Friday, January 30, 2015

Memebox Ends International Shipping beginning February 10th.

I am almost speechless right now.  I cannot believe what Memebox is doing.  Ending shipping to some of their most loyal customers? Tragedy.

Here is a copy of the post if you didn't see it (emphasis mine):

Boxycharm February 2015 Spoiler #1

Boxycharm has a spoiler out for the February 2015 box!  And while it may not arrive in time for Valentines Day, I still like it!

Everyone will receive an NCLA "Heart Attack" 5-Free Nail Polish!  I don't know how good I am at applying chunky glitter polish but I guess I'll find out!

Boxycharm is my best makeup box.  Of all my subscriptions, I get the most makeup out of Boxycharm so if you're looking for as much makeup as possible, this box might be for you.  They also tend to have a lot of full size items and are partnered with Tarte which is pretty awesome.

If you want to sign up for Boxycharm, you can do that right here.  It's $21/month and you'll get at least 5 beauty-related products in each box.

I've been pretty happy with it so far.  I've been subscribed since June and have found some really great products to love (like the Tarina Tarantino Hyperlight)!

*referral links were used in this post :)

Five Four Club Review ~ Not Impressed, Actually. Plus Coupon Codes!

I've been sitting on my Five Four Club review for two months now.  I has purchased a Black Friday BOGO deal for Five Four and got a December 2014 and a January 2015 shipment.  My husband is sort of picky.  He doesn't like anything too fussy or too "emo" and he has very broad shoulders which makes the Euro-style fit unwearable.  He also has a very slim waist which means if he gets the Large size, it's generally a sack.  His dress shirts always have to be tailored.

With that in mind, I still decided to try this subscription just for the fun of it.  It's fairly expensive at $60/month but you do receive two items.  The suggested retail value of the items should add up to over $120 according to Five Four Club.  Since they make all their own clothing, they can put whatever price they want on their items.  I don't have a problem with that because it's basically paying $30 each for the items I do receive.  I find that reasonable.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mantry January 2015 Tailgate Tour Review

Mantry always has interesting products in their boxes.  And they all tend to be very appealing to men, hence their tagline of "The Modern Man's Pantry."  As the man of the house, my husband has always enjoyed what we've received.  
One of the cool things about Mantry is that they send all their stuff in a wooden crate.  It's not a super sturdy or well-built crate but once you hammer all the boards in the way they should be, it's a fun extra shelving unit.  I have three now and I'm using them all.  All of them were falling apart when I got them so they all required some TLC to actually be usable but those ten minutes were worth it.

The Cost: $75/month.

What You Get: A new and exciting food experience every month. The monthly crate allows you to discover and eat 6 full-size, super premium foods from around America, with little commitment.

RawSpiceBar January 2015 The Spice Route: Native American + Coupon Code

RawSpiceBar just released their January 2015 box! This is their very first box and I'm excited to tell you about it.  RawSpiceBar sends you the freshest, most unique spices from around the world.  As someone who loves to cook, this sounds wonderful.  Even better?  The price is completely reasonable.  The spices arrived in a packing envelope.  Inside was this super cute pouch with all the spices and recipes in it.
This month has four spice blends and three recipes along with an information card detailing the the origins of the spices and the Chef behind the blends and recipes.  
I already made one of the recipes and it was very easy.  The spice packet I opened for the recipe filled my entire kitchen with the mouthwatering scent of freshly roasted and ground herbs. 
Thankfully, the spice packets are resealable because it's a lot of spice for just the two of us.

The Cost: $18 for 3 months of deliveries. Non-recurring. Ships to USA and Canada.

What You Get: Receive 3-4 hand-picked, small batch, freshly ground spice blends.  Each monthly spice box contains 2-3 ounces of spice blends, creating three dishes for serving 8-10. You will also receive kitchen-tested, detailed recipes and ideas for each spice blend you receive as well as a background on our monthly chef and spice blends every month.

OrangeGlad 45% off Coupon Code!

Heeey, youuu guu-uuuys!!!  (Imagine Chunk from Goonies)  Guess what?!  OrangeGlad is running a really great coupon code right now!

You can get 45% off a one month or three month  OrangeGlad subscription!!  Thank you, darling reader, for letting me know this coupon doesn't work on the six month sub!  Also, it doesn't work for the Double Sweets Box.

The picture above is from my January 2015 box.  You can see that review here.  I've received several OrangeGlad boxes and while I may not think it's the best at full price, it's AMAZING for 45% off and I really recommend it in you love desserts and treats.

