Saturday, January 3, 2015

Memebox Special Garden of Eden Review

I ordered this Memebox Garden of Eden special a looooong time ago.  It shipped on the 18th of December and got here today on the third of January.  These boxes take a really long time to get here but this is nothing compared to the three boxes I'm still missing that shipped in November.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't the fault of Memebox but I do wish we didn't have to sign for each one.  Blech. Registered Mail.
This Memebox has six full size items.  It started out with seven but I did not included the Panda Essence Eye Masks because they were expired and didn't deserve to be part of the box anyway.  If you ordered this box, you should have received two Memepoints as compensation for the expired product.
I admit that I did think that the Tony Moly Appletox from CutiePieMarzia 2 would be in here.  It would be appropriate but I already have one so I'm secretly glad it was not included.
If you are unfamiliar with Memebox, they are an online Korean beauty website that also sells boxes full of Korean beauty products.  These are not subscription boxes, they are one time purchases.  In the beginning all they sold were boxes but now they've branched out and started focusing more on their online shop.
This means that there are fewer boxes available, sadly.  I'm equal parts disappointed and relieved because it's really hard to resist some of the boxes they had.  They usually cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping which is a decent price for what you get.  It's just that I have so much stuff I really don't need anymore. :)
Each box comes with an info card explaining how to use each product in the box, along with a photo and an estimated value.  Estimated because sometimes Memebox tends to really over-value the items. They're still a good deal but not quite as good as Memebox would like you to believe.

UCG Piteroma Peeling Shower Gel FACE-50g- This shower gel is actually for your face so I'm not sure why it's still called a shower gel.  On a clean, dry face massage the gel until it pills, then rinse with water.  This cleans up the dead skin cells that may have been leftover and helps to clean out your pores.  It has no acid in it so it's not going to "peel" your face.  This is a very gentle gel.
I have several open already (the Snail Grommage Peeling Gel and the Jeju Island one for sure) so this will have to wait in line.
Value: $12

Charmzone Ginkgo Natural Foam Cleansing Cream-150g- It's so funny because I was moaning about how I didn't get very many cleansers from Memebox and now I'm swimming in them!  This is an antioxidant cleanser with ginkgo, persimmon and elm bark extracts.  I definitely want to try this.  I need to finish my WithMe White Perfection Foaming Cleanser first.
Value: $16
The Skin House Aloe Soothing Vitamin Gel-50ml-  This product is a repeat but I don't even care.  I really like it and am still using my first jar that I got.  I'm happy to have a back up.  It contains aloe vera and six vitamins to soothe, moisturize and protect.  Suspended in the gel are little golden capsules of Vitamin C.  This really is soothing and moisturizing and I like it a lot.  It can be a little sticky if you over-apply it but otherwise it just sinks right in.
Value: $14

The Skin House Wrinkle Collagen Free Spot-30ml- I like the Skin House brand so I don't mind seeing two products from them in this box.  This is a wrinkle care product formulated with peony, tomato, honeysuckle and shikakai berry extracts.  It also has vegetable-based squalane, collagen and adenosine for nourishment, protection and whitening properties.  Apply to any visible wrinkles.
I think I trust my retinol a little better than tomatoes with my wrinkles but this is probably a very nice spot treatment.  I think this may have also been in the Collagen Cosmetics box.
Value: $28
DD'ell Sweet Obsession Lip Balm in Strawberry- This is a strawberry scented lip balm that has shea butter and eucalyptus extracts in it.  I actually didn't try it because while I love lip balms, I don't love pots that I have to stick my finger into.  I hate getting stuff under my fingernails.
Value: $10

Tosowoong Rosehip Vita Essence-60ml- This miiight be my favorite thing in the box.  Deeply hydrate and revitalize dry, rough skin with abundant rosehip extracts known to have 20 times more vitamin c than lemons.  Rosehip oil is amazing and I don't have any so I'm super happy to add this to my (admittedly huge) collection of skincare.  This is a lightweight essence that is applied to your face and then patted in.
Value: $28

VERDICT:  I think this is a decent Memebox.  It's not what I was expecting from a Garden of Eden themed box.  My ideas ran more along the lines of natural, fruit-based products not aloe moisturizers.  I used points to buy this so it was basically free.  I will be using the Rosehip Essence and the Skin House Vitamin Aloe Essence for sure.  Oh, and the Ginkgo cleanser.  The peeling gel and the wrinkle treatment I'm not so sure on yet.  I can't tell if it feels ho-hum because I'm on overload or what because this is NOT a bad box in the slightest.  Well, except for that expired Panda Eye Mask that I didn't show because I already tossed it.  This box has a cleanser, a peeling mask, a moisturizer, spot treatment and an essence.  It's well-rounded with a great variety.

If you would like to try Memebox, head to their website and see what they have to offer.  Right now they have a pretty sweet Winter Essentials Mask Box available that  I think is pretty good.  You can see the contents of that box here and make your decision.

Since they also have a shop, there are some good value sets available as well.  I personally like the Benton Value Set and the Secret Key Holiday Edition.

If you are looking for deals, I have a Memebox Deals page that I update regularly with new coupons, deals and news as it arrives.  Currently the codes for January have not been released but you can see if the December ones will still work for you.

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  1. I definitely agree with your thoughts on this box. I think objectively it's a nice box, but not at all what I expected to be in this. At least you got some useful items, and I agree- the vitamin gel is an awesome product!

    1. I was really hoping it would turn out to be like Zero Cosmetics but no such luck. I kind of want to run downstairs, wash off all my make up and put on the rosehip essence right now. :D

  2. I like the cute list boxes, the CutiePie boxes and any that say Cosmetics or Makeup!

    1. I wonder if they will come out with more of those soon. It seems like the last boxes (Boxing Day and Thanksgiving) were really random. I like it when they have a theme that gives a better idea of whats going to be in it. The Cute Wishlist ones were really popular, you'd think theyd make more!
      The one I REALLY want and am sad I missed is the Boxing Day #2 box, full of all those cute little samples!

  3. What, no ubiquitous TonyMoly apple in the Garden of Eden box? Missed opportunity, Memebox!

    1. It probably would have been the best use of the Tonymoly Appletox ever. If they hadn't already put it 4 other boxes. Srsly.