Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wantable Intimates December 2014 Review

I got a nice big box from Wantable this morning.  It's the December 2014 Intimates box and when it's this size, it means pajamas!!  I love pajamas and I actually had a pretty limited "love" list this time around because I did want some.
I got some comfy, comfy stuff this time around! I got a pair of MukLuk fleece lined tights not too long ago and fell head over heels in love with them.  I was considering buying another pair but now I don't have to!

The Cost: $36/month. $40/one time purchase

What You Get: Four to Five premium essentials, hand picked by Wantable stylists

Modern Heritage Fleeced Footless Tights- I love fleece tights.  I had never heard of them or worn them before I got some in my Wantable box.  But these are the warmest, most comfortable things ever!  I wore them to a football game underneath yoga pants to help me stay warm and they were perfect.  I wore them today with a tunic and booties and while my hands were freezing, my legs were cozy warm.  So, yes.  A new staple in my wardrobe!
Value: $16
Nomad by Pajama Drama Plush Pants in Chevron Pattern-  So I got these before in a different box (on a different account so it's not their fault) and I wasn't to impressed with them.  In fact, somehow the other pair already got a rip in the leg.  Not on a seam or anything, just a rip. I have no idea what I did but erm... not happy about that.  And they leave fuzz everywhere.  But they are comfy and warm.
Just not my favorite and I think I will make a note to NOT receive this brand again.
Value: $24
Nouveau Dot PJ Set in Lilac- Here is why I'm keeping the box!  Besides the tights, I love this PJ set. It's long pants and a racerback top with a feminine, gauzy ruffle at the hem.  It's so cute, fits perfectly and I love it.  Plus, it's purple! I like purple.
Value: $39.99

VERDICT:  I like this box with a caveat.  It's not very often that I receive something I don't like.  In this case, I don't like the Pajama Drama brand because of previous experience with it.  However, these could be different and maybe I'll love them after I start wearing them.  The saving grace for the box is the tights and the super cute PJ set that I would likely buy for myself if I was ever in a place to see it.  One of the reasons I love Wantable so much is it means the stuff comes to me instead of me going to the stuff.

My options, of course, are to keep the box or return it absolutely free.  Since I like 2/3 of the box, I will be keeping it.  It's not like everything won't be used, it's just that the quality of one item is lacking in my opinion.  Luckily, I can write in the notes on my account just how I feel about it.

I really enjoy my Wantable boxes each month.  I've had such good experiences with them both with the Intimates collections and the Accessories Collections.  You can see my latest Accessories review here to see what you can get.

If you would like to sign up for Wantable, you can do that right here.  They have three different subscriptions (Makeup, Intimates and Accessories) at the $36/month price point.  If you sign up, you'll get their emails which can have coupons inside, too.  There is one other subscription that is Fitness and it works differently.  With Fitness, you pay a styling fee, then you pay for only the items you want to keep from what they send you that month.  Not my style so I haven't subscribed to that one.

No matter which subscription you choose, you will fill out a very detailed profile so that you can get only things you want.  Now that I'm stocked on loungewear, I have changed my profile around a bit to get more types of things.  I want socks! Mukluk slipper boots or whatever they are called.  Maybe some fun colored tights.  We'll see!

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  1. The PJ set is adorable! I would keep this box too, despite the iffy previous experience with the pants. Maybe this second pair will hold up better?

    1. I feel like I'm twelve in the PJ set! I love it so much :) And yes, so far these have held up better. I washed the black pair with polka dots I got previously and it left FUZZ on EVERYTHING I washed them with! So I think I'll wash these by themselves the first time around.