Friday, January 30, 2015

Memebox Ends International Shipping beginning February 10th.

I am almost speechless right now.  I cannot believe what Memebox is doing.  Ending shipping to some of their most loyal customers? Tragedy.

Here is a copy of the post if you didn't see it (emphasis mine):

"Dear International Memebox Customers,

When we first launched our company in 2013, we had a vision of providing our customers worldwide easy access to Korean beauty products. We grew quickly, and are excited to have done this for so many people. However, this huge goal means we face many challenges, and have sadly realized that we are unable to deliver an excellent customer experience for all of our international customers.

In order to offer fast shipping times, attentive customer support, and a seamless ordering process, we’ve made the difficult decision to stop international deliveries as of February 10th. Moving forward, we will only be able to ship to locations where we have a domestic shipping presence: US, China, and Korea. This means that all orders placed on must be shipped to a US address as of 11:59 PM PST, February 10th, 2015. All existing and future orders will be shipped by the 13th of February.

It is with a heavy heart that Memebox makes this unfortunate announcement. We have really enjoyed providing our services and we’ll miss you all so much. You all have been so amazing and loyal. This was a painful decision, but a necessary one in order to improve our shipping process until it is perfected and ready to expand internationally. Memebox loves and values all our customers, and we’re excited to create a better experience for all our customers to return to you again in the future.

We know this is difficult, and we’ve set up and a community forum at where we will be answering any questions you may have.
We’ve also put together a helpful FAQ here:

Thank you.
The Memebox Team"

This has come completely out of left field for me.  I did not expect this at all.  I agree that they have issues with customer service and shipping.  Absolutely.  In fact I know of several people who have yet to have their problems resolved and it's been months.

I don't know how long they expect to take getting their house in order  but I hope it's not long. International customers are valuable and doing something like this with such a short timeframe is rough.  I wonder who is making these decisions.

I have a very bad feeling that there may not be any international shipping for a long time.  I say that because Memebox has indicated there is no time frame for reinstating shipping and because they changed their Instagram name from memeboxglobal to memebox_usa.


We encourage you to fully utilize your meme points by applying them to your next purchase. After February 10th 11:59 PST, we will continue to honor any outstanding meme points, but will only be able to deliver to US addresses.

If you have 4 (four) or more meme points, you will have the option to convert this to cash. In order to convert your points to cash, please email us at

Your deadline for placing your request for a cash out is on February 20, 2015 11:59pm PST.

We will process all cash out requests at the same time, and you should receive your cash by February 28, 2015. 

Please note that the cash out option will have a minor discrepancy in the amount due to PayPal fees.


I received some clarification from Memebox.

Memebox USA will have Memeboxes curated and shipped from the  USA.  Just like Meme-K only ships their boxes within Korea and Meme-China has their own separate boxes.  This means that boxes will arrive quickly instead of taking a month.

There will no longer be an International shop. Any international and USA customers who want something from the International Shop need to order before February 10th.

Everyone outside of Korea will have until February 10th to order from the international shop and/or Memeboxes. No matter the shipping date, if you order before the 10th, Korea will ship it to you.  This means if you've ordered a bundle and Luckybox #14 doesn't ship til February 24th, you will still get your box even though it ships after the 10th.

As far as the US shop goes, expect a slew of new brands and products.  Since it's pretty slim pickings now, that is good news.  The new brands will come from the brand themselves, the Memebox Korean warehouse or brand authorized sources.  Hopefully, we will see new brands as well as what has already been in the International Shop.  I can see this as a desirable stepping stone for some brands who want to break into the US market.  We'll see, though.

Any thoughts on this?  Rants? Exclamations of woe?  I think I'm still in shock...


  1. I'm shoked. I guess they did it because of the rakuten network? Which doesn't work for me at all. Receiving my comission by check sucks. Well not having an option to receive a memebox also sucks.
    Well and they have more US clients then international. But but but international gives more options! I'm extremely sad, I've been collecting my memepoints to buy 20-22 monthly boxes and now there's 0. And I would buy some boxes from restocked ones. WHY DID THEY DO THAT?!

    1. And what they are going to do with affilates comissions? They say no international orders since 10th february BUT February 13, 2015: You can expect your commission via PayPal (> $30) / Memebox (< $30).
      Well.. And this 4 memepoints trash?! Paypal took 27$ commission when I received my affilate money. It's like giving my money to paypal.
      I'm sorry but I'm truly angry.

    2. I don't know! I think that International Customers are a large part of their business, too. I don't think it has to do with Rakuten, I think they were planning this for awhile.
      You can buy boxes up until February 10 so you might be able to get the February Box if it is released early enough.
      Otherwise you will get your Memepoints returned to you via Paypal cash.
      I am so disappointed that they did this!! I still can't believe it.

