Thursday, December 18, 2014

Popsugar Special Edition Holiday for Her Box Review + Coupon Codes!

I hardly know where to begin.  This Popsugar Special Edition Holiday for Her box absolutely blew me away.  I love absolutely everything in it.  This box is worth every single penny.

There are two Popsugar Special Edition boxes right now.  Holiday for Her and Holiday for Him.
This, obviously, it the Holiday for Her version.  You can purchase this exact box, right now and get $15 off using the code SPECIAL15.  That means you can get all this wonderful stuff for $85.  I think they are even offering expedited shipping with that SPECIAL15 code, too.

This arrived in a black keepsake box with silvery wrapping.  I don't know how I managed to take a million pictures and have every one of the box turn out blurry, so you don't get one. :)  Inside the box everything was wrapped in black tissue and topped with the Popsugar accordian info card.
Loeffler Randall Envelope Clutch- Okay. Stop everything.  This is gorgeous.  Gorgeous!  Beautiful workmanship, not a flaw to be found.  Perfect stitching, glorious textured leather.  I also love the nude color.  The only thing its missing is an inside pocket.  I don't have anything this shade but the python embossed texture adds such a great nuance.
The inside is just as pretty with a black cotton fabric pebbled with white spots.  There's even a leather tag sewn in to the inside.  It's thin, in the envelope style, and perfectly holds my kindle, case and all. It also fits my phone and slim wallet with a lipstick and eyeliner thrown in. I can't wait to style this with an outfit.  I'm thinking my Christmas outfit just got a makeover. 8.5" wide x 5.5" tall
Value: $70
Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment-.5oz- Enriched with papaya, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes as well as rosewood and cinnamon extracts, this exfoliating treatment will leave your skin flawless and smooth.
While I love the addition of this to the box and I think many people will enjoy it, this is the one thing that I will not be using.  Cinnamon extracts are just too harsh for my skin so this will be finding a home with someone else.
Value: $22
Habit Cosmetics 21 Nefertiti- This polish is a beautiful, sparkly nude infused with myrrh extract.  I really love the color and the formula.  It dries fast and even just one coat is beautiful.  It's a mocha creme with copper shimmer.
Value: $18
Turkish-T Diamond Throw-  This was the spoiler that caused me to sign up.  Now that I have it in person...  Maybe I need another box.  This is gorgeous. It's a blue-gray and cream herringbone diamond pattern.  It's huge and heavy and is the perfect colors for my sitting room.
It's thin in the manner of Turkish towels but has a thicker weave than the towels you would buy for your bathroom or the one that we got in a previous Popsugar box.  This is actually a blanket.  And it's beautiful!
Droga Chocolates Money on Honey- This is wildflower caramel covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with fleur de sel.  Even though I don't like salt on my caramels, I can't resist digging in to these.  I'm going out to lunch with my mom and I'm going to take these with me.  She's going to love them and I get to feel nice for sharing. Hah!
Value: $7.95
RMS Beauty Living Luminizer and Brightening Brush-  This luminizer has an ultra-sheer, pearly finish that enhances the skin's natural youthfulness without being sticky, greasy or glittery.  Use the retractable brush to apply to the inner corner of your eye, down the bridge of your nose and the bow of your lips.
This is a beautiful yet subtle luminizer, I'm really excited about incorporating it into my makeup routine.  The brush is really fun!  It's two pieces and the brush stays retracted until you've slipped the top over the bottom of the brush handle.  Maybe I don't get out much but I thought it was cool!
Value: $38
Illume Gilded Amberleaf Metallic Knob Tin- This is a gorgeous gold tin with a 3 wick Illume candle.  It's a cedarwood and golden amber infused with mandarin, vetiver, vanilla and tobacco and it smells amazing.  It's a 12oz candle with a 20 hour burn time.
Value: $23.50

VERDICT: Fantastic!  I really do love everything about this box.  It is just my style.  It has the home elements I was hoping for and that irresistible envelope clutch.  Love it!  I like how I can wrap myself in my blanket and paint my nails while inhaling the fragrance of my pretty Illume candle and snacking on a caramel or two if I want.  Everything feels very luxe and splurge-y.  Which it is, for a $100 box!  So worth it for me, though, because I love everything so much.  With a value of $240, I feel like I raked it in!  What a great gift to me, from me.  Haha!

