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Stick in a Box December 2014 Review- That's a Whole Lotta Meat! Plus Coupon Code.

Stick in a Box is a beef jerky subscription with a fun sense of humor and a crapton of delicious awesomeness.  It seems like each box is better than the last!

I have been introduced to some pretty awesome jerkies through this subscription and it's been a blast getting a box each month.  Sure, there's a little battle of wills at times, fighting over who gets the last piece of a jerky or two but it's worth it!
This is, I think, my fifth Stick in a Box of jerky and so far every box has contained new brands. Apparently there's a lot of jerkies out there, hidden in out of the way places, just waiting to be found by my (and your) tastebuds.  So far, my favorite beef jerky has been a Crazy Horse that I received in my October box.

The Cost: $35/month or less with a longer subscription

What You Get: At least 3 bags of jerky plus sticks and slabs from both name brands, and small batch companies, in traditional and out of this world flavors.

I'm starting with the sticks this time!  This box has four bags of jerky and three sticks and everything looks amazing.  I'm not super picky when it comes to bagged jerky but I'm a little more snooty when it comes to the sticks.  With that being said, I've still tried everything and some sticks I thought would be awful were actually quite tasty.  Some were as awful as I surmised, as well.  Ranch flavored beef stick? Yeah. Gross.

Timber Ridge Cattle Peppered Beef Jerky-  I tried this one first because it is flat.  Yes, it's a weird thing.  I really like those Jack Links peppered jerky sticks that you can buy in gas stations and this one looked like those.  I'm not sure what liking those Jack Links ones says about me but I don't care, they're tasty!
And so was this.  A little on the drier side but great flavor.  I did share a bite with DH but the rest was allll mine.
Value: $2

Tillamook County Smoker Big Dad Beef Stick-  I know I've seen this brand in stores around me but I've never actually bought any of it.  I buy Tillamook cheese but not jerky.  So, yes, this is from Oregon (hi, neighbor!) and it's a foot-long 1.25oz stick of meat.  I really want to try it but I did just eat that Timber Ridge one and I did try all the jerkies in the bags, too.  I'm full.
Value: $2

People's Choice Original Beef Stick- Another whopping foot long stick of beef.  Even better, it's 100% beef, no by product! Yay!  I'll definitely be trying this.
Value: $2
Damn Good Beef Jerky Original Hickory-3.25oz- I suppose they call it that for a reason. It's a big bag, too.  Seems very soy saucy slash salty.  It's my favorite texture- Moist and chewy.  It doesn't taste super smokey to me but I'm not pretending to be a jerky pro.  I just like to eat it, not analyze it to death.  It comes in a ziplock pouch which is always handy.  I thought this was a little bit too salty but my husband didn't care.
Value: $6.25
Damn Good Beef Jerky in Teriyaki-1.6oz  It's nice to know that the texture is consistent between flavors.  This also is a nice moist, tender jerky.  Chewy and delicious.  I think I might like this better than the Original.  Both jerkys use Top Round Roast for their cuts.
Value: $3.50
Tillamook Country Smoker All Natural Old Fashioned Beef Jerky- 3oz-This is my favorite one of all the jerkies today.  It's got beef, brown sugar, salt and natural flavors (which I'm assuming is the smoke).  I like smoky jerkies and this one satisfies that requirement for me.  Again, these are not dry jerky shreds (Oberto, I'm looking at you).  These are nice, moist, slightly thick pieces.
Value: $4.99
Astig Premium Jerky in Adobo-3oz- I was just putzing around on Instagram and someone had posted a photo of some delicious Filipino food and seeing it made me want to make some chicken adobo.  That was last night.
So I had to laugh when I pulled this out.  It's so random and so coincidental.  Who has even heard of adobo jerky?!  I mean it makes sense because adobo is basically soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, bay leaf and black pepper.  Sounds like a jerky recipe to me!  And those are the exact ingredients of this jerky! With an addition of some white sugar.
This is a garlic-tastic jerky.  Let me just say that.  Don't eat this before a date.  On a date or even around anyone that you want to continue to know.  Unless you are sharing.  Which you won't want to do.  This is really delicious and I find it spicy but I'm a wimp.  It's also strangely sticky?  From the sugar maybe?  You definitely need to not be eating this while typing like I am.  I need to wash my hands.
This is an interesting jerky.  It has far, FAR less sodium than any of the other jerkies in this box.  It's also made from tender strips of beef.  It's really delicious and strange at the same time.  Maybe this is my favorite one...
Value: $11.99

VERDICT: One more fun and interesting box of tasty jerky from Stick in a Box.  I don't know how they find all this good stuff but it works for me.  This month had some good sized bags of jerky, too! It's a little late for Christmas but if you've got a jerky lover in your family, you should snag a subscription for them.  Tell them in a card or something. Stick in a Box was promoting this gift subscription but since it says the first box ships December 15th and that day has passed I don't know if it's still available.  I mean, I'm sure it is but you'd probably want to contact them about it.  They're super nice and would probably fix it all up for you.

If you'd like to subscribe, make sure to use code BFF to get $15 (yes, $15!!) off your first month!
That's a great deal and I know you'll enjoy what you receive.  I love taste testing and sometimes I don't love everything (no super spicy for me!) but it all gets eaten around here.

*I received this box at a subsidized cost for review purposes.  All opinions are mine and freely expressed.

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