misplaced in my eagerness to get photos of all the boxes I got.  I found it again and it's now installed and in the shower for me to use tomorrow.  I wonder if my hair will smell like plants.
I used this shampoo and while it smelled like I was making pickles the whole time, I don't hate it.  I would call it a Clarifying Shampoo.  It left my hair very clean and shiny.  I didn't use a conditioner because I wanted to know what my hair would smell like from the shampoo and it smells fine.  It smells like clean hair.  I did need a detangler, though.  I will say I was fully expecting to hate it but it turns out I'm going to leave it in the shower.

Derma:B Fresh Moisture Body Lotion-50ml- I've received this before in the full size and I didn't care for the scent then so this will go up for swaps.  I don't even know why I didn't like it since it says its got bergamot, peppermind, tea tree, ginger and amber notes as it's "refreshing herbal blend".  That must be why it's in the box.
Some people LOVE this, so make sure you give it a try.  It's definitely moisturizing and especially good for dry skin but gack, I don't like the smell. And I'm not a hard core body lotion person. Although I probably should be.  Especially in this freezing cold weather we are having.
Primary Raw Do You Soy Milk Facial Cream in Original- Now this is the cutest thing in the box, for sure!  It's a glass jar (it says you should reuse it for a candleholder or for candies or anything) and it comes with a little scooper that is probably the best spatula I've ever received with a jar product. I'll have to keep it forever!  I can definitely use it for a homemade candle.  Once it's empty.  In forever amount of time.
This is a natural moisturizer made with soy bean extracts, soy milk ferments, rice water, galactomyces, niacinamide and other grain extracts.  So you can expect a soothing moisturizer excellent for sensitive skin.  I want to open this up and use it so much but I have got to get through at least one already open jar before I dig in!  Oh, the troubles of having too much wonderful product!
*Update* See full review of this product here.

VERDICT: This Memebox has some great products in it.  I feel like it should have had one more item for the price.  The item of choice for this box (in my humble opinion) would have been something from the Ladykin Broccoli line like the Broccoli Toner that was in the Superfoods box.  Mostly because I love that toner and I'm almost needing a new one.  Except I have so many toners I shouldn't buy another one yet.
I'm actually really surprised that not one thing from Ladykin ended up in this box.  I bought it thinking (I know, it's futile to guess what will be in a box) that there would be one thing but oh, well.
I *love* the Towosoong Aloe Essence and the Primary Raw moisturizer is cute and will be fun to try. The shampoo is novelty status with me and I might end up hating it which will stink (or my hair will stink, more likely).  The body lotion isn't me but it's a good one and I know it's been well received by others who like the brand.  I like the Pepperminty roll on but it WILL NOT stop leaking! I now have a puddle of pepperminty oil on my desk.
So basically, the products are fine and fun but there should have been one more thing for the price.

If you want to check out Memebox and see if they have something you might want, you can check out there USA shopGlobal Shop or get a look at their list of available boxes.

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  1. I'm actually really disappointed with this box, partly because I thought this would be like the Superfoods box which was awesome. The aromatherapy roll-on annoys me ( I mean really Memebox) and I already got the Derma-B lotion in an earlier box. I also have very specific hair so the shampoo is useless to me, though it may be good for other people. I probably built up this box too much. I thought there was no way they could screw it up, but I thought the same thing about the Vitamin Care box and look how that turned out. I thought there would definitely be one of the products from the Day Cell pH Plan line in this box as they added that brand to the shop around the time this box got released and the line screams Green Food. Oh well, they can't all be winners though I really wish this box was awesome.

    1. Oh, don't get me started on Vitamin Care. That was one of the worst boxes I've ever gotten. Memebox does seem to have a thing for perfumes but I'm shocked they put it in a cosmetics box, now that you mention it. Normally, they've been in boxes like K Beauty Wrap Up (another box I hated so much I didn't even review it). I also have the Derma B but in a bigger size.
      Actually, it doesn't even matter. This box just could have flat out been better. No, it's not the worst box I've received but there were SO many other options they could have included and didnt. I felt that same way about Vitamin Care (but I hated Vitamin Care more than this box for some reason).
      As a side note, I used the shampoo and it wierded me out the whole time because it smells like dill. Like pickle making dill. I was prepared to hate it. I wanted to hate it! But I don't. It's a clarifying shampoo, I would say. It left my hair very shiny but needed a detangler. And it didn't stink up my hair.
      I still wish this box was awesome, too, though. All that potential... And we get this.

    2. Ugh the Vitamin Care box. I actually whipped it back out and looked at it and it's just bad. So so so bad. It has one good item and the rest was junk. You're right in that Green Food is definitely not as bad as that one, but still....I get so disappointed the more I think about it. Why Memebox Why. And dill..hmmmmm......not sure how I'll feel about that. That is the one thing that bugs me about Korean cosmetics. So many of the products are heavily scented. I deal with it especially if a product is really good, but sometimes....

  2. Ooo my rollerball hasn't leaked but now I'm worried as I have it in my desk at work. I really didn't want to set it out cuz the color of the liquid is kinda...well gross! :)

    1. Maybe it's just mine. I cannot get it to stop leaking! I do wonder if I could transfer it to a different kind of container. It doesn't really smell like anything on my skin but it's nice to wave under my nose. Maybe I could dump it into some potpourri or something...