If you would like to get this exact box, you still can!  Head to Popsugar and pop it in your cart.  Use code SPECIAL15 to get expedited shipping and $15 off!  I'm loving everything in this box so much!
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  1. I'm seriously considering getting this box.......... XD

    1. Doooo it!! $15 off plus expedited shipping!? There's no reason not to especially if you like what's in it. I want to get another one just so I can have another blanket! I don't really need doubles of everything, though. Buuut expedited... I could give gifts... Except I already have everyone plus the mailman totally covered in the gift department!

    2. Haha, IDK!!!! I just traded for the clutch so...

      But the throw! I want the throw even though I really don't need it.

    3. Oh and it's ~$92 for me because CA tax. :( BUUUUUT I'll think about it for the next two days, lol.

    4. What did you trade to get the clutch?! I *love* it!! That's the first best item in the box, imo. Now you don't need to buy it! That'll show that CA tax what's up. Pfft.

    5. I traded... a Skin Inc Custom Blended Brightening Serum, the Daniel Stone COCO Candle from the winter FFF box (it was nice buuuuuut, I'd rather have the clutch haha), and the Palm Tree Print Clutch from the summer Nina Garcia box (I had two - got a second from a different trade, lol).

    6. Wow! Nicely done :) They definitely got a good deal but at least you got the clutch! Party! I can't believe someone wanted that Nina clutch :\

    7. Hehehe, the best swaps are when both parties come out thinking they did better than the other. ;) LOL the palm tree clutch isn't THAT bad. :p I mean, it's not great by any means, but it's still pretty awesome to have an item that was specifically made for a box curated by Nina, I guess. XD

  2. Very nice box! I got December's, my first and last. In the blur of Christmas, mail, UPS, wrapping, shipping, cards, people, etc, I really don't recall why it was my last??? I suppose I must have cancelled, they probably pissed me off somehow, and I am extremely demanding about service.

    BUT despite that, it was a fabulous box! Lovely square diamond-type pendant on a beautiful delicate chain. That almost made the whole box! Unusual porcelain trinket bowl. Neutral soft scarf. It felt like each item was hand-selected for me as a gift. Now I see the special appeal of Pop Sugar!!!

    My only hesitation is 1 or 2 items are always related to cooking or entertaining. I do neither. I barely do food at all. My oven and dishwasher have never been used. My fridge is empty but for diet Coke and dog food. My dining room table is where I keep my hat collection. Pop Sugar had a tin of Williams Sonoma "cupcake mix" - nice holiday idea but simply impossible for me. This is one of the privileges of being single, I don't have to cook for anyone. I did try to learn, but after the fire department gave me the third warning, well....

    So with Pop S, every month I'd be gifting the culinary items to someone else. And they are top quality, but do I want to spend $40/month and give away 25% of my goodies? I see people swap, but gosh, doesn't that get to you with the postage?

    To Pop or not to Pop, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind of man to self indulge, or by opposing box addiction.... OK, just call me eccentric and let's move on.

    1. Haha!! You are exactly like my sister! She has a beautiful home but she has never touched her oven and if you look in her (spotlessly clean) fridge all she ever has is milk and/or cheese.
      Popsugar is one of my fun boxes. This December box was exceptional! While they do always include a food item of some kind, I've only received 2 in the last year that were something you had to "work" to make. That was this December cupcake mix and a cookie mix a couple months ago.

      The nice thing about Popsugar is that it's easy to subscribe and cancel any time you want. It's actually a good way to do it because you can either wait for a coupon or wait to see the spoilers when someone gets their box and posts it online and THEN make your decision on whether you want it or not.

      You may be eccentric but you aren't the only one! We all need the spice of some kind of eccentricity in our lives or else they'd be too boring. :)

    2. I think it's genetic, a recessive gene for being kitchen challenged. Your sister and I are among the rare inheritors.

      BUT HEY, you're saying Pop Sugar allows you to redeem a current coupon (or code) even if it's not your very first box? Most sub boxes won't allow that, or people would do just what you say, jump in and out all the time.

      For example, Glossybox, you sign up with a code, then after a few months you quit. Then a few months later you miss it and sign up with a FRESH NEW coupon code. A message pops up that reads, "Sorry, discounts are for new customers only" or such like.

      I browsed past boxes again. You are correct, lots of the food is stuff you open and eat, fancy snacks. Also, that last cookbook would be Greek to me but a fab Xmas gift for a friend of mine who's a professional chef.


    3. Yep, Popsugar allows it! You can cancel and resubscribe with a coupon every month and you just do it all right from your account. Pretty great, huh? I was afraid they might take that away with the new website and all but you can still do it.

      I like to cook and that cookbook was full of recipes that were way too much work for me. It went to a friend who is a baker. She loved it so it worked out.