Monday, December 15, 2014

OrangeGlad Sweet Box December 2014 Review Plus Coupon Codes!

This is the December 2014 OrangeGlad box!  I signed up for this over the Thanksgiving Weekend with a really awesome coupon.  Three months for half the regular price.  I don't have the best track record for loving dessert boxes but I couldn't resist a deal like that.
This month it was a box inside a box!  I did feel like I was getting an early Christmas present and that was fun.  I don't think they do this every month or at least the last one I received wasn't like this. Still, fun and festive!
I have to admit that the second I opened the box, I knew it was a box after my own heart.  Or tastebuds, as the case may be.  Everything in the box looked JUST like something I would love.

The Cost: $19.95/month

What You Get: Five deluxe size, carefully selected gourmet treats and sweets delivered once a month.
The information card gives more details about each item and the maker behind the treat.  It also has the ingredient lists so even though the packaging may not tell you, the card will.  One of the things I've previously griped about with OrangeGlad was the fact that the items they tend to send are not individually packaged.  Which means they've been handled by who knows how many people before they actually get to your house.  And if someone didn't close the bag all the way...  Stale goodies aren't goodies anymore.  
None of that came into play this month although there was an "incident."
Malvi Marshmallow Confections in Vanilla Salted Caramel- A vanilla bean Malvi marshmallow with salted caramel holding on to toasted petite beurre cookies.  This was tasty.  I love marshmallows. Actually, I liked the shortbread and I liked the marshmallow but I did not like the salted caramel.  I have a thing against salt on or in my sweets.  I don't like it.
But I ate these anyway because they were tasty. :D
Value: $3
Pop Bar Hot Chocolate on a Stick- I have been wanting to try these for AGES!  Heat your milk, pop this in the cup and stir till melted.  Sadly, I don't like milk chocolate much, although that shouldn't make a difference in a hot chocolate.  But that's my excuse for being nice (and by nice I mean really super amazing and wonderful) and putting this in my mom's stocking.  Yes.  I am the best daughter.
Value: $3
Three Kids Kitchen Original and Salted Caramels- Well, just my luck!  I didn't read the card so I didn't know one was regular.  Instead I ate one and it was salted.  I don't really like salted caramel.  I *did* like these caramels.  They're my favorite texture and the caramel soooo good!  I put up with the salty because the caramel was so good.
However, I had sent a package to a reader and accidentally forgot one of the things that needed to go in it! GAH! Not happy about forgetting something like that!  But she had mentioned she liked caramels on Instagram so I sent her the other one of these with the item I forgot.  She'll like it, I hope!
Value: $2
McTavish Gingerbread Man- A gingerbread man dipped in white chocolate!  I can't tell if it's a good thing that it's almost Christmas or a bad thing because I would love to eat this but again... Christmas! And its a perfect stocking stuffer for a nephew.  
Value: $2
The Poisoned Apples Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel- And then there is this beauty.  Personally, I'm not sure if the business name is the best idea but it's cute.  This was delectable.  However, there were a couple issues with it.  First, the info card says that its a buttery crisp shortbread cookie with a heap of smooth, creamy, buttery rich caramel enrobed in chocolate and sprinkled with salt.  I will say that it was probably the best shortbread I've EVER eaten. It melted in my mouth, absolute perfection. Until I found a hair.  I'm pretty sure it was a hair.  It looked like a hair and acted like a hair. It was white or blonde and short.
I have to tell you something though.  It was embedded into the shortbread cookie that was so good. NO, I did not eat the hair!  But it wouldn't pull out so I ate around it.  This cookie was not big enough.  The hair won and I didn't get to eat all the cookie.  
The other issue was that there was no smooth, creamy caramel.  There was crunchy crystallized sugar.  That splooch you see on top of the cookie actually broke off into sugar bits. 
It also had salt on it.  What is with salt everywhere these days?!  I brushed most of it off before I started though.
But even with all those issues, I still think this was a really tasty cookie!  I just wish I could have tried it the way it was supposed to be (and without hair).
Value: $2

VERDICT: This OrangeGlad box was a lot of fun and had some great items.  It's really hard to be mad about the hair in the Poisoned Apple because that's not OrangeGlads fault (and seriously, it was really good even with all it's issues).  Everything else? Loved the variety (except for all the salt... why?!) and it's all tasty stuff.  The value of this box is $12.  The regular cost per month is $19.95.  I'll let you think about that.  No, this box is technically not worth it.  It's the reason I didn't subscribe longer than a month before.  But with half off of a 3 month subscription, this box is worth the price for the fancy sweets alone.  

You can get 30% off subscriptions right now if you think this looks like fun (it is!).  Sign up here and use code WINTER2014 to get the best deal.  If you're reading this after the fact you can use my referral code and get $5 off your first month.  That code is: SARAHOG31858

Until 12/24, use code FLASHBACK14 and you will get 45% off your subscription (or shop orders)!! I think this is the same deal I used over the Thanksgiving weekend.  It's totally worth it!

Also, never buy anything from the OrangeGlad website! I just looked and they want $38 for a half a pound of the Poisoned Apple Shortbread Caramels.  You can get the same amount on the Poisoned Apple website for $12!!!  What the heck!?  Talk about price gouging!  I've included links to each of the confectionaries represented in this box in case you are interested in getting your own tastiness. I'm not going to let OrangeGlad trick you into paying that much if you are actually interested! Sheesh!

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  1. OMG, the hair. I had that experience. You are a better person and ate around it. I just stopped (a different food experience). I could not....uugh

    I hope you let them know!

    1. I didn't contact them but maybe I should, just to see what they say...

  2. What troubles me is that I'm also expecting this box. I started because of the 50% off coupon - Thank you! and now I'm going to keep thinking about that hair....

    1. Don't think about it! The odds it will happen to more than one person are pretty slim! I probably just got it all in mine so you have nothing to worry about :D When you taste it, you'll see why I braved the hair, rofl!

  3. I got the box finally and of course I was looking forward to the caramels - which says the best enjoy date of 01/11/2014. I contacted their customer service. They also ran out of the marshmallows of course and I got cinnamon rolls. I was so looking forward to the marshmallows! After you finding the hair, the expiration date , I'm not getting a good vibe...and I got 5 more months. This is becoming a scary experiment.

    1. Oh dear! Hopefully the caramels is just because they forgot to change the year!! Mine did have a label like what would be printed on a laser printer label. Were the cinnamon rolls good? I might rather have that than marshmallows... How weird, though, I had no idea there was variations. They must have got a lot of sign ups with this deal :D
      I hope they take care of you! You did remind me to contact them about the hair, though, to see what they will do. Off to write that email.
      I REALLY hope it gets better for you and you can feel comfortable enjoying the products!

    2. They have really prompt customer service. You are right it was a typo. I was glad to hear that!
      As for the cinnamon rolls - it was a mini version. It was good but it wasn't anything spectacular. I'm hoping the next box is better but things like expiration dates and one of the bop bars packaging was ribbed at the side and your own experience of hair kind of makes me nervous especially when it involves food. Let's just hope this is a one time incident.