Friday, December 26, 2014

Popsugar $30 off Coupon on 3 Month Sub or Special Edition!

Save $30 on the gift you really wanted!
Popsugar has had some great coupon codes this December!

Now you can get a 3 month subscription for only $79.85 instead of $109.85!!  


You can get a Special Edition for Her for $70!!!  That is enough to make me want to buy another one just because I love the blanket so much!!  Personally I can't even believe they have any of these left because the contents are so good!

Just use code NEWYEAR when you check out!

Here's a photo:
The only thing that really makes me hesitate on getting another one is that the other items aren't something I really need as duplicates.  BUT I could use them as gifts throughout the year or save them for next Christmas.  Haha!  I do start collecting new stocking stuffer items pretty much immediately.  It's way better to take a year to get them than to scramble at the last minute!

So if you want to sign up for Popsugar or if you waited this long for a good coupon, here you are!

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  1. If I hadn't already traded for both the clutch (two of them actually, lol) and the throw... XDD

    1. You are way better at swapping than I am!

    2. Naaah, I'm just lucky enough to find the right people to trade with. :D