Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Something Snacks Review and Free Box Offer!

Something Snacks is a new subscription box that is all about sending you great tasting goodies.  This is their December 2014 box.  It's currently sold out and sign ups now will start with January.  They have sent me this box for review purposes and I'm pretty impressed.  I've already eaten one of the items.  Eep!  It was really tasty, too.

The Cost: $13/month (shipping included)

What You Get: Each box will contain 7 new and tasty, hand selected snacks.  You can expect something familiar and something more out of the ordinary.
I had no idea what to expect.  With a tagline of "something familiar, something adventurous" I wasn't sure if I'd find Cheetos and mung bean candy or wheat free Ritz crackers and German lemon drops.
When I opened the box, I'm pretty sure I gave a "Squeee" of delight.  The first thing I saw was the Candy Cane Pretzels and Bellagio Peppermint Truffle Chocolate.  Do I need to tell you how much I liked this box?  It's curated with a holiday theme which is appropriate and it also comes with a pamphlet that tells you what you've received and includes ingredient lists for items that don't have it on the packaging.  It's also got coupons!

Campfire Foods Candy Cane Pretzels- White chocolate covered pretzels with candy cane crunch. What's not to love?!  A perfect seasonal candy both salty and sweet.  And delicious.  I'll feel bad if I don't share these.

Bellagio Peppermint Truffle Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix- I really like Bellagio brand hot chocolates and I havent had this flavor! I am restraining myself from running downstairs and making it right this second because peppermint and hot chocolate are synonymous with pure and utter bliss for me.
Mrs Mays Mini Crunch in Cranberry Almond- I haven't heard of these before but they look delicious on the package.  I bet they taste amazing, too.  I can't express how badly I want to rip them open and try them but you'll see why I shouldn't...

Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Squares- My mom *loves* this stuff.  I'm saving this super cute little package for her.  It's a perfect stocking stuffer size and since I'm keeping the Candy Cane Pretzels for myself, I can share a little of my Something Snacks box with her.  Albeit reluctantly... ;)

Lotte Margaret Cookie-  These are soft, chewy cookies with almond.  This is a Korean company and they also make those chocolate filled, koala shaped cookies!  Very tasty!
The Popcorn Factory Popcorn Ball-  I haven't had a popcorn ball since I was in elementary school!  I wonder if it has a flavor or if it still like sugared popcorn all stuck together?  Nothing wrong with that!  A fun, out of the ordinary inclusion, I'm not going to lie.

Wow Baking Co. Ginger Molasses- Ah, now here is where my guilt sets in.  The second after I took this picture, I opened the bag.  I *love* the Wow Baking Co.  I know they make gluten free stuff and I don't care that they are gluten free or not.  What I do care about is that everything I've had from them tastes absolutely wonderful.  I know!  You wouldn't think that a gluten free brownie would be the best brownie on earth, but they are.  Find them and try one, trust me.
This is a Ginger Molasses Cookie (obviously not a brownie) and it was huge.  Was.  Key word.  I ate the entire thing. It was breakfast! Or lunch! Or something... Something Snacks! Haha! Anyway, super tasty, it's gone, I loved it.
Hence the reason I haven't opened anything else. Yet.

VERDICT:  I am so pleasantly surprised by this Something Snacks box!  I love the curation and I think this was a perfect holiday box.  I'm excited to see what the next box brings.  These are all substantial snacks and I think totally worth it because I haven't seen some of these in the stores near me.  Plus I like getting little snack bags of things.  With only two people in the house, buying a box of cookies is a waste of money because they just go stale before we eat enough of them.  It's one of the reasons I like snack boxes like this.

If you'd like to sign up for Something Snacks, you can do that here.  It's $10/month plus $3 shipping but you can get your first month for the cost of shipping only with code FIRSTFREE or FAMFREE.

*this box was complimentary for review purposes.  All opinions expressed in this review are mine.


  1. Omg this box looks awesome! Kind of similar to love with food in a good way! I think I might have to check them out! :)

    1. Yeah! Like Love with Food but without the organic/natural bent. I'm totally okay with that :D

  2. Signed up! You're killing me! All these good boxes...