Friday, January 16, 2015

Bespoke Post January 2015 Sweat Review

Bespoke Post is technically a men's subscription box.  However sometimes the boxes they curate are so good, I can't resist them.  Like the time they did the Cafe box with a French Press in it (which we still use regularly).
This time I showed the boxes to my husband and he chose the Sweat box.  Which probably isn't the most appetizing name for it but the contents are so great that it doesn't even matter.
Bespoke Post is different than other subscription boxes you may be familiar with.  Instead of sending you a box of mystery products, Bespoke Post curates and reveals a new box every month.  You can choose that months new box or a box from a previous month that catches your eye.
Our box arrived today and the gym bag is just as awesome as I was hoping it would be.  It's a super heavy duty canvas. The included info card explains in detail why each item was chosen and gives insight into the curation and, in this case, some funny tips on how to workout.

The Cost: $45/month.

What You Get: Exactly what you want!

I've noticed that Men's subscriptions tend to be more expensive and there's a good reason for it.  Men don't usually wear makeup.  Yep.  Because of that, they have to have real and manfully useful products in their box.  No makeup filler allowed.  Well, Chapstick or something and maybe a cologne or two, but you know what I mean.
Last month we received the Refresh box and received an unbelievably tough dopp kit by Blue Claw Co.  I got one for my husband and my brother in law!  They both love them and BIL has already tried to beat his up to no avail.  It is *tough*.

So when DH saw that there was another featured Blue Claw Co. product, he had to have it.
Blue Claw Co. Duffle Bag- This is a made-in-America duffel bag created exclusively for Bespoke Post by Blue Claw.  It is built with heavy duty, 15oz canvas, nickel plated hardware and a sturdy cotton web strab and handles.  It has binded inner seams and a handsome inner lining with thin blue striping.  The dimensions are 21W x 10H x 10D.
This is so sturdily made; it will last forever!  I love the colors and the striped inner lining.  It holds everything my husband needs to take to the gym (including his dopp kit and shoes).  It's the perfect size to take on the plane for a short trip, too.  The only downside is that there is no inner pocket but DH says he wouldn't use it if there was one.  It has both handles and a detachable shoulder strap for your preferred method of travel.
Value: $145
Lululemon The Small Towel-  This is a camo microfiber towel of 16" x 26" dimension.  Swab off your sweat with this super absorbent towel.  Plus it folds up so small that it doesn't take up much room.  We use these when traveling because they absorb so much, dry quickly and can be stuffed into any available spot in a suitcase or backpack.
Value: $18

VERDICT:  Awesome!  I paid $45 for one of the best duffle bags I've ever encountered.  Blue Claw Co. knows what they are doing and I'm pretty sure you could drag this behind a truck and it'd come out okay.  The bag alone was worth every cent.  The towel just icing on the canvas cake.

We have been so pleased with every single box we've gotten from Bespoke Post.  The quality is undeniable and would make a fantastic gift for any guy!

I really think Bespoke Post does a great job with their box curation.  And when you sign up for a subscription (you can also just get one time boxes), you can skip any time there isn't really something you want.

If you would like to see the boxes available at Bespoke Post or sign up for a subscription, you can do that here.  I believe you will have to put in your email address to look at everything but I'm not positive about that.

Try using the code LONELY to get 30% off your first box!  You can also try RESCUE.
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  1. Microfiber towels really are the best. I used to bring them on backpacking trips because they'd dry waaaaay faster than regular towels. That bag is pretty awesome too! Definitely worth the cost of the box.