Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Memebox Cleanse and Tone Review Plus January Coupon Code

This Memebox Cleanse and Tone review has been a long time in coming!  My box got stuck in LAX traffic and took over a month to get to me.  Shipping seems to be an issue with Memebox, I'm not sure why.  They are even cutting off India, Denmark and Hungary for shipping/customs issues.  I'm not sure what the problems have been.

When this Memebox was offered I jumped on it.  Since I'm sort of in love with skincare right now and toners are one of my favorite things, there really was no resisting a box with this theme.

This box cost $23 plus shipping.  I paid a total of $22 by using coupons and Memepoints to make my purchase.

A;T Fox Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet-  This is like Alka-Seltzer for your face.  You put this tablet into water, wait for it to dissolve then splash the water on your face.  Seems messy and inefficient.
It's not something I will use.
Value: $2

Neogen Code9 Glucose Skin Toner-250ml- This is a big bottle of toner!  The brand is Neogen and several girls I know have been raving about products they've used from this brand so I'm interested in trying this.  It oddly has a spray dispenser but you are supposed to put it on a cotton pad then apply to your face.  It uses fermented glucose which is present as a humectant moisturizer.  It also has pomegranate extract, soybean ferment extract (yay!), and rice ferment filtrate.
Sounds good to me!
Value: $26
Enesti Yuzu Foaming Cleanser-120ml- A foaming cleanser made from mineral-rich hot spring water with citrus extracts and oils.  This is to be used after a cleansing oil in the traditional skincare prepping process.  Yuzu is a citrus fruit that apparently smells a lot better than it tastes if you were to eat it plain.  Personally, I love citrusy scents.  I think I need to wash my face more often because I'm getting quite a line up of foaming cleansers!
Value: $14

Banila co. Clean It Zero- If you were to ask me what was I looking forward to most about this box, it would be these two mini jars of oil cleansers!  I haven't ever used an oil cleanser before.  According to tradition, cleansing should be two steps.  First an oil cleanser to dissolve all your make up, and then a foaming cleanser to clean out your pores.
I have a large jar of Clean it Zero but I haven't dug into it yet because I was afraid I'd hate it.  So when I saw there was going to be a mini, I waited anxiously.
This is used by massaging onto dry skin. It goes from a semi-solid to a silky oil that helps dissolve your makeup.  I don't wear a ton of makeup so I probably don't need this extra step.  I think I would just do one or the other depending on what mood I was in.  It does leave my skin very soft.
The green Resveratrol on smells AMAZING! While resveratrol really does nothing for your skin (it needs to be ingested to be effective), this is still a nice oil cleanser in a easily usable form.
Value: $4
Charmzone Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Tissues-10 sheets- I really like face sheets like this.  They're so easy to put in a hand bag or take traveling.  It's not the first thing I would have thought to put in a Cleanse and Tone themed box but it's acceptable and useful.
Value: $2

Mizon Cotton Shower Sheet Essence- These are small rectangular sheets soaked in spa water, witch hazel and shea butter.  They are to be applied on dry spots or used as a toning wipe.  I got Moist which is for Dry Skin.  There is also Fresh for Oily Skin.  I can use these on my dry cheeks if I don't feel like using a mask.  Actually, I'd probably just end up using them as a toning wipe.
Value: $7

VERDICT: It's hard to say.  The theme had so much potential but with only one true toning product, I'm a little disappointed.  I'm glad there was an oil cleanser (although it should have been full size) and a foaming cleanser since they are typical parts of the Asian cleansing routine.  The Tea Toc is a repeat and basically useless.  I'm glad there were wipes but it seems like there should have been one more type of toner instead of one of the sets (preferably instead of the gingko ones because I like Mizon).
So it was kind of a let down and the value was very low for a Memebox.  I'll still use what I received but it makes me leery of trusting box themes too emphatically.  Of course, this was curated back when there were many boxes coming out each week.  Once we started receiving boxes from that time period we did realize that they tended to be very poorly curated.  Hopefully that is at an end with only one or two boxes being released a week now.

You can see everything Memebox has to offer here on their website.  There are currently five boxes available for purchase.  They also have several value sets, some of their Memebox Beauty products and other items available both in their USA shop and in the Global Shop.

If you do decide to make a purchase, you can get $3 off a $30 purchase with code YKF26P.  Times appear to be changing at Memebox.  I'm hoping they go back to a $5 coupon but we'll see.  This month it's $3 and so far there's just one version.

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  1. I would be super excited about the Clean It Zero cleansing balm samples too! That stuff is super-popular right now, and I still haven't tried any of the varieties. Cleansing oils/balms in general were a total game-changer for me in general though, because I do wear foundation and regular foaming cleansers usually can't get it all off! The face seltzer sounds kind of ridiculous, but I'd still try it... why not?