Monday, December 8, 2014

Whew! I've Been Busy! Plus All the Details on Giveaways, Memebox and Spoilers.

I've sort of been feeling like a chicken with my head cut off now that the holidays are in full force. I'm normally way more on top of things than I have been this year!

For instance, I didn't know what I was bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner at the in-laws until two days before.  Usually, I've planned it two weeks ahead of time!  And then I didn't read the recipe correctly and had to improvise Thanksgiving morning.  It turned out great, though, so that was good.  Even if it was two recipes mooshed together.


Then Memebox went radio silent.  No boxes released in ages.  No official word.  The only things I've heard have been that box releases would be down to once a week and they wanted to go for quality over quantity. 

Except they apparently just did release a note on their Facebook and the good news is that there should be some boxes released this month:


I've got three giveaways running right now.  I made a new Page tab called Giveaways where you will be able to find all my latest giveaways easily.  Check it out here.  One is for Panty by Post, there will be two winners for French Box and one for my From the Lab Holiday Lip set.

Other Stuff

I've been playing a new game called Dragon Age: Inquisition.  I love it!  I'm not a hardcore gamer anymore but I do love a good role playing game and Dragon Age is one of the best.  It's sucking up way too much of my blogging time, though.  

I totally forgot to post Sample Society spoilers!  So here they are:

A pretty good box, I must say!  I can't wait to see what flavor of Crabtree and Evelyn I got.  I hope it's not Verbena and Lavender (although my MIL probably hopes it is because that means it's going in her stocking). But, hello? BUTTER LONDON TINTED LIP BALM?! Give it to me now. :D

Oh, and Glossybox spoilers for December:

Nuxe Paris Masque Creme Fraiche Soothing and Rehydrating Mask
The December 2014 Glossybox will be worth $90 and four of the five items will be full size! :D

Anyway, I've got my Christmas tree up and my house decorated.  I've got my office cleaned up, stocking stuffers/presents organized (but not wrapped) and vacuumed the whole house.  The old dog beds have been thrown away, my desk is clean and the fridge is full of food for my husband.  
This means that I can now just sit down, relax and write out some reviews!  I'm actually mostly caught up now so I'm feeling a little relieved. :)

What about you?  Are you ready for the holidays?  Do you have to cook for any of them?

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  1. Now I'm curious! What was the item you made for Thanksgiving? :D

    1. I made a broccoli casserole. But I wanted to have rice in it and the first recipe didn't have rice. And I didn't want to use Velveeta (I hate velveeta) and the second recipe had velveeta. I ended up making a roux and used sharp cheddar. Cooked the rice in chicken broth and left it a little soupy (so the casserole wouldnt be too dry). Turned out great :D

  2. I'm glad that Memebox released that statement - there was a lot of incorrect (and possibly overdramatic) speculation going on, it seems. Glad your food improvisation worked out! I don't have to cook for anyone but me and my dude this holiday season, which is a pretty low-stress situation.

    1. I know. And now I'm hearing they aren't doing Global boxes. Or rather, there are no plans for Global boxes in the works as of now. I always figured those were the staple boxes! Apparently not...