Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Memebox Update: New Boxes and New Pony Palette Now Available (Plus Coupons)

 Memebox x Pony Palette 2

Memebox has released their second Shine Easy Glam Palette with Pony from Pony's Beauty Diary.
The first palette was beautiful (I own it!) and I love the colors.  Now that I see this second one, I really want this, too!  Pinky neutrals? Yes!

It's $20 and ships Internationally from Korea or to the USA from the USA hub in San Francisco.

Here are the awesome colors and their names;
You can pick this up HERE at Memebox.com.  Make sure you use a coupon! If you spend $30 you can get $5 off with codes: ENFWEK or S96QL3.  These codes are only good for December so use them while you can!


Memebox also has two new Memeboxes available!!  The Winter Essentials Mask box and the Boxing Day Special #1!
 Memebox Winter Essentials Masks
Of the two new boxes, this Winter Essentials box is my favorite.  I've really enjoyed the Memebox Masks boxes and they usually have great products in them.

Here's what Memebox says about it:

This box, full of winter’s essential masks, caters to all winter skincare needs. Each mask is formulated with unique potent ingredients designed to nourish the skin cells and instantly restore lost radiance. Hydrate, renew, and revitalize the skin for noticeably smoother, velvety, younger-looking skin! 

I think that sounds good to me!  It's $23 plus shipping and you can snag it right here!  Because it ships immediately, you do not have an opportunity to cancel.  Usually you have up until 5 days before the box ships but that doesn't apply because this ships right away.  It's the same with restocks.

Actually,  here's what's in the box!

 Memebox wintwinter mask essentials unboxing
Pretty good box, if I do say so myself!

 Memebox Boxing Day #1 Box
Also up for grabs is the NEW Boxing Day Special #1!  The blurb indicates that there will be a few more in this series.  Be aware that there may be repeats in this box from other boxes (but NOT CutiePieMarzia 2, thankfully.  We've seen enough of those).  So in that respect, it *may* be like a Luckybox but we won't know until it arrives!


And on another note, I wanted to share with you an awesome Memebox product that I got!  Now, I was skeptical when it came to the Memebox brand.  It's possible you were, too.  

I am here to tell you that every lip product I have tried has absolutely ROCKED!  Gorgeous, pigmented, smooth, hydrating perfection!  Shocked?  So was I!  Now I'm hooked!
This is the Memebox I'm Lipstick in Spirited Red.  It is drop dead gorgeous.  Seriously.  I've now purchased two more colors and the blush to try out.

So if you are trying to get to $30 to get free USA shipping or to be able to use your $5 coupon, pop one of these babies in the cart.  Absolutely worth it, for sure!

I also got the I'm LipCrayon in Chloe as a "thank you" gift for participating in the Haul of Fame.  It is also spectacularly pigmented and pure perfection.  HOWEVER!! I will warn you that the I'm LipCrayon in Chloe and the I'm Lipstick in Spirited Red are for all intents the identical color.  I have both.  It's possible that the I'm LipCrayon *might* be the tiniest bit darker but it's so close that I'm going to have to say it's the same.  The main difference now that I've swatched them on my hand next to eachother, is that the LipCrayon is more glossy/shiny.  The lipstick is more matte.

That makes your decision easier, get one or the other :)

So there you have it!  New boxes, actually fantastic Memebox lip products and the new Pony Palette!!

Check out my Memebox Deals and Coupons Page for all the coupon details!

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