Saturday, January 3, 2015

Beauteque BB Bag January 2014 Bling in the New Year Review and Coupon Code

This is the Beauteque BB Bag for January 2015.  It's a brand new subscription that deals heavily in Asian beauty with a little lifestyle tossed in.  Bags are $24 plus shipping, which varies because they ship to the USA, Canada and Europe.

These bags are curated by the girls who run the Asian beauty website, Beauteque. Beauteque is the brainchild of a young woman with the goal of bringing Eastern beauty to the Western world.  They stock items from Tony Moly, Lioele, The Face Shop, Mizon and many others and they all ship from the US.  Which is pretty great for someone like me who hates to wait a month for my items to arrive from Korea.

Now, instead of just helping you shop for new Asian skincare, Beauteque has opened a sister shop called Beauteque Monthly.  That site for subscribing to their new monthly BB Bags! You will still be able to purchase their themed, one-time bags in their shop, too.  The monthly bag is now a subscription, though, and this is the first official one! This bag was sent to me for review purposes but I was already excited about it.

The Cost: $24/month plus shipping

What You Get: Seven full size beauty, skincare and/or lifestyle products each month with a focus on Asian beauty but also including products from the US, France and Europe.

Signing up now gets you gifts!! Sign up for a three to twelve month subscription and get free gifts and Bonuses!

I'm not sure what the free gift is but my guess would be a sheet mask of some kind.  I could be wrong but I sure wouldn't mind an extra sheet mask here and there!
Each bag comes with an information card that explains how to use each product.  This is key with an Asian beauty subscription.  I just wish they also put the ingredients list in English on the card.
The Bling starts with a golden makeup bag.  Everything arrived inside the bag and it's a good size.  Much bigger than what you might get from Ipsy.  It's pretty cute!  Plus there's a pocket inside!
Mizon Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream-  I love Mizon!  I'll be using this because my feet are so sadly dry right now.  I just looked at them and felt bad for neglecting them.  It is very moisturizing and smells amazing!  With cocoa butter and olive oil, it's hard to go wrong.  I just put it all over my arms and hands, too.  I can't help it.  It really smells wonderful. :)
Value: $12

Tony Moly Tint Delight-  This is a full size Tony Moly Lip Tint!  I actually really like the Tony Moly lip tint but I have several of the sample size versions that I have yet to use up.
Value: $7
It's Skin Neck Patch-  Don't forget your neck in your skincare regimen!  It was the first thing that I noticed when I hit 36.  My neck made wrinkles! Whaaa?! Nooo!  So now I've been making sure to moisturize and pamper my neck along with my face.  This is a strange sort of mask.  It's cloth on one side and gel on the other.  It's not a juicy mask.  It sticks to your skin and you wear it for 20 minutes. It doesn't move either which is good because it's probably hard to stick a sheet mask on your neck. Haha!  I'm already wearing it, of course.
Value: $5

*BONUS* Brtc V Shaping Mask- Ah, so this is the free gift you get for subscribing this month.  I should have taken a picture of the back because this thing is hilarious.  It's a V-band mask which means it gets your double chin area (or underchin, you know what I mean) but this one also gets your lower face.  So it's a lower face and neck mask! Haha! I'm going to use it just because it's so ridiculous.  It even hooks around your ears.  Twice.  *grin*
Value: $5
Cheetah Print Sleep Mask- This is a nice, padded sleep mask.  I don't really wear sleep masks because I sleep at night with the light off.  And if I'm taking a nap, it's usually because I'm exhausted and I fall asleep immediately.  There will be color variations on the mask.
Value: $7.50

Milani Sunset Duo Blush and Bronzer- A multitask shimmering skin bedazzler.  Just kidding.  It's a bronzer/blusher with a slight sheen. It gets pretty good reviews, though I think the shade I received might be a little too dark.  I'll try it anyway.  I received 03 but there will be variations on the color.
I have to admit I'm not thrilled at seeing this in the bag.  I prefer Asian beauty products but I realize that while these bags heavily feature Asian beauty, it is not exclusively so.
Value: $5
The Face Shop Peach Floral Hair Mist- Spray in your hair whenever you want it to smell good.  It smells great like peaches at first but then it sort of gets a funny chemical smell.  I don't know how to describe it.   Has any one used this and knows what I mean?  I think there is at least one variation on this because the card shows the Lily Fresh scent.
Value: $7

Mizon Ultra Suboon Cream- I love this stuff!!  I have one that I've been using and I really like it so I'm glad to have a back up.  It has hyaluronic acid as the second ingredient for excellent moisturizing abilities.  It's a nice cream that soaks into my skin without stickiness which is great.
Value: $9

VERDICT: I'm really happy to see Mizon in this BB bag.  I love both the foot cream and the hyaluronic moisturizer most of all.  The value of the bag is more than double the purchase price and that's fantastic!  I do wish that there had been another product instead of the sleep mask and Milani bronzer duo.  Mostly because I want all the Asian beauty I can possibly get.  I can get a sleep mask anywhere and find Milani at the store but it's not as easy to get great kbeauty whenever I want it.
I like the combinations of a little makeup and a little skincare, it's a well-rounded bag in that respect.
The theme doesn't actually seem all that important but I don't mind that.
Based on some of their one-time purchase bags on their regular website, I think that there are some great possibilities for the new Beauteque BB Bag subscription!

Oh!! And I totally forgot to mention!  After your first bag, you will have the opportunity to customize your bag a little bit!  There will be two or three items where you can choose the scent or style that you want!  You won't have that opportunity on this January bag but subsequent bags will have options for you to decide on.  Now THAT is one thing I can get behind!  I love that they allow for personal preference.

If you would like to sign up and get this exact bag, head to the BeautequeMonthly website before the 15th!  If you sign up after the 15th, you will receive February's bag as your first.

If you don't want to take the subscription plunge just yet, I suggest checking out their Head to Toe Milk bag on their regular website.

If you make a purchase on their regular website (, make sure to use code BITSANDBOXES and you will receive an extra sheet mask with your order!  It won't work with the subscription BB bag, though.

*This box was sent to me for review purposes.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions expressed are mine alone.


  1. I think I like this better than Memebox, the curation of those has been kind of lame recently. I like the variety of items they included in this bag. I'll have to check them out!

    1. I'm really excited to see how this goes. The curation is FAR better than Memebox, especially based on Beauteque's past one-time purchase bags. I feel it's a little on the pricier side but the value is definitely there.