Saturday, January 17, 2015

Flicker Box January 2015 Whimsical Wonderland Review

The January 2015 Flicker Box is my last review for awhile.  I'm so sad!!  My three months are up and I'm seriously considering re-subscribing.  Maybe in a month or two.  I have absolutely loved what I've received in my boxes and have been burning candles every day.

I used to hoard my candles, not wanting to use them unless it was a special occasion.  With Flicker Box arriving every month with a new stash of amazingly scented goodies, I decided to start burning! My own home is drool-worthy when I burn certain scents, I'm not going to lie.  My husband loves it when I burn them, too.  Oftentimes he will ask me if I'm going to "light one of those subscription candles" to make the room smell good.

The Cost: $24 for your first month, $34/month thereafter.

What You Get: A carefully curated box of all kinds of unique, handmade artisan candles with appropriately seasonal scents.
Each box comes with an information card with background information on the artisans featured that month.  There are four companies this month and I'm pretty excited about some of the scents included.
Big White Yeti in Kitten Toots-4.6oz-This smells wonderful! It combines top notes of strawberry and bergamot with a warm dry down of musk and vanilla.  It reminds me of something but I can't think what it is.  I'm burning it right now.  Couldn't resist something called Kitten Toots...  This is a 4.6oz tin and I can only find 6oz on their site so I'm guessing on the price.  You definitely should check out their Etsy site and look at the fabulous scents they have!  My only wish is for a coupon to go buy more. Burns 20-25 hours.
Katie at Big White Yeti has a coupon code for you if you would like to try out their candles!  Use code FLICKERBOX on their site to get 10% off your purchase!
Value: $8
Big Dipper Waxworks Mini Tin in Basil Lime Clove-1.9oz- Since these guys are based here in Seattle I almost tried this one first.  But... Kitten Toots. :)  The scent combination of Basil Lime and Clove is unusual and quite invigorating.  I should use this in the mornings. This candle is made with 100% beeswax and essential oils.  Burns for 12 hours.
Value: $6
Copper and Kraft Tin in Vanilla Snowflake-4oz- I really like Copper and Kraft!  I was introduced to them earlier in my Flicker Box and they have fantastic throw.  Here is their description of this scent: Scrumptious sugar cookies made with rich and creamy vanilla, frosted with mint and sprinkled with coconut. It's like eating a snowflake - only infinitely yummier!
And yeah, that coconut?  It *makes* this scent.  I wish I could eat it.  This might  have to be the next candle I burn because I don't know if I can wait to get the full effect of coconut vanilla snowflake awesomeness.  Burns 25-30 hours.
Value: $6.75
The Burlap Bag Jar Candle in Crazy Cat Lady-9oz- So I know a crazy cat lady.  Actually, I'm related to her. Aaaand that's where I'll stop.  Let me just say that this does not smell like her.  No.  It actually smells like Yuzu!  It's a great sharp, citrusy scent.  And I love citrusy scents!  Not only that but this candle has a whopping 70 hour burn time.  That is a lot of days of drooling in the house.
I wish this was a drink.  Or that I had a drink that tasted like this smells.  The Burlap Bag has a host of ridiculously named candles that are sure to pique your interest.  Head over there and get to know your new favorite thing.  It could be Unicorn Puke but you won't know til you try it!
Value: $14

VERDICT: I'm just going to say this is one of my favorite subscriptions.  I absolutely love the curation of these boxes.  I'm always introduced to new and wonderful scents and companies.  Some of the companies this month have been featured before and with good reason.
This subscription is not cheap but you will always get your moneys worth.  If you are a candle lover, you should definitely consider this box.  It's nice to get vetted candles from small businesses and I wouldn't even know about these great candle companies and scents if it weren't for Flicker Box.
I've even purchased more online twice now just because I've been so impressed.

If you would like to sign up for Flicker Box, the website is  Your first box will be only $24 ($10 off!) and subsequent boxes will be regular price at $34.

Once my stash depletes a little, I will have to sign back up again because this box is so much fun.


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for the review of our Kitten Toots candle! If you would like to check out any of our other scents, use the coupon code "FLICKERBOX" on our Etsy site ( to save 10% on your order. Expires 2/28/15

    Regarding the size of your sample- it's standard practice within our industry to label net product weight on the label of a candle and not the size of the container. It is a 6oz candle tin containing approximately 4.2 ounces of candle. I know it sounds a little wonky, but if you do a search for "6oz candle tin" and then one for "4.2oz candle tin" you'll see that this is overwhelmingly the standard for marketing candles.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Katie! For both the coupon and the explanation! Kitten Toots has made my office smell delicious :)

  2. I'm glad that Crazy Cat Lady doesn't actually smell like one... yech. Same with kitten toots, lol. Kind of a theme going on here?

    1. Yes, no one wants to smell like a crazy cat lady. I never would have guessed, though, that it would be Yuzu scented. I was thinking something more warm and homey, like vanilla and clove or suchlike.
      I've been burning the Copper and Kraft candle and I have to say that it really has the best throw. I've been pretty pleased with everything from this brand.

  3. Kitten Toots! Sounds yummy and I love the name. I took a little break from burning candles the past few weeks, then I just lit one up a couple days ago and the first thing my bf said was, "Those things again?? They smell SO strong." Apparently he thinks all candles should have a 5 ft throw. Booooo. Maybe if I find one that smells like chocolate cake he'll change his mind...

    1. Haha! I'm so glad you bf is not like my husband! Mine loves it which is good because we share our office and that's where I'm always burning them. In fact... I should do that right now. Vanilla Snowflake, here I come!

  4. The funniest part about the crazy cat lady candle, is that most cats HATE the scent of citrus! LOL I thought it would have more of an herby scent. Either way, This one looks like a great box. I've always wanted to sign up for this one but I've never had it in the budget. That little yeti candle is the cutest though!

    1. Can you imagine if it smelled like catnip? Some of those plants in the catmint family smell pretty good, they could've mixed it with something else fun :D