    3. Ah, was the difference in Paypal money because of the conversion rate? Memebox pays out in USD, so if you have a different currency, Paypal converts it to your currency at a very bad exchange rate.
      So you do not want money, you want your Memepoints. I would email them and ask them if they could convert your commission into Memepoints because the currency conversion via Paypal is so bad.
      I cannot believe that they didn't tell their affiliates they were going to do this before having everyone sign up at Rakuten.
      The 4 points means that you need to have at least 4 Memepoints in order to receive money for your Memepoints. I think they want you to spend them if you have fewer than 4 memepoints.
      You are allowed to be angry! I'm not happy with Memebox either. This is not enough time for everyone.

    4. I'm going to email them soon. Well no, actually paypal took money for transection and after taking my 27$ they converted the final sum into my currency.
      By the way their community page doesn't work - when I click "post" they tell me to choose a topic but there is no topics available. Smart move - there's a form but you can't send a message >_<

    5. I noticed that, too! They better fix it. I hope you get your commission fixed the way you need it to be. I can see this will be a mess. It seems like they didn't think it through. /sigh

    6. I've just got a reply that The dates for the affiliate payout will have to be modified. Memebox is working on a new plan and will email all affiliates tomorrow to announce the new plan.

    7. Oh, good! I had heard Lauren was working on fixing everything so that everyone would be able to get their points and commissions before the 13th.

  2. Hello,
    do you know anything like memebox?I mean good price + quality?Would you recommend something?

    1. The only one that comes close that I am aware of is Beauteque but they only ship to US, Canada and Europe. Their website is They have a monthly box (bag, actually, they call it) and value sets as well. They are still a new company but they've been very responsive. I have some reviews of some of their bags here.

      Otherwise, I don't know of any that ship internationally that I could recommend.

    2. Actually WishTrend does do some boxes but the shipping rates are killer. Still might be worth a look, though.

    3. Thank you!I will take a look :)
      Still we have some time to get some goodies for next year :)

    4. Pretty lil face just launched and their shipping rate to Canada is pretty good! No longer have to wait 2-3 weeks for products to come from Korea as they are based in Canada


    So much drama today. :/ First MUT and now Memebox... 2015 isn't off to a good start.

    1. I know! What happened? Is there a full moon?

    2. No idea! I went to work this morning, came home, and then all of it just exploded in a terrible way. :O I haven't really been active on MUT lately so I had no idea of all the crap that was happening behind the scenes and in the threads.

    3. I think I just never went to any of the other parts of MuT so I never saw much of moderators.

    4. I think I saw them the most in the Birchbox threads because Birchbox is really the one that starts most people's subscription addition :p. But yeah :(

  4. All I can say is that Memebox seems to make strange decisions sometimes. Like I can understand from a business perspective why they would want (and need) to cease operations outside of the US/Korea/China, but doing it right after putting international folks through the rigmarole of figuring out LinkShare only to then be all "You can promote our products, but can't actually buy them" is kind of obnoxious. Not to mention the timing of the international shipping cut-off with the points cash-out deadlines. Like... a little more of a heads-up, please?

    1. Yes! Totally! There should have been a month's notice. It sounds like it was supposed to have been announced the first week of January but something happened (probably the MIA marketing guy- never did hear what happened with him).
      Lauren said she couldn't tell people not to sign up for for linkshare because they have the ability to earn commissions from links in old reviews or new postings they want to make, etc. even though she knew what was coming.
      I just... it's the whole thing with entrepreneurs. Big, bright ideas but no practical know-how and he didn't hire good advisors, he hired friends. I still feel that there's something we don't know...

  5. Hello once again :)
    I have a question (probably everybody does) if you know anything about "last minute restock" or new boxes which might appear last day?
    I check memebox site every day and there is nothing new. The only thing I see "sold out" :) so I am very curious if there will be any movement before they stop shipping to EU, or I have to start buying before "sold out" will appear on the whole page? :)+ does anybody got a lucky box 14?It was early morning here when this box appeared with label "sold out". So there was no actual possibility to buy it...

    1. I don't know of any new boxes that will be released for International customers. I thought that they would! But so far, nothing except the SoothingSista eyeshadow palette has been made available Internationally (pre-order).
      No one could buy Luckybox #14, they put it up Sold Out. Only people who bought the Luckybox bundle with #12- 14 will receive it. :(

      I am very disappointed with Memebox for not releasing any new boxes for International customers. Maybe on Monday they will have one...

  6. I thought I am going crazy :) I saw this box already marked as "sold out" since the first minute.