Friday, January 23, 2015

A Kitchen Box January 2015 Unpack your Spice Box Review

The A Kitchen Box box was so small compared to last month that I was a little worried.  I shouldn't have, of course, because I think this January 2015 Spice box is pretty great.
Inside was a plethora of items, all dealing with spices.  I use a LOT of spices because I cook quite a bit but surprisingly, I don't have a spice grater!  As with my last A Kitchen Box, this one comes with several recipes, tips and tricks on what to do with your spices.

The Cost: $30/month

What You Get: A box curated with a specific theme in mind, introducing you to new artisans, products, concepts, and pairings. A featured recipe, artisan food product, something useful, free music for your kitchen playlist, art postcard, and kitchen wisdom.

On opening the box, was a careful package topped with the information card.  I just love the way they do these boxes.  The info card is a beautiful part of the contents and everything included has a definite continuity and is so pleasing to the eye.
Three 2oz Spice Tins with clear lids ($6) are included in the box, along with a small, colorful hand towel of 100% organic cotton by Full Circle Home ($6).  The towel is smaller than I was expecting, it's about 12x12 but it will be used nonetheless.

The spice tins are for transferring your current spices into.  From their old packaging into the new.
The better for organizing your spice drawer, of course.  And that's what this box is all about this month.  I don't keep my spices in a drawer.  I keep them in a cupboard but I have plenty that come in bags that will be moving into these tins.
There are many cards this month.  There is a recipe for Creamy Polenta, a Spice postcard, the info card and a checklist card delineating the types of spices everyone who cooks should have in their pantry.
That Creamy Polenta recipe goes with this Braised Shortrib Recipe.  We love shortribs in this house so I'm definitely going to be making these.
To season that polenta and shortrib dinner, there is half an ounce of Whole Spice Whole Nutmeg ($3).  In order to use the whole nutmeg in these recipes, A Kitchen Box has provided a Microplane Spice grater with a cover ($15)!  This thing is sharp, too.  I'm excited to use it.  I definitely need to make something with nutmeg or cinnamon soon because those are my only whole spices right now.

Since A Kitchen Box is all about a full sensory experience, there are two music download codes in the box.  One for The Ivins "Masquerade" and one for Her Habits "Slip Away."  I don't really listen to music much and when I do it's usually from my iPod or Pandora or YouTube.  It's not something I do when I'm cooking but I'm sure many people do.

VERDICT: I absolutely love this box.  I'm blown away by the thought that went into the curation of this.  This is the type of box that makes a beautiful gift for someone you love. Visually, this box has a gorgeous, presentation-quality feel to it.
As for the contents, at first I was thinking, this is it?  But there's so much more involved than just nutmeg, a grater, spice tins and a hand towel.  This is a box that makes you think.  Gets your creative juices flowing, that kind of thing.  I put the spice tips to good use.  I transferred my more awkwardly packaged spices into the three tins and just that made a difference in my spice cupboard.

The cards are beautiful and sturdy, the recipes written on cards that will last.  I feel like I need a box already to keep them all in.  And all this information, music downloads and checklists add more intrinsic value to the box.  This box contains $30 worth of product but far more in less tangible things.  I like a box that makes me think and gets me in the kitchen organizing and cooking.  It's something I wouldn't have done (or thought about) if it weren't for this.

Am I too dramatic? I can't help it.  This is one of my more expensive subscriptions at $30 but I've got to say, it's really worth every penny to me.  You can see my December review right here.

If you'd like to subscribe to this box or give it as a gift, head over the A Kitchen Box website and sign up!  I wonder what they're going to do for February's box and Valentines Day!


  1. Hi Sarah! Have you noticed that Memeboxes are back!! They have released a bunch of new boxes in the last 48 hours and the value boxes are back. I bought a 3 pack yesterday and am sitting on my hands to not buy the ones they have released today. Are you getting any? ~Dani~

    1. Yep! I got Boxing Day 2 in the restock and the (now sold out) Sampler Kit. I'm thinking of getting the new Anti-Aging and Baby Soft Boxes. But I want them to be in a Value Set together. I'm hoping they'll start making new Value Set combinations since they're all shipping at pretty much the same time :D

  2. Have you ever seen my spice rack?? I custom built it to hold a bajillion spices!!!!

    1. This box inspired me to go through all of mine (they take up an entire cupboard) and get rid of all my old ones and duplicates. Then I reorganized. I really wish I had a spice rack! I want my cupboard space!

  3. Tins like that are also really good if you want to buy spices in bulk! You can keep them in a plastic bag in your cupboard, but it just doesn't look very nice. :P

    1. That's what I swapped out! I had a bunch of plastic bulk baggies that I dumped into the tins. The only problem I discovered is that the tins don't actually stack. :(