This code is the best!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1Up Box January 2015 Robo Mayhem Review + February 2015 Theme

This January 2015 1Up Box is my first one.  It seems like geek and gamer boxes are popping up everywhere thanks to the success of Loot Crate.  These boxes appeal to me because while I'm not actively playing a game right now, I am a gamer at heart.  And my husband *really* loves gaming and has play WAY more games than I have.  Currently he's playing Far Cry 3 and DotA.  I just played a game called Broken Age that I got in the Steam sale.  It was super cute but way too short and reminded me of Monkey Island.  Admitting that I played Monkey Island really dates me, I know, but I loved that game and way back then it was SO awesome.
Every 1Up Box has a T-shirt which is nice.  Loot Crate does them every other month but not always. I don't wear the T-shirts, I get them for my husband and he likes them.  This box has three main items and then a bunch of smaller ones that I didn't really care about.

The Cost: $18.92/month (that includes shipping)

What You Get: $40+ Value of awesome stuff in each box. Every month features a new collection with an exclusive EPIC Shirt!

Ipsy February 2015 Sneak Peek #3

I don't know why I keep getting these Ipsy Sneak Peeks in my emails but I'm not complaining! Although they don't always turn out to be the first sneak peek, the items are always included in one sneak peek or another.

This month, everyone will receive one full size item from the photo.  The other four samples will be deluxe size.

Here's what I think we may be receiving:

Sudsy Box February 2015 Review and Coupon Code

The February 2015 Sudsy Box is chock full of deliciously scented soaps and goodies.  If you're anything like me, you love soaps that smell good.  Sudsy Boxes always have very timely scents and I'm seriously in love with this Valentine's theme for February.

The Cost: $20/bi-monthly (every other month)

What You Get: You will receive three full sized 4 oz. handcrafted, luxurious soaps and a bath or body product. Soaps are blended and scented specifically for the time of the year.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Boxycharm January 2015 Celebration Box Review

Boxycharm is one of my most favorite subscription boxes for makeup.  I get more makeup in this box than I do in any other box.  The January 2015 Boxycharm has makeup, skincare and a little pizzazz.
Since Boxycharm managed to make a deal with Tarte, their products have been popping up with delightful regularity.  The values of Boxycharm always far exceed the price you pay for it.
A full size Tarte product alone with Mirabella primer, a Beauty for Real Lip set and some tattoos by, of all the companies, Pur-lisse.

The Cost: $21/month.

What You Get: Full size and luxury size beauty samples of the best beauty products from popular and chic brands. Anything from nail care and hair products to the top skin care and cosmetics.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love With Food January 2015 Review + Free Box Offer and Coupon Codes

Love With Food continues to top my snack box charts.  The theme this month is Live Laugh Restore but the theme rarely has anything to do with the contents.  I don't mind, I'm here for the food. Haha!  There's a pretty wide variety this month with several new-to-me items.

The Cost: $12/month ($10 + $2 shipping)

What You Get: 8+ new snacks each month. Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk.
You can also feel like you're doing a good deed when you buy a Love With Food box!  For every box sold, Love With Food donates at least one meal to help end childhood hunger in America!  They work with food banks and organizations in all 50 states!  So far they've donated 250,000 meals to hungry kids in the United States.

Plum Deluxe ~ An Organic Tea Blend Subscription January 2015

Plum Deluxe is an organic, fair trade, non-GMO tea subscription that uses no sulfites or chemical flavorings.  As a tea lover, it's always fun to try new types and blends of tea.  I personally tend to prefer herbal and black teas but rarely turn my nose up at anything other than lapsang souchong. Lucky me, Plum Deluxe deals mainly in black and herbal teas.

The Cost: $10/month for Casual Sipper, $18/month for Daily Cuppa

What You Get: Casual Sipper receives a 1oz blend of organic, fair trade tea each month.  Daily Cuppa receives two 1oz blends in a month.  Both subscriptions have access to online forums, free shipping and discounts in their shop.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Loot Crate January 2015 Review ~ Rewind

Loot Crate still ranks as my favorite geeky gamer subscription box.  The January 2015 box them was Rewind.  As in back to the 80's, I suppose.  The days of 8-bit awesomeness.  My husband is usually the one that gets all the items in these boxes but we now have a cabinet that is just for "his" collectibles.  It's pretty popular when we have people over because they always like to play with them or talk about "Remember when..." and all that.

