Friday, January 9, 2015

Bocandy January 2015 Review

Bocandy is an international candy subscription.  This is the January 2015 box.  It actually comes in a mailing bag though.  Or at least mine did.  They are running a great deal where you can get your first month free.

The Cost: $15/month.

What You Get: Six or more candies from anywhere around the world.
Haribo Gold-Bears- I love gummy bears so these are already gone.  I'm slightly ashamed of that. Except they were just as delicious as the last time I ate them.

Canel's Chewing Gum- I remember these from when I was a little kid.  My grandma always had these around.  These are the kinds of little gums that only have flavor for a short period of time.  But eating the purple ones brought back memories.  They're Violet flavored.
Meiji Poifull Jelly Beans- These are raspberry, apple, lemon and grape flavored jelly beans.  They are very, very sweet.  They do have a lot of flavor, though.

Hello Kitty Biscuits with Chocolate Cream- We are having some friends over tomorrow and I'm going to give this to the little girl coming.  Cute packaging and fun to eat.
Cloetta Kex Choklad- Wafer cookies dipped in chocolate.  Not super awesome but fun to try something from Sweden.

Ricolino Bubu Lubu- This is marshmallow and strawberry jelly covered in dark chocolate.  This wasn't very tasty either but it is a certain size and shape that might make someone worried if they saw it on the ground in a corner...

VERDICT: This Bocandy box had a fun mix of strange treats.  I like the generous handful of the smalled Canel's gums.  My favorite thing was the Haribo gummy bears but I liked the Hello Kitty snack addition and taste testing everything else.  For me, I think I'm not adventurous enough to justify the $15 expense of this package but it would be fun to send to a far away nephew or something like that.

If you'd like to learn more about Bocandy or sign up for a box of your own, head here to their website.  There are several subscription options to pick from.  If you want a month to month instead of starting with a four month chunk then choose "Claim It" and get your first month free and subsequent months will be $15.  They use Paypal so you can cancel from there anytime.


  1. Hmmm, I have to agree with you... I don't feel like this is worth the $15 cost. But at least this was a fun experience!

    (and omg lmao at your comment about the last item XDDD)

    1. Haha! Well, it's true!! I think I'd go for the SomethingSnacks subscription long before this one, and it's cheaper with waaay more stuff :D

    2. SomethingSnacks sends out stale samples for $13. Yuck.