Monday, December 8, 2014

RawSpiceBar- A New Subscription for Spice Lovers and Cooks!

 rawspicebar spice subscription box
There's a new subscription box on the scene!  It's called RawSpiceBar and it is all about sending you the freshest, most unique spices from around the world.  As someone who loves to cook, this sounds wonderful.  Even better?  The price is completely reasonable.

The Cost: $18 for 3 months of deliveries.  Non-recurring. Ships to USA and Canada.

What You Get:  Each month you will receive three premium spice blends in half ounce packets. Recipes and instructions for use will also be included.  Each blend label includes a description, the ingredients, and RawSpiceBar's storing instructions.

For $6 a month you can receive hand selected spices of the highest quality, most flavorful spices available.  The spices are sourced globally and are fair trade and organic as often as possible.  Not to mention the fact that they are ground and blended days before they are shipped to you for the best possible flavor.
monthly food gifts
You won't be blindly using a spice you receive either.  RawSpiceBar has it all figured out!

Every spice combination has been kitchen tested and detailed recipes will be provided in your monthly box as well as online.  Recipes will include meals for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and carnivores to give everyone the best spice experience possible.
With the amount of spice provided you'll be able to host a 3 dish meal for 10-12 people! Or feed two people three different meals ten times each.  In other words, it's a lot of spice!

You also can get small surprises like grinders, recipe collections and coupons each month, as well. Your spices will arrive in a small pouch, ready to be used.  If you love a particular blend, send an email to find out how you can acquire more.  RawSpiceBar is happy to accomodate even though their shop won't be open for their first release in January.

Subscriptions can be purchased in 3, 6 and 12 month increments.  You are able to suspend or cancel at any time.  You can also purchase gift subscriptions in the same increments.

RawSpiceBar will start serving up its spices to subscribers the first week of January.  If you purchase a gift subscription, the first box of spices will be sent at that time as well.  Subscriptions do not auto-renew so you won't have to worry if this is a gift.

You can subscribe today and your first shipment will be in January.  Get it for yourself or for your spice-loving friend.  Great for foodies, seasoned chefs or new cooks exploring the territory of their kitchen.


  1. I heard about this and thought it sounds pretty great for just $6 a month, considering those tiny stubby spice bottles cost that much and takes me about 8 years to go through. And by then it's all clumpy and gross :( I'd much rather have a variety of spices in smaller portions. I don't know if I cook enough to actually make good use of all of them each month, but it's never too late to start becoming the queen of my ktichen!

    1. Yes, it sounds like a great deal! I know that their goal is for the spices to be used as soon as possible but I don't know if I have the time to do it like that. With it being just my husband and I, yummy spices can be savored over several meals. I definitely have some spices that have been around awhile. Mostly the baking kinds. Like Alum or cardamom.

  2. I canceled after 1 month – I think, it was a waste of $6 for less than 3 spoons of spice!

    RawSpiceBar’s product quality was not what I had expected (I had heard great reviews) and the individual spice packets contained less than what was promised on the label (I individually weighed each packet – even if you include the weight of the mini brown envelope, the product delivered was less than what was promised).

    1. They've changed their service quite a bit since their initial offering. They decreased the number of spice blends to three and have provided less and less spice. I think in my last three shipments they didn't even add up to the promised 1oz.

      I love the idea. I like the variety and new recipes but I wish they'd stuck to the original amounts. I've also been feeling that the quality may have been going downhill. The first few months the spices were so fragrant and powerful. Subsequent months, I've had to stick my nose in the bag.

      That said, some of the blends have been to die for and I wish they'd make them available in a shop of some kind.