The Cost: $13.37/month plus $6 shipping for a total of $19.37

What You Get: Awesome gamer/geek loot! Sometimes T-shirts (like this month!) Plenty of comment inducing collectibles to surround your computer desk with, all delivered right to your door. You don't even have to go out to get it! Well, except to the mailbox.

Danklo Prime January 2015 Review ~ The Subscription that Sends You Money

I randomly discovered this Danklo subscription.  I think it might have been a Twitter suggestion and I wondered what kind of subscription box it was.  This is actually one of the strangest subscriptions I've ever decided to purchase.  I just got one month to see what it was all about.

The Cost: $17.99/month for Danklo Prime.  $7.99/mo. for Standard and $10.99 for Pro

What You Get: Every Danklo box is hand-packed just for you, and personalized to fit your interests.
Gifts are based on practical and trendy items that can be used on a daily basis.  Every box is stuffed with a random amount of CASH, up to $1,000!
All those Danklo goodies arrived in a hot pink plastic bubble mailer with a Danklo sticker on it.  Once word gets out that these have cash money in them, it seems like they'd get stolen a lot.  Maybe they shouldn't put their name on it.  In the FAQ on their website, they assure you that it is legal to send money in the mail.  Good thing because I've received lots of crisp $5 from Grandma when I was young.

Ipsy January 2015 Review ~ Fresh Start

This January 2015 Ipsy bag took an incredibly round about route.  It was here in town, then went to Las Vegas for a few days (I wish I went with it!), came back to my state then bounced around a few cities before finally making it here.  Whew!  I was expecting my address to have been printed wrong or something but nope, it was exactly right.

The theme for the month is "Fresh Start" although rarely do the themes make any sense with what's in the bag.  I must say, the bag this month is really cute and I'm keeping it for sure.  It's blue on one side, white on the other, with a reddish pink zipper.  Ipsy also never has an information card which stinks.

The Cost: $10/month.

What You Get: Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Kitchen Box January 2015 Unpack your Spice Box Review

The A Kitchen Box box was so small compared to last month that I was a little worried.  I shouldn't have, of course, because I think this January 2015 Spice box is pretty great.
Inside was a plethora of items, all dealing with spices.  I use a LOT of spices because I cook quite a bit but surprisingly, I don't have a spice grater!  As with my last A Kitchen Box, this one comes with several recipes, tips and tricks on what to do with your spices.

The Cost: $30/month

What You Get: A box curated with a specific theme in mind, introducing you to new artisans, products, concepts, and pairings. A featured recipe, artisan food product, something useful, free music for your kitchen playlist, art postcard, and kitchen wisdom.

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring 2015 Spoiler

Want a spoiler for the new Spring 2015 Fortune Cookie Soap Box?  Here you go!

The theme is Wonderland!

Shipping starts February 6th.

You'll receive 8 sample sized items from their new collection before they hit the "shelves."  All new scent combinations and sometimes new products as well.

If you like baths, soap, hair oils, indy perfumes and things like that, you'll love Fortune Cookie Soap!
And I'm pretty sure I want the perfume oil.  I like things to smell tasty :)

The Cost: $19.99/quarterly in the USA.

There is Canadian and International shipping available but I'll be very honest and say for what you have to shell out in shipping, it's not going to be worth it. :*(

One more!
Off with Their Heads!!  Something for the bath and Queen of Hearts related, of course! Woo!

Sign up at

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New England Sack January 2015 Celebration Box and Coupon Code

This is my second New England Sack.  The first one was the December 2014 one and this, obviously, is the January 2015 box.  The December one had a holiday theme and I loved it even though it arrived after Christmas and some of the inclusions lost some of their significance.
The January box theme is Celebration.  I was actually wondering about that because the box comes out so late that it would no longer work for a New Years party theme.  However there were no such issues.
Opening this box is a lot of fun.  While it does come in an outer box, the contents really are in a sack.
With it is a wax sealed information card.  I absolutely love that touch.  It always makes me feel like I've gone back in time.
There are four New England artisans and companies featured in this box.  Two are from Connecticut and two from Maine.  I always wonder if these boxes resonate with the NE region the way Tique Box does with me (from the Pacific Northwest). I do love to get things from other areas.  It's really amazing how different the areas of our country are.

This box was not what I was expecting with a theme like Celebration.  I was thinking party supplies and appetizer type things.Instead, it's less celebratory and more about surviving the wintery coldness and that totally works for me!

The Cost: $35/month, non-recurring.

What You Get: Five to six thoughtfully curated, handmade and artisan items from the New England area. Expect anything from food products to home goods.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

OuiPlease Coupon Code for Annual Subscription- 48 Hours Only!

Interested in OuiPlease?!

Love everything French?  OuiPlease sends authentically French, luxury items right to your door.

Right now you can get 20% off an Annual subscription!  For 48 Hours only, you can get 6 OuiPlease boxes this year (they're every other month) for $520.  Instead of $150 a box, you'll be paying $87 a box!

Now that's a deal!  The code is MAKEUPTALK and it is working as of now.  I believe you have until 2pm Friday, January 23rd to make up your mind.  I'm not actually positive on the time so it could be earlier and it could be later.  Many thanks to Sparklesgirl for alerting us to this awesomeness!

If you've been wanting this, here's the only way to get a sub at a reasonable price.  Oh and here is my first review: Oui Please Vol. 1 Paris, I Miss You.

February's theme is Dreaming of Normandie!

Sign up here.

Scentbird Monthly Perfume Subscription and Coupon Codes

Scentbird is a new subscription service that delivers an 8ml purse spray to your door once a month.
I don't use perfume regularly enough to justify spending quite a bit of money on some of my favorites but this is the perfect thing for me.  It's the right size, I can take it anywhere.  It's the right amount of perfume to last me awhile but also allows me to save money while enjoying old favorites and trying new ones.

The Cost: $14.95/month

What You Get: Each month you will receive one 8ml purse spray of the scent of your choice based on your profile.  The first month, you will receive the case for the perfume and a carrysack for it.

Something Snacks January 2015 Review and Coupon Code!

My Something Snacks box for January 2015 arrived yesterday!  I had received a box for review and really liked it so I ended up subscribing.  I signed up for a year so my first box is a Deluxe box.  They don't sell Deluxe box subscriptions (yet?) so this might just be a one time thing for people who sign up for a year.
There was SO many snacks in this box, I could hardly believe it! I kept pulling snack after snack out of the box!  All different kinds from all different countries, too.

The Cost: $13/month

What You Get: Each box will contain 7 new and tasty, hand selected snacks.  You can expect something familiar and something more out of the ordinary.

Stick in a Box January 2015 and $20 Off Coupon Code!

Stick in a Box is a beef jerky subscription that I think every man I know wants.  This particular box is the January 2015 box and I came home to discover that my darling husband had snagged this from my work table and made it his own.
If there's any subscription box that I get that he cares about, it's this one.  In fact, he will ask "Has my beef jerky shipped yet" at least three times during the first half of the month.  Stick in a Box ships on the 15th so the answer is usually "No."
Luckily, I caught him with the box in time to get photos but they aren't fabulous.  And I didn't even get to taste the sticks!  Bah!  I'm just secretly upset that *I* didn't get to eat all the beef jerky first.  I love this subscription, too!

The Cost: $35/month.

What You Get: At least 3 bags of jerky plus sticks and slabs from both name brands, and small batch companies, in traditional and out of this world flavors.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Glossybox February 2015 Spoiler!! *UPDATE*

Here's a spoiler sneak peek for your February 2015 Glossybox!  Yes.  Thursday Friday spilled the beans and they will be in the box!

UPDATED: Please see THIS POST to see the GORGEOUS box for February and TWO Official Spoilers plus an unofficial full box! You are gonna LOVE it! Pun intended, of course.

Sadly, I think Thursday Friday posted their happiness in collaborating with Glossybox on Instagram too early.  I was so excited when I found it, too!
 They will not be appearing in February's box. Glossybox told me that they definitely *will* appear in a Glossybox soon but not February.

Instead I can tell you that the February box itself will customized and limited.  Keep in mind that January has already sold out and anyone subscribing now will receive a Classic box containing items from past boxes.  Am I the only one that keeps the specially designed boxes? I love them!

If you are anxious to sign up but want to wait til Feb 1 and get the February box, use code BITBOX315 to get 50% off the first month of a 3 month subscription. That's a savings of $10.  The code is good 2/1-2/15.  You also have the option of getting a free GWP.  See below for the code.

I'm not sure if the (eventual inclusion of) Thursday Friday will be one of their pouches (which would fit in the box) or if it will be a gift card.

Either way, if you've been eyeing something from Thursday Friday, you might just want to wait until we find out what's up with them and Glossybox.

If you aren't subscribed but you want to be, sign up here!  Make sure you use a code at checkout.
Currently you can get a full size Beauty for Real Get Glowing Cheek Tint and Luminizer Compact added to your box for free with code BFRGOLD15
*affiliate links were used in this post

Tique Box January 2015 Review ~ Get a Taste of Portland!

Tique Box is one of my favorite local subscription boxes.  You never know what you are going to get but it's always interesting.  Tique Box focuses on supplying you with handmade and artisan goods from the Portland, Oregon area.  As a Seattleite and Pacific Northwesterner, I approve of the choices made for this box.
It's not going to be like any other box you get and I can heartily say that Tique Box is very true to it's roots and is definitely an authentic taste of this area.  I think I spend half the time giggling through my unboxing because everything is so stereotypically awesome.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Five to six treats and crafts sourced from the greater Portland, Oregon area.  Local artisans feature anything from hot sauce to handmade ornaments.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Memebox Restocks Sale Starts January 19th (or now, actually)

 Memebox Restocks Sale

Memebox is starting the sale tomorrow but I discovered they started restocking them early.

Here's the link to their Box Party Page.  

However, I have noticed that not all available boxes are on that page so scroll down this post for the list that I made of all the in stock boxes I could find.  There are some GOOD ones (and since they currently are not listed on the official Memebox page, there's a chance they won't sell out as quickly)!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Flicker Box January 2015 Whimsical Wonderland Review

The January 2015 Flicker Box is my last review for awhile.  I'm so sad!!  My three months are up and I'm seriously considering re-subscribing.  Maybe in a month or two.  I have absolutely loved what I've received in my boxes and have been burning candles every day.

I used to hoard my candles, not wanting to use them unless it was a special occasion.  With Flicker Box arriving every month with a new stash of amazingly scented goodies, I decided to start burning! My own home is drool-worthy when I burn certain scents, I'm not going to lie.  My husband loves it when I burn them, too.  Oftentimes he will ask me if I'm going to "light one of those subscription candles" to make the room smell good.

The Cost: $24 for your first month, $34/month thereafter.

What You Get: A carefully curated box of all kinds of unique, handmade artisan candles with appropriately seasonal scents.

PetGiftBox January 2015 Review ~ A New Pet Subscription for Cats and Dogs

This PetGiftBox review is for the Petite Pup (up to 20lbs) box.  They also do Cat boxes which I think is pretty awesome.  Although cats seem somehow so much more picky than dogs, I can't say how a cat would respond to a box of toys and treats.  My cat was so freaking picky it was unreal.  She only liked crunchy treats and wouldn't eat wet food except for the juice.
My dogs, on the other hand, love boxes like this.  What one doesn't like, the other one does so it always works out.
Somehow I managed to get a PetGiftBox for $4.99 and I cannot remember what I did or what coupon code I used or anything.  I knew that I wanted to try it because I had seen a review for an earlier box and it was packed with toys and treats.
The Cost: $17.99/month.

What You Get: A box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Now, I have to say that I should have realized when they lumped all small dogs into the Petite Pup range.  There is a HUGE difference between a six pound chihuahua and a 15lb rat terrier like the ones I have.  I knew right off the bat that two of the toys they'd sent me were for much bigger dogs.  Both of these are bigger than my dogs head and heavy!  Still, I liked how packed the box was.

Friday, January 16, 2015

OrangeGlad January 2015 Review

The January 2015 OrangeGlad was a box I've been looking forward to reviewing.  I mean... eating. Not the box, of course, but the contents of it.  First, I have to tell you that I used a 40% off coupon to get a three month subscription.  If not for that great deal, I would not have subscribed to this box.
Not that it isn't awesome and fun! It is!  This month, there was a gift box inside along with a carefully packed brownie and the information card.
I do have to say that OrangeGlad is getting better.  When I first subscribed I didn't like how the treats had obviously arrived to them in bulk, then been repacked individually with cellophane and tape.  I don't know.  It's one more layer of  "other humans touching my food" than I would like.

Now, though, it looks like they've upgraded from that system.  This box has some great products and a really fun variety!  Brownies, macarons and madeleines, oh my!

The Cost: $21.95/month.

What You Get: Five deluxe size, carefully selected gourmet treats and sweets delivered once a month.

Bespoke Post January 2015 Sweat Review

Bespoke Post is technically a men's subscription box.  However sometimes the boxes they curate are so good, I can't resist them.  Like the time they did the Cafe box with a French Press in it (which we still use regularly).
This time I showed the boxes to my husband and he chose the Sweat box.  Which probably isn't the most appetizing name for it but the contents are so great that it doesn't even matter.
Bespoke Post is different than other subscription boxes you may be familiar with.  Instead of sending you a box of mystery products, Bespoke Post curates and reveals a new box every month.  You can choose that months new box or a box from a previous month that catches your eye.
Our box arrived today and the gym bag is just as awesome as I was hoping it would be.  It's a super heavy duty canvas. The included info card explains in detail why each item was chosen and gives insight into the curation and, in this case, some funny tips on how to workout.

The Cost: $45/month.

What You Get: Exactly what you want!

I've noticed that Men's subscriptions tend to be more expensive and there's a good reason for it.  Men don't usually wear makeup.  Yep.  Because of that, they have to have real and manfully useful products in their box.  No makeup filler allowed.  Well, Chapstick or something and maybe a cologne or two, but you know what I mean.

Memebox Restock Sale and New Box Releases starts January 19! Plus Coupon Codes!

This is too big to not post! Memebox will be selling Restocks and releasing new boxes every day next week!!
Here's what you can expect to see:
Here is a list of ALL my Memebox reviews in case you see a restock you  might want:
Luckybox #1
Memebox #10
Naked Box #14
Mini #1 
Mini #2 
Memebox #11
Memebox Mask Edition #3
Superbox #22 Pore Care #2
Memebox Hair and Body 2 
Memebox Office Essentials 
Memebox From Nature 
Scentbox Grapefruit 
Superbox #23 Summer 
Memebox Oriental Medicine
Memebox Skincare
Superbox At Home
Memebox Luckybox #8
Memebox Cooling Care 
Memebox Waterproof Cosmetics
Memebox Zero Cosmetics 

Memebox #13
Superbox #40 Pomegranate

Memebox SuperFood 
Memebox K-Spa
Memebox Brightening  
Memebox K-Beauty Wrap Up- Hated it.
Scentbox Tropical Fruit 
Scentbox Sweet Shop
Scentbox Floral
Memebox #14
Memebox Anti-Aging #3  
Memebox Tea Cosmetics
Memebox Earth and Sea Cosmetics
Memebox Special #36 Meme's Pouch
Memebox Special #35 Moisture Surge
Memebox Wake Up Make Up 
Memebox My Honey Box #2 
Memebox Global #15
Memebox Mask #5
Memebox Yogurt Cosmetics
Memebox Step by Step Skincare
Memebox The Little Mermaid 
Memebox Super Luckybox #11
Memebox Korea's Most Wanted 
Memebox The Next Best Thing
Memebox Empties
Memebox Green Food Cosmetics
Memebox Blackout!
Memebox Apple Mojito
Memebox Bloggers Picks- Hated it
Memebox #17
Memebox Brighten and Correct
Memebox Wish Upon a Mask
Memebox Garden of Eden
Memebox Tea Tree Cosmetics
Memebox Skincare Elixirs
Memebox Cleanse and Tone
Memebox #18

It's a long list but those are the reviews.  I have spoiler posts as well if you use the Search bar on the right side of my page.

From what I see, I know I want the Banila Co. Box and Luckybox #5 has the LJH Tea Tree Essence (Luckybox #5 contents).

The Rose Box is also fantastic if you love rose scented, vitamin A packed products.  

Other than that, I'm excited to see if they really do release a box each day next week!!  I'm excited now!

There's also one more new box available!
This box, curated to perfection with the best hydrating picks by Korean skincare junkies, provides a quench relief for dry, dehydrated and flakey skin. All the goodies plump up the skin and body to improve the appearance of lines, tightness and dullness, leaving skin looking and feeling happy and healthy. Dedicate your skin to this box to look visibly radiant and flawless, even without makeup! 

The Cost: $29 plus shipping

Don't forget to use coupons!!  Here are some to get you started:

YKF26P- $3 off one order over $30 in January
GV8E9U- $3 off one order over $30 in January

**Codes for $3 off $30 is one time use EACH.  So you can use each of these codes once.

GD419- $3 off your next box.  Exp March 31st. (Golden Ticket Code)

MEMEBUNDLE3- $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4- $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes

Check my Memebox Deals page for all the latest coupons and news.

See the current boxes available right here.

What do you think?  Memeboxed out or excited?  Or